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We're a little bewildered

Eddie Mair | 11:43 UK time, Tuesday, 15 May 2007

as to why the newsletter never arrived yesterday. Until we know, we won't send one out today.

I can report from the 11.00 meeting that the Madeleine McCann inquiry is likely to be one of our main stories, but we're also looking at the Labour leadership/deputy leadership elections, especially what Gordon Brown plans to do about the 150,000 children a year leave school unable to count.

We'll also talk about the power of prayer and we've a SPECIAL on another Glass Box.

Just seen the overnight audience figures for Panorama (which we discussed on PM) - for the half hour they average 4.4 million - just under 20% share.


  1. At 12:11 PM on 15 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:


    PM will look at "what Gordon Brown plans to do about the 150,000 children a year leave school unable to count"

    Will you also report on the BBC journalists who leave school unable to syntax? ;o)

  2. At 12:14 PM on 15 May 2007, DI Wyman wrote:


    re failure of newsletter, it was awfully wet here yesterday, rained most of the day....hope this helps.

    DI Wyman

  3. At 12:15 PM on 15 May 2007, ian wrote:

    If they can't count, they won't be able to figure out that their benefit should be more than 12p every 6 months.

  4. At 12:22 PM on 15 May 2007, jonnie wrote:

    We're a little bewildered
    Eddie Mair 15 May 07, 11:43 AM
    as to why the newsletter never arrived yesterday?

    Honestly Eddie - are you really?

    This little problem always rears it's head every so often - Youv'e even abandoned the Newsletter in desperation in the past!

    A little bewildered indeed !

  5. At 12:44 PM on 15 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Oh - another Glass Box....Anthony Gormlet perhaps?? Please please please would love to hear the PM take on that!

  6. At 12:46 PM on 15 May 2007, Rachel wrote:

    I think I need some context for those Panorama figures. I am assuming that a 20% share is pretty good these days for documentary? What did Panic-in-Action (as it is not so affectionately known in this house) get on a Sunday night, and what were the viewing figures for whatever dross my children were watching on BBC3 when it was on last night?

    Re: newsletter. Give in and switch to the new system. The re-registering process will weed out all the people who don't really want to receive it, and let the rest of us have it in glorious techicolour.

  7. At 01:13 PM on 15 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Oops - Gormley, though Gormlet has a certain ring to it

  8. At 01:14 PM on 15 May 2007, Rachel wrote:


    Could we have a category entry for the SEN threads please? There are quite a few of them now, and it would be worth collecting them together so that when Andrew Adonis gets time to read them all he will know where to find them. ;o)

  9. At 01:27 PM on 15 May 2007, anth wrote:

    150,000 people leave school at 16 (I assume) unable to count, and yet we simultaneously have the best GCSE and A levels on record. Perhaps some of the 150000 are those compiling the figures for the GCSEs and A levels...

  10. At 02:08 PM on 15 May 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Only do a splurge on the McCann story if there is hard news. No rehashes of old details and speculation, please.

    Hear, hear!

    Since you can correctly type 150000 I assume that you were one of the school-leavers who CAN count? Unless the figure is wrong because Eddie was a non-counting school-leaver and got his numbers mixed up of course. Or unless....

    Oh, all these numbers are making my head spin. What exactly can 150000 people who can't count do for a living? I can't think of too many professions where you need no numeracy at all. Even McDo people need to be able to count burgers onto a traY.



  11. At 02:12 PM on 15 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    WW (5 & 7) I think you could be right. I spotted that on Breakfast this morning and thought "He's nicked that idea from Eddie!". At least our Glass Box is dry (even if it does smell from time to time)....

  12. At 02:14 PM on 15 May 2007, admin annie wrote:

    witchiwoman - gormlet certainly does have a certain ring to it, euphonious association with piglet perhaps.

    anyone else think the 'pig slaves' on Dr who recently were just too much. I think Russel Davies must have an (anti) pig thing.

  13. At 02:21 PM on 15 May 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Did you perhaps mean "what Gordon Brown plans to do about the 150,000 children a year who leave school and don't count"? Now that would be an interesting discussion...

  14. At 02:41 PM on 15 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    AA - euphonious, what a fab word! Must try and use that somehow during the next week (will give myself bonus points if I can use it at work)

  15. At 02:57 PM on 15 May 2007, theresa hughes wrote:

    Barbara Clark on cancer treatment on the NHS. This item was the start of what should be a vital debate for an over stretched Service. We MUST debate where ito draw some lines on health provision. I do not think Barbara is right the the NHS is about stopping people dying. That's what it did for her, and lucky Barbara - but we cannot all pressure the Service to satisfy our own personal needs - just because we have the money/ energy to take them to court. The NHS was established to make the nation a healthier one as the government acknowledged with Adam Smith and colleagues - that a healthy nation is a prosperous nation. However - and here I agree with Barbara, we do now take it for granted, and we have become lazy in not looking after ourselves in the expectation that the NHS will always make us better. So how about - The NHS is to help us remain healthy, to help in the case of accidents and emergencies and to help us die with dignity and painfree as possible. And debate the lines to be drawn where illnesses are superficial, obscure, rare, self inflicted. The funds raised for cancer research alone in the UK could rescue an entire African country I think we have turned cancer into a religion that must be obeyed at all costs, however the Hospice system has taught us that dying can be as positive a process as giving birth. I think we need to grow up as a nation and accept that fact and stop fighting death. And yes .... I have sat by more than one dying person and have family with heart pacemakers etc

  16. At 02:58 PM on 15 May 2007, Bertie wrote:

    I have received many circular emails in respect of lighting a candle and praying for Madeleine and whilst it is awful that the child was stolen from her bedroom this is happening daily in parts of South America and Africa and very few people seem to be wanting to light candles for those poor families who are also suffering, and yes I'm sure people will consider my attitude mealy mouthed but I don't need to be told when to pray!

  17. At 03:30 PM on 15 May 2007, anth wrote:

    Simon #10,

    I've just done a few order-of-magnitude sums, that suggest that there are about 750,000 people in each school year. So 20% of people leaving school are unable to count when they leave. Yeikes! I'm with you, what on earth do they go on to do?

    Well, I know some of this 20% will have dys- whatever the numerical equivalent of dyslexia (hum, that word is not even in my dictionary, when I was trying to find the numerical equivalent), so they as a group would need special help to cope at all.

    I'd bet that there is a predominance of boys in this group. I wonder what the definition of " being able to count" means in this context?

  18. At 07:02 PM on 15 May 2007, Georgina wrote:

    Nobody has mentioned the other current legal requirements of a HIP - namely the rediculous & costly duplication of searches, title documantation etc - none of which most ley people be interested in - much less understand - that is what you pay a solicitor to do!- the energy report maybe of interest, but will certainly NOT influence anyones decission on whether to buy or not - the whole idea is a costly fiasco & will only hinder the house selling process & add on a time consuming & useless & costly elelment - if all the appropriate bodies involved in the day to day business of residential sales - not to mention the Consumer Council - say it is rubbish - it patently is duff!!

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