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This is Andy who was on the show last night

Eddie Mair | 10:53 UK time, Wednesday, 30 May 2007



  1. At 11:13 AM on 30 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Very easy to listen to Andy, good tone to the piece; seemed very confident and natural. The only slight 'niggle' is that if live donors are required (and seemingly 'better') would it not have been feasible to mention how they can volunteer/if there is a register.

  2. At 11:32 AM on 30 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Having seen Andy's pic I've just Listened Again, as I missed it last night. Andy has taken part several times at the same summer music festival as myself, and I was amazed at how he just got on with life (much more energetically than me!) despite the machines and tubes he had to install into his room and get regularly hooked up to.

    If you're reading this Andy, I hope you're well and that you get a successful donation soonx

  3. At 11:42 AM on 30 May 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Thanks for taking the time to get Andy in, and talk about this issue.

    I have no knowledge about organ donation, other than the card that authorises use after my death.

    And thankyou too to Andy, if youre reading, a very straightforward and clear discussion ! How far away are we from backpacks where one can carry an artifical kidney - or I mean, a thing that does the job of a kidney? I believe dialysis is still done in hospitals?!?

    nikki noodle

  4. At 04:25 PM on 30 May 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Andy - fingers crossed for your jump at Guys hospital.

    Hope it goes well.

  5. At 05:43 PM on 30 May 2007, Andy Williamson wrote:

    Hi nikki noodle

    There are two kinds of dialysis. Haemodialysis (HD) is normally done in hospitals, usually 3 times a week, for 4 hours a time. I did this for 2 months. It makes life VERY dull. In HD, the blood is cleaned artificially in a machine, so you need to connect your blood supply to the machine, either through needles in your arm, or a tube permanently installed in your neck.

    I now do "Peritoneal Dialysis" (PD) - in fact, that's what I'm doing in the picture above in the 'glass box' yesterday. This involves having 2litres of fluid in your peritoneum all the time. This is the sack enclosing your organs. The fluid absorbs the toxins from the blood, through the peritoneum membrane. The fluid gets 'exchanged' (drain out the old, put in some new) once during the day, and 5 times at night by a machine. PD is a bit more convenient, as the machine is portable. The NHS arranges delivery of the fluid wherever I want to go if they get enough notice - otherwise, there's quite a lot to carry!

    As for portable artifical kidneys - maybe breakthoughs like this one will lead to something you can carry being developed. There's also hope that stem cell research may lead to ways in which kidneys can be persuaded to regenerate themselves. Both of these seem some way off, so for most people a transplant is the best way forward.

    However, I met someone the other day who's on 'nocturnal haemo dialysis' - which is done at home while you sleep. He feels great on this, and prefers it to a transplant, and all the anti rejection drugs which would go along with it.


  6. At 07:18 PM on 30 May 2007, RJD wrote:

    Now THIS is what makes this blog worth coming to! Thanks for that Andy. I had never heard of Peritoneal Dialysis before. Two extra litres of fluid in your peritoneum all the time - can't be comfortable surely?

  7. At 07:21 PM on 30 May 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Thanks Andy!

    food for thought.


  8. At 09:58 AM on 31 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Thanks for the info!

  9. At 03:15 PM on 31 May 2007, Andy Williamson wrote:

    Witchiwoman - I've tried a couple of times to reply to your question without it getting through. I'll have another go...

  10. At 03:35 PM on 31 May 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Ok Andy - will keep my peepers peeled!

  11. At 10:15 AM on 04 Jun 2007, Big Sister wrote:


    "Now THIS is what makes this blog worth coming to!"

    And there was me thinking you just enjoyed a frolic .... ;o)

  12. At 05:25 PM on 19 Jul 2007, Joseph O'Kelly wrote:

    Hi Andy,
    It is great to hear your news. Please keep me posted.
    When I took photos of you and others a few weeks ago, I kept wondering if I could be so positive going around connected to bottles.
    One of the donors was so proud that he had tattooed an image of a kidney.
    The images are at www.hibla.com/Pleasance/index.htm
    All the best

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