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Summerlove Sensation

Sequin | 13:42 UK time, Monday, 18 June 2007

I'm getting ready to go to Glastonbury on Thursday evening after PM. The Today programme - for the first time ever- is going to be broadcasting from there on Friday and Saturday mornings. I have dug out my wellies, bought wet wipes and dustbin liners ( I'm told they're essentials) and have just pre-recorded an interview with one of the performers. Eric Faulkner - does that name ring any bells with you??? Or a shang-a -lang?

I's very strange talking to someone who was your pop idol (briefly) in your youth. For a year or so in the early seventies I loved the Bay City Rollers . Eric was the one with black spiky hair. Actually, he wasn't my favourite, Alan Longmuir was. Still, here I am, thirty plus years later doing an interview with one of the Rollers. Sadly not face to face - Eric came into a BBC studio in Kent - he said it was like a broom cupboard. He's going to be singing protest songs at Glastonbury as an introduction to Tony Benn. It should be broadcast on Today later this week.

Any Glastonbury survival tips?


  1. At 02:07 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Are Eric Faulkner and Alan Longmuir related to Eric Muir of the PM Blog?

    And does Eric Muir have spiky hair?

    Oh, and Sequin, can you get the weather to change before Thursday? Please?

  2. At 02:20 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    I think one is meant to get utterly stoned to get through it Sequin. I'd hate to proffer that as a tip -- personally I just wouldn't go! But good luck :-)

  3. At 02:21 PM on 18 Jun 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Poor Carolyn - are you really up for all that.

    Out of interest where will you be broadcasting from - a big OB truck or a broom cupboard?

  4. At 02:55 PM on 18 Jun 2007, ian wrote:

    Stay in a hotel. Take a 4x4. Don't eat anything.

    You'll be fine. You'll be in the media compound. Unless you'd like to swap places with this here frogger?

  5. At 02:57 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Otter wrote:


    If you get the chance, try visiting the town of Glastonbury itself. A fantastic place.

    A visit to the Chalice Well Gardens and a brisk walk up the Torr is a great way to relax.

    Have a great time in Somerset.


  6. At 03:01 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Frances O wrote:

    A Roller singing protest songs? Well worth a snippet on the Today prog. What's it going to be?

    'Bye-bye, Blairy, Blairy, bye-bye'?

    'Well, we sang shang-a-lang and we ran with the non-aggressive gang, singing down with the capitalist state'?

    Loo rolls might be sensible.

  7. At 03:01 PM on 18 Jun 2007, RJD wrote:

    Sequin - I don't believe a word of it! ". . here I am, thirty plus years later . . ! It was your mother told you about the Rollers, wasn't it?

  8. At 03:03 PM on 18 Jun 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Sequin said:

    I's very strange...

    Like the Rasta accent, Sequin! You're clearly getting in the groove with the hip kids... or something.

    Is Today still going to Glastonbury even though the Wurzels have pulled out?

    Or is Today the replacement for the Wurzles?

    Humphries: "Oi arm an organic gardner, Oi gardens or-gan-ic-lee..."

  9. At 03:03 PM on 18 Jun 2007, only a lurker wrote:

    Don't go.

    I went to the Big Session Festival in Leicester at the weekend. The music was good, but the living was awful - and that was on a small, contained site, with much better facilities than Glastonbury.

    My daughter was reminded of the year she went to G - it rained before and during the festival. She was cold and miserable and stayed in her tent.

    Really - don't go.

  10. At 03:08 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    methinks the BBC OB unit will be very flash. I remember the late John Peel in something that had a big window overlooking the festival. Can we have a piccy of it posted on here? Outside view please. Does it have its own Facilities.

    Oh and if you see my mate Sid who is Roadcrew (not 4 bbc) tell him to get in touch. He will be easily recognised. Long Hair, Unshaven, Black tee Shirt, Laminated access badge.

  11. At 03:26 PM on 18 Jun 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Frances O (6):


    Loo rolls might be sensible.

    I don't think Lou Rawls ever played Glastonbury, did he?

  12. At 03:31 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    When I was rather too young the girl I really liked at school was mad about Woody. I seem to recall most of us wore tartan scarves wrapped around our wrists and rolled turnips into the bottoms of our trousers.

    I may have got the last bit wrong.

  13. At 03:34 PM on 18 Jun 2007, ian wrote:

    Will Jim Humphries be there? Can *I* do Thought for the Day. Purleaaaaaasssse?

  14. At 03:37 PM on 18 Jun 2007, ian wrote:

    Very naughty, Stewart. A long haired, unshaven black t-shirted roadie. Should be easy to find. Does he have a beer belly, perchance?

  15. At 03:49 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Well Carolyn, I've never been to Glastonbury, but I have played for hundreds (literally) of outdoor concerts. I wouldn't go near one now without my thermal vest, extra pair of stretchy trousers that fit over first pair, extra socks, suncream, hat, glasses, and handwarmer - the sort you activate by pressing a little button, then boil up at home for re-use.

    That should pretty much cover most eventualities!

    Some sort of sustaining oaty- wholemeal/ dried-fruit slice is good for keeping energy levels up too. I have a good recipe if you need it.

    Looking forward to hearing the programme now. You must send photos to Eddie so we can all see them.

  16. At 03:50 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Stay high (keep to the high ground) I'm usually stationed at the top of the Green Fields from where I can have a good overview. In at least half a dozen visits as a glassblower-by-night, I've yet to go to a concert.

    The last time (a couple of years ago) the demographic seemed to have shifted strongly towards white, middleclass families, more Disney World than Festival. In more than a week I saw less than a dozen brown or olive faces, and I suspect most of them were performers or crew.

    The demographic change coincided with the switch to all-internet ticketing. There were virtually no 'gangs' selling adulterated rubbish (soapbar, etc) and most of the product on sale was domestically grown and of good quality. Loads of fungal delights, too.

    Enjoy it.


  17. At 04:59 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Adrie van der Luijt (Mr.) wrote:

    One of those PM breaking news stories: Bernard Manning has just died. Time for an in-depth report about his impact on society, complete with a reporter on the ground at a crisis centre for mothers-in-law.

  18. At 05:19 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    But both lag behind other hot button issues.


  19. At 05:19 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Frances (6), SSCat (8), Jason (12), HAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Thank you all for cheering me up just as I'm about to head home :-)

  20. At 05:19 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Perky wrote:

    If you need a visit to the medical tent, can I suggest you seek out my friend Bob, who is a dab hand with trench foot??

    There are likely to be revellers just going to bed when you start broadcasting, so be prepared for some ad-libbing if they realise what you're doing there!

  21. At 05:23 PM on 18 Jun 2007, ian wrote:

    Frances: Official Glastonbury orders are not to bring loo rolls. Apparently they've got a sponsorship deal with someone or other, who'll provide enough. Ho ho ho. But woe betide anyone who disobeys the orders of ubergruppenfuhrer Eavis. Don't forget, he has your photo...

  22. At 05:23 PM on 18 Jun 2007, John Hind wrote:

    I was absolutely disgusted by Caroline Quinn's failure to challenge Lord Ahmed's asertion that Salman Rushdie "had blood on his hands", and that he "incited violence".

    It was Khomenei that incited violence and Muslim fanatics that comitted it. Furthermore, Ahmed failed to condemn calls for further violence by some Muslims today, only saying that he "disagreed with them".

  23. At 05:39 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Frances O wrote:

    I've just seen a young woman in sunglasses and wellies strolling down the road. Odd combi, but de rigeur at Glasto, I'd think.

    grin, SSC

  24. At 05:41 PM on 18 Jun 2007, anth wrote:


    I'm getting ready to go to Glastonbury on Thursday evening after PM.

    Are you really doing Thursday PM, driving to Glastonbury, setting up, and then Today on Friday morning? Do you ever sleep?

  25. At 05:58 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Brow Beaten wrote:

    Glastonbury has become a commercialized, bourgeois sell-out. Bring Back The FREE FESTIVALS!


  26. At 06:32 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Pleasure, Appy! Like Jason's turnips, too.

    Loo rolls - smuggle 'em in? Disguised as drugs or booze?

    Sequin, I suggest you take the wise advice given out by the BBC and put on your jim-jams and listen to R4.

  27. At 11:58 PM on 18 Jun 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    Ian (14). No he does not have a beer belly! But yes a tad naughty.

  28. At 02:23 PM on 19 Jun 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Hope I'm not too late to add a few tips for Glasto.

    As a very experienced camper and festival attender I offer the following:

    - You will get wet and muddy, accept that and it will just make the first bath/shower when you get home all the more enjoyable.

    - Take a really good sleeping mat. Therm-a-rest (other sleep mats are available, but not as comfortable) make possibly the finest. A blanket as "carpet" in your tent is also beneficial, more comfortable and helps keep the cold from the ground at bay.

    - Pitch your tent on high ground. Waterlogged areas or patches of land that are subject to flooding tend to have lusher vegitation (look for thick, dark green grass and avoid it).

    - If you are pitching on a slope have the door pointing downhill. This is for two reasons; water run-off is less likely to come into your tent, and sleeping with your head uphill will help you avoid waking up with a headache. Ok, less of a headache, a non-self inflicted one.

    - Place a ground sheet - or at a push bin bags - under your tent before you pitch it. This will also help keep any water under your tent, not in it.

    - Take nothing that you are not happy to see get; muddy, soaked, stolen, horribly mutilated or any combination of the above.

    - Take more money than you think you will ever possibly need and keep it on your person at all times.

    - The best time to take a shower is between 10:00am and 11:00am. The earlier morning queues will have eased but the water should still be reasonably hot.

    - When packing clothes take at least two of everything for all possible weather conditions. You won't use it all, but better that than being freezing cold.

    - Pack everything inside thick binliners, including your bag.

    - Cereal bars, bags of dried fruit and nuts, the odd Mars bar (other confectionaries are available) will provide a useful sugar boosts when you're feeling low.

    - Wear a pair of thin socks underneath a pair of thick (hiking boot) socks to minimise blisters by taking up some of the friction. Wellies or a good pair of waterproof walking boots are invaluable.

    - Never have a naked flame (stove, candle or lighter) inside a nylon tent. Such tents can burn down in under three minutes, dripping scalding hot melted platic on anyone inside. I've seen the burns...

    - Keep ventilation flaps/windows on your tent open. Fully zipped up modern tents can be almost airtight, causing build ups of CO2 while you sleep - this is dangerous, ranging from headaches to suffocation.

    - Remember where your tent is! Work out a route to get to it and stick to it. That way when the Beer Fairy has to guide you home at 3:00am, they'll have a fighting chance of getting it right.

    - Drink plenty of water, even if it's raining.

    - A wide brimmed (preferably waterproof) hat is always useful. It keeps the sun off when it's hot and keeps your head warm when it's raining.

    - Go into the toilet cubicles backwards, and if possible hold your breath for the duration of your visit.

    - If you're with friends pre-arrange times and places to meet up during the day, keep each other safe.

    A folding stool or chair can be useful to take the weight off your feet, but they are not always permitted at stages/in marquees.

    - Cut your wrist tag off when going home, appearing still wearing it at work the next day is not a badge of honour, it's a bit sad.

    - Don't forget to have fun!

  29. At 11:04 PM on 19 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    Wonko - that's wonderful, now if only I had a ticket.......

  30. At 12:09 AM on 20 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Wonko, if i ever wanted to go that has just stopped me! :-)

  31. At 12:37 PM on 20 Jun 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Val - I know what you mean, perhaps when it's a bit dryer and I'm less poor...

    Aperitif - What could possibly put you off camping? It's fantastic, in fact I get withdrawl symptoms if I don't camp for a while. ;o)

    ;o) []

  32. At 01:18 PM on 20 Jun 2007, Gillian wrote:

    I used to love camping - but then I got accustomed to having my own private bathroom!
    The only Festival I will be interested in this weekend is The Jazz, Blues and Real Ale Festival in Lichfield - camping available, but not obligatory ;o)

  33. At 01:38 PM on 20 Jun 2007, Wonko wrote:

    Gillian - I like the sound of that festival!

    ;o) []

  34. At 03:02 PM on 20 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    The camping is the least worrying part!

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