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Austrian Erotica

Eddie Mair | 16:49 UK time, Wednesday, 9 May 2007

was perhaps my favourite recorded interview of the day. Scheduled to run at 1754.


  1. At 04:54 PM on 09 May 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    I'll make sure I'm home to hear it!

  2. At 05:17 PM on 09 May 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    I thought lederhosen was obligatory?

    Eddie, just where has your mind been wandering today? Paris Hilton? Austrian erotica? A combination of the two?

  3. At 05:24 PM on 09 May 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    The continuity announcer at 4.30 certainly sounded excited about it.....

  4. At 05:28 PM on 09 May 2007, Fifi wrote:

    I'm expecting an errant bass-player to drop by this afternoon bearing CDs for Roberto, and a data-stick containing 'OUR SONG' for Jonnie.

    What's the betting he turns up at 1754?

    Fifi ;o)

  5. At 05:47 PM on 09 May 2007, Carolyyn Cooke wrote:

    It's a bit rich hearing Andrew Adonis talking about political accountability in his arguments re Special Needs provision. I don't remember him being elected, nor for that matter Lord Faulkner? (In two main items in your news)
    Also Andrew Adonis, senior government advisor says you shouldn't break up something that exists without very sound reasons. What about the Home Office?

  6. At 05:56 PM on 09 May 2007, Tim C wrote:

    Maybe we could do something similar in the UK, but more in keeping with us British we could record Hansard and use it as a sleep inducing aid.

  7. At 06:15 PM on 09 May 2007, Kath Hughes wrote:

    i was waiting for an english translation of the erotic text to see if it might be worth the premium phone charge

  8. At 06:32 PM on 09 May 2007, Jacques wrote:

    M. le Maire,

    I wish that you would not announce that you are going to broadcast something, then keep it until 17h54. I have observed that this has happened several times.
    We, who listen on Long Wave, have the shipping forecast then. Either do not announce it; or say that it will be broadcast when we poor sods are elsewhere; or, preferably, broadcast it before 17h54.

  9. At 06:34 PM on 09 May 2007, Mrs. Naughtie wrote:

    "How many Girl Guides have you observed?"
    Oh, you are a one!
    I'm replying here so as not to clutter up the nice clean Glass Box.
    Thank you for the information. I've just been listening on the wireless, of late, but I seem to recall some mention of an award, but I thought it was for inserting a gold disc in Gordon Bennett's spine. I get things a bit mixed sometimes.

    Well, His Lairdship (no, not THE one, my one) used my computer to order a copy of "Scouting for Boys" from Orinoco.com. Then some nice men called to service my computer and invited himself for an outing. I just got the computer back and I'm off to visit His Lairdship. I go once a week by special invitation. It's a nice place where he's staying, in its own grounds. It'll be nice when it's finished, hedges will look so much nicer than the horrid barbed wire.

  10. At 07:55 PM on 09 May 2007, gordon myers wrote:

    The Austrian librarian didn't quite get your suggestion about humming excerpts from their collection of musical scores.
    Maybe the erotic readings and the humming could be combined ? Not sure what the Austrian is for "Je t'aime" (or even if my spelling is correct) but, I'm sure you get the general drift.
    By the way, ever heard Peter Sellers whistling the soliloquy from Hamlet? I'm sure it's in the archives somewhere.
    It could feature as a natural progression to the recently broadcast bird songs.
    Oh how the mind wanders on a wet and miserable evening in Northern Ireland.

  11. At 09:15 PM on 09 May 2007, Fiona wrote:

    All I will say is I had to send myself to the naughty corner! I was all set to pop into a shop on the way home and then Eddie said the words erotic literature, but it was the way he said it...... Lets just say I was a captive audience after that.....
    Oh dear, better get back to that naughty corner (is Aperitif back from her trip? if so I am sure I will see her there!)

  12. At 10:06 PM on 09 May 2007, Deepthought (John W) wrote:

    Jacques (8),

    As our former Blog Goddess, Lissa, would say, there is always "Listen again".

    The drawback, as I'm sure you're aware, is that LW reaches the parts of Europe and the high seas that FM cannot reach. In the 1970's, LW relayed Radio 2, but I forget the date of the change-over. So while, personally, I think it a great improvement in having R4 rather than R2 broadcast on LW, the minor drawback is the shipping forecast. And, of course, the curse of TMS when the Krikket is on.

    I did wonder if EM was teasing the Austrian interviewee a little, I mean, having a premium rate phone line to hear people humming some of their music scores... that might have worked a little better with a native english speaker, but she did not do badly in coming back.

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