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Dot Davies

Eddie Mair | 13:25 UK time, Wednesday, 27 June 2007

is the star of our Wimbledon coverage, and for my money (a fiver I won on the Eurovision sweep) the star of the show full stop. New sentence The question is - what does she look like?

UPDATE: Here she is! On Henman Hill!



  1. At 01:47 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Piper wrote:


    Your blog entry reads as if you dictated it

    Surely not...

  2. At 01:48 PM on 27 Jun 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Eddie - don't you know??

  3. At 02:08 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Does this mean we are to be enlightened, soon?


  4. At 02:10 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I think this demands an expedition by either some froggers or some of the PM "insiders" to take a photo to be shared on the blog!

  5. At 02:30 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Charlie wrote:

    On PM we've heard from Dot but not seen her on the Blog

    On the PM Blog, we've seen Ms Hilton, but not heard from her on the Programme

    And, in respect of both ladies, Eddie's referred to them whilst, almost in the same breath, mentioning the "Fiver" he won on the Eurovision stake

    Wonder if Eddie would consider giving the "Fiver" to a photographer for a picture of Dot to post on the blog and then, just ask Ms Hilton for an interview (after all, she's doing Larry King free of charge - whatever that means..!) which could be broadcast on the programme

    Nice to have a balance...

  6. At 02:58 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    "I will do my utmost."

    Sounds promising.

  7. At 03:14 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Er... it's the radio.

    Who cares what she looks like??

    (ducks to avoid a hail of tennis balls hurled by fellow froggers)

    Fifi ;o)

  8. At 03:24 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Charlie wrote:

    ...a "Fiver" well spent (possibly) Eddie.

    So, when do we hear from Ms Hilton..?

  9. At 03:25 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Dot Davies wrote:

    Ok I own up. I only use the name Dot Davies name during Wimbledon. BBC Radio doesn't pay very well so I have to do another job to keep the wolf from the door.

    My email address is dotdotdaviesdotatdotsomethingdotcom

  10. At 03:25 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I'm still having trouble getting my head around this 'pictures on the radio' business.

    Does it show.....?

    Fifi ;o)

    PS Dot looks lovely.

  11. At 03:48 PM on 27 Jun 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Feef - took me a while to but am coming round to it...nice to hear how the Peter Blake pieces will be described and see if they compare to the images.

    And Dot looks just as a PM presenter should!

  12. At 04:02 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Fifi wrote:

    What will they call Henman Hill when he retires from competitive tennis?


  13. At 04:18 PM on 27 Jun 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Re: Dot Davies...

    It's Princess Leia!

    Piper (1):

    Eddie Mair, Dictator of PM!
    Sounds good to me.

    Big Sister (6):

    Is that what he said? I thought it was, "I will do my nut, mostly."

  14. At 11:44 PM on 27 Jun 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Big Sis, SSCat, I believe he actually said "I will do my outmost". I have no idea what that means.

  15. At 02:32 AM on 28 Jun 2007, Ian Bull wrote:

    Dot Davies - Yes!

    Surely, a new BBC tradition in the making?

    Roy Plumley, Jack deManio and, now Dot! Once again tennis has a British champion!

    Seriously though, she's a great presenter with real personality. I'm not even slightly interested in tennis yet, her report on PM is a tonic. Great stuff - cheers me up after all that dreary political grind.

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