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Eddie Mair | 14:50 UK time, Monday, 23 July 2007

at our 1430 editorial in the Glass Box, Rupert was talking us through the water story and saying we'd be looking at how for some people the power was going to go off. At that VERY moment, our entire office plunged into darkness. An emergency light stayed on, and all the computers and tellies were on - but all the lights went off and still are.

Here is the first ever footage taken inside a real Glass Box meeting..

1525 UPDATE: JUST as we were discussing moving the show to Westminster in the face of what appeared to be imminent system collapse, the lights came back on. We think we'll be fine. Huddle of bosses over to my left discussing a plan B - which will be decamping to our Millbank office. Trouble is - time is tight. If we don't move now, we're stuffed.

1528 UPDATE: News 24 and BBC World had to combine for a while because of our power crisis. Think we're back.


  1. At 02:55 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Why do you all retreat to the glass box? Are there other programmes' staff sharing the office space?

  2. At 03:11 PM on 23 Jul 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    What was he doing - about to sit down, about to stand, demonstrating a pumping technique??

  3. At 03:15 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Carl wrote:

    I think it's either the wrath of God commenting on the show. Or maybe the wrath of the DG as he discovers that Charlotte Green IS REALLY Peter Donaldson in disguise. Another email is on it's way from up high, that's why the computers are still working.

  4. At 03:29 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Imagine what'll happen when all those computers try to write to the server at the same time......

    m25, eAT YOUR HEART OUT!

  5. At 03:31 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    But..... am I being a bit dim here? If the power was off, how did you blog?

    Eddie Mair has magical powers. As well as being psychic.

  6. At 03:38 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Oddly ......

    I didn't read your header correctly. Of course. The hamsters were running in their treadmills, so pcs and tvs were all on.

    Are you busy running to Millbank, Eddie?

  7. At 03:42 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Charlie wrote:

    The top picture appears to show young Rupert claiming either:

    * the one that got away from him was this big...

    * the one he caught was this big...

    * the one he's got is... No, surely not!

    Anyway, fellow staff members don't seem overly impressed..!

  8. At 03:44 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Charlie (7): Silly! He's playing the invisible keyboard again. I think it was the opening bars of Let It Be.

  9. At 03:56 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Charlie wrote:

    Jason @ 8

    I was going to say that whatever's going-on, it looks like a cock-and-bull story young Rupert's telling but, on reflection, I think you've got it.

    And the staff are obeying...

  10. At 03:59 PM on 23 Jul 2007, mac under a pseudonym wrote:

    Poor PM people! My old mum used to say 'Silence reigned and we all got wet' but global warming reverses everything and leaves even the best completely the dark.

    Any chance we could be told on the prog. why the jet stream is further south? How does it/global warming do that?*****

    Why don't regular conntributers save us their stories about themselves that affect only .... well you know who... i.e. themselves....and often have long clarificatory debates which at best result in the rest of us knowing that there is someone out there who (dis)agrees with us for reasons we were already well aware of.....and specify a chat line number where they could all meet and live happily ever after in private electronic conference, exchanging epithets and cultural references that only they find appropriate.

    Otherwise to escape their tittle tattle could the rest of us have a new thread called 'The Shed' that old lag emailers here don't have a key to.

    Still, the timely postcard of the emaciated Asian woman in rags makes all repeat offenders repititive offences worthwhile.*****

    And keeping up the pressure on old New Labour and police abuse is worthwhile...

    And JK Rowling 'got it all from someone else is' intriguing,

    So I guess we'll all still be leaning over the Garden Fence. After all global warming can scarcely be called a 'Water Cooler' moment.

    (In which context shouldn't Top Gear worst moments be called 'Gents Urinal' moments?)

    ***** - the main points of this drivel.

  11. At 04:06 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Carl wrote:

    I think this is another Beeb bluff like the famous fire alarm a year or two back. You just turned off the lights for something 'exciting' to talk about.

  12. At 04:08 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Brian Christley wrote:

    Eddie it can’t be rocket science to design houses that are flood proof – what do these people learn at architect school?

  13. At 04:19 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Brian Christley wrote:

    Conservatism (with a capital C) is an instinct not a set of bullet points devised to pacify Polly Toynbee, Bob Geldof, Zac Goldsmith, Friends of the Earth and others from the lunatic fringe!

  14. At 04:28 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    Brian (11): It's not so much the design of the houses as their placement that seems to be the problem.

    And as with all design problems, there is a solution but the unintended consequences may be hard to live with. For example, having your front door upstairs.

  15. At 05:06 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Truthyness wrote:

    Brian, Hello!
    And we take that as -basic- as in the film. Correct?



  16. At 07:39 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Kevin wrote:

    Rupert is demonstrating how to put up a flood barrier, so that presenters can share their knowledge with the Environment Agency.

    Incidentally, the team at BBC Hereford and Worcester have been doing a cracking job over the weekend, in ways that only local radio can.

  17. At 08:15 PM on 23 Jul 2007, b carbury wrote:

    A friend has become an editor, not at the bbc. Can anyone suggest a funny ,quirky suitable book?

  18. At 08:21 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Jason (14) As Anne P will confirm, my front door is upstairs!!! It's not too bad, once you get used to it. ;o)

  19. At 10:45 PM on 23 Jul 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Really Gillianian (17)? Does it have a "Juliette balcony*" to stop you from falling out?

    *Estate-Agent-speak for "safety barrier".

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