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The Furrowed Brow

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Eddie Mair | 08:00 UK time, Friday, 20 April 2007

The place for serious talk about serious things.


  1. At 08:10 AM on 20 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    How's the overwork of some R4 presenters for a topic????

  2. At 08:31 AM on 20 Apr 2007, Stephen, Leader of STROP wrote:

    How about the lack of Glass box for Thursday - Are we being excluded from the debate - or is this down to the overwork of one Today/PM/Everything Else presenter.

    Did you see how I tied this to Appy's original thought!

  3. At 10:59 AM on 20 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    I don't think that we have to worry about Sequin being overworked. She was on cracking form this morning on Today.

    If you want something done (well), ask a busy person!

  4. At 01:03 PM on 20 Apr 2007, mlh wrote:

    cracking, RJD, but I'm sure I heard pip-crashing on this morning's Today programme.

  5. At 02:34 PM on 20 Apr 2007, John H. wrote:

    I have a deeply furrowed brow again this week. However, I'm not sure that my failure to get my work done is much of a topic for anybody else.

  6. At 02:37 PM on 20 Apr 2007, RJD wrote:

    mih - Pip-crashing is standard on Today. Perfectly acceptable as long as the last long one is intact.

  7. At 03:13 PM on 20 Apr 2007, mlh wrote:

    never knew that. shows what you can learn if you miss work.

  8. At 11:14 PM on 20 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    JH (5) I've hardly got anything done either. Fancy a swap for a few days and see how it goes? -- A change being as good as a rest and all.

  9. At 09:49 AM on 22 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    To whom it may concern....thanks for the explanation of the bookmark links. They make sense now, and if I can understand the explanation, any one can! Whether or not I ever use them is a different matter, but at least I would know what to do.

  10. At 09:10 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Chris Ghoti wrote:

    I don't think this really fits anywhere but the Furrowed Brow, and this seems to be the most recent one. Anyhow... Wednesday, and I am seething about people who cry wolf.

    Every time some wretched little horror shouts 'rape' when it is simply a lie, she is reducing the chance that some unfortunate who really has been raped will be taken seriously.

    Maybe this idiot child shouldn't be named-and-shamed, but maybe she ought to be made to spend time in a women's refuge, having to listen to the truth about rape and what it does to its real victims. Maybe if she knew a bit more about what she's so casually told lies about, she'd have a better idea of how loathesome her behaviour was from both her victim's point of view and that of the real rape victims she has damaged even further.

  11. At 08:57 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Chris (10) I half caught a part of a TV interview with the real victim in this case and I think he said that the girl was extremely drunk and he had tried to get her home and to assist her and in doing so had given her his name and details which ironically was what enabled her to make the false accusation.

    I agree that she should be named and made to face the consequences of her actions. She could begin by meeting the 'friends' and work colleagues of this poor man who will still not speak to him, and being made to talk to his mortgage company who are about to evict him.

    The role of excessive drinking in so many crimes is also something that needs to be tackled since presumably the case would not have arisen if she had not been drunk in the first place.

  12. At 12:05 PM on 26 Apr 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Mild rant about reporters who are innumerate and don't know the difference between 10 sq ft and 10 feet square (=100 sq feet).

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