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Helpful post offices..

Eddie Mair | 13:28 UK time, Tuesday, 26 June 2007

an email arrives from Catherine Parker..."Just to add praise to stricken Post Offices - my local one in Mundford, Norfolk who provided umbrella cover from my car to the premises in a torrential downpour! Thank You & much appreciated. Part of the Hidden Charm & character of local post offices."


  1. At 01:43 PM on 26 Jun 2007, Val P wrote:

    I'd like to add praise for the post office in our nearest town, Haddington. Proper customer service.

  2. At 01:48 PM on 26 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    And I'll add mine for the Post Office in Storrington, West Sussex. Professional in their approach, and helpful and friendly in their attitude. And there are others hereabouts who hit the spot.

    Not all rural post offices meet such high standards, however.

  3. At 02:30 PM on 26 Jun 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    I'd also like to record my appreciation of the helpful service provided by our local Post Office. It must have closed at least five years ago.

  4. At 04:58 PM on 26 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    And there's ours at Collyweston. Mary-Anne is an absolute gem.

    When she's away on holiday, I'm supposed to live up to her standards!


  5. At 08:35 PM on 26 Jun 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Fifi, don't tell me being a qualified post mistress is another of your many talents?

  6. At 08:52 PM on 26 Jun 2007, andycroak wrote:

    FiFi : Ok, I'll say it - you are and absolute gem!

  7. At 12:53 AM on 27 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Anne P and Andy: I am a 'reserve' sub-postmistress, and that's all.

    I am about to undergo my annual reminder of the various protocols and reports I'm obliged to undertake during Mary-Anne's sojourn in foreign parts.

    The best bit though is just meeting 'regulars' whom I never normally get to talk to, and acquiring GOSSIP! to which I'm not normaly party.

    The down side is that a few of the individuals I have to deal with in trollish situations are also PO customers ... and there's no hiding from those.

    Fifi's two-faced nature comes into force at these times!

    Fifi xx

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