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Save Vaughan Savidge

Eddie Mair | 17:27 UK time, Tuesday, 24 April 2007


Add your name here please, using the comment link.


  1. At 05:29 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    Couint me in !!

    But what about :-

    * Harriet Cass
    * Brian Perkins
    * Charlotte Green
    * Annie McKie

    Surely they are not on the 'endangered' list as well?

  2. At 05:31 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Save Vaughan!

    (What from?)

    Also save Charlotte, Brian (he's still around from time to time) and all the others

  3. At 05:31 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Maybe we should create a Newsreader's Refuge, along the lines of how they do things at Slimbridge. We could build presenting studios and desks, then newsreader spotters can view this rare species in their natural habitat. I can just imagine it now, with Bill Oddie presenting Newsreader Watch Live, and Sir David Attenburgh can do a 26 piece special, Life in the News Room....

  4. At 05:33 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Fiona wallace wrote:

    I think under the circumstances we listeners have the right to know Vaughan's AGE...before we decide if he's old enough to be valued :)

  5. At 05:35 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Tanjil Rashid wrote:

    Save newsreaders, especially Vaughn. Few things in life are as exciting as his voice.

  6. At 05:36 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Karen wrote:

    You never hear Corrie Corfield on PM anymore. Why is that?

    Save 'em all I say. Especially Moira.

  7. At 05:36 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    Surely the danger here is that we might 'save' a man called 'Vaughn Savage' and poor Vaughan Savidge might end up as 'collateral damage' ?

  8. At 05:37 PM on 24 Apr 2007, suzannah herbert wrote:

    Lack of respect for truth endemic in the
    White House, oh yes, and in Downing Street. How have we got to this?

  9. At 05:40 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Paul Dockree wrote:

    Vaughan Savage to be saved. Ok. Let us turn him into the "Voice of the Beeb" like Mohammed Al Fayed's John Cole is the Voice of the Harrods boss.

    Everytime Mr Cole comes on I spit out my dummy and ask "Is that a proper job for an intelligent man?" The Establishment? One day I will say more but hurling unsubstantiated accusations at Prince Philip et al is not dignified. I feel for Mr Al Fayed's lost still but that is fast fading a decade on.

    10 years and Mr al Fayed side asked for more time to get their case ready for the Inquest/Enquiry - but the Voice of Al Fayed said "Oh no that is not so?" Hah - I know whom I believe Mr Cole.

    Yes Vaughan can now be the Voice of the Beeb and therefore doesn't have to be so polite to other voices - as Eddie had to be today.

    Save Vaughan Savage. Hang on a sec! I think I am losing my own Voice with all this ranting!

  10. At 05:41 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Bob Jones wrote:

    Save Savige!!!

  11. At 05:42 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Dick wrote:

    Old newsreaders never die.. They simply get faded out..

  12. At 05:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Kris Eversley wrote:

    Save vaughan Savidge - PLEASE.
    We do not like the 'new' methods of reporting .
    We like 'proper' people such as Vaughan, John Humphrys, and Moira Stuart

  13. At 05:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Save Vaughan Savidge...

    You can get 10p back on an empty one!

  14. At 05:55 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Ooooh, we're putting our names here in our thousands, are we, Eric? Is this some scam to up the number of bloggers a la GMTV?

    ps: if we save enough Vaughans do we get a free gift? Or has it already been allocated to a child in the Blue Peter studio?

  15. At 05:57 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    When did you last see a Water Vole?

    Add Mr. Savidge to the protected species list IMMEDIATELY!

  16. At 05:58 PM on 24 Apr 2007, david oldfield wrote:

    yes save vaughan charlotee brian and the rest.

    Why do you give so much time to people like the cycle facist?

    I drive buses and coaches and there is a suicide zone. I am an advanced motorist and always use all my mirrors but it doesn't stop cyclists and motor cyclists zipping up the side of the vehicle into the dead zone - often having changed lanes and emerged from behind the vehicle!

  17. At 05:59 PM on 24 Apr 2007, ANGIE wrote:

    SAVE SAVIGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cyclists are damn hippies!

  18. At 05:59 PM on 24 Apr 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Frances O (14):

    Yes, thousands! There's more of us than there seems. I count as nine bloggers just by myself.

    Karen (6):

    Nice "summoning" of Corrie there. Let me try...

    "You never hear Jimmy Young on the radio anymore. Why is that?"

    (Let's see if that works...)

  19. At 05:59 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Kay Phillips wrote:

    Please keep the real newsreaders like Vaughan, Rory, Peter Donaldson, Chris Aldridge, etc and the continuity announcers. We don't like anyone except the newsreaders and announcers reading important news headlines and bulletins as they are so much clearer and don't sound like the presenter trailling what is in their programme.

  20. At 06:03 PM on 24 Apr 2007, KlausC wrote:

    Yes, YES!

    Save the man!

    (Before the BBC turns its news and current affairs programmes into the verbal equivalent of lift music).

  21. At 06:03 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    Oh, alright then. Although if we're going to save him, I must insist that he's kept in humanitarian conditions, fed and watered properly and allowed to write home on a regular basis.

    Ah. Probably rules the BBC out then ;-)

    Do we need a Frog committee to ensure that no newsreader is harmed in the making of PM? What's the collective noun for Froggers??

  22. At 06:10 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Save Vaughan Savidge and all his ilk. Put them in the Glass Box and recycle them endlessly.

    Karen (6) trust you heard Corrie at 6pm!

  23. At 06:18 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    Like the 'Slimbridge' idea, but given that Mr Savidge started his life in 'warmer climes' is there not a bit of a danger that after a successful campaign he will just fly south in the Autumn ??

    And what about Neil Nunes ?? Haven't heard him for a while either. He hasn't become 'one for the pot' ?

  24. At 06:23 PM on 24 Apr 2007, jim hardiman wrote:

    Listening to the discussion about cyclists, accidents,and traffic lights I was impressed by the fact that pedstrians never figured in the talk. The cyclist who ignores red lights ought to be told that pedestrians may be crossing the road when the light is red. I have had to jump out of the way of cyclists who ignored red lights-one even shouted at me to watch the road, as though he had every right to advise me thus. Being hit by a cyclist is a very unpleasant experience, and for the old, may be fatal.

  25. At 06:32 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Stephen Alford wrote:

    Save Vaughan Savidge!

    For many thousands of people (I appear to be the fifteenth) this may be the great moral issue of the first decade of the twenty-first century. Well, apart from fundamental freedoms being eroded by cowardly governments, lies, propaganda, the destruction of the natural world, the systematic corporate asset-stripping of the planet etc etc.

    Life would be even grimmer without the calm reassurance of Vaughan, Harriet, Brian, Charlotte and Annie ...

  26. At 06:34 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Danny Edmunds wrote:

    Save all the announcers I say...

    re Moira. How about giving her a job commentating football matches?

  27. At 07:00 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Izzy T'Me wrote:

    ....and I'd like to add my name to the *ahem* thousands voting here for Mr Savidge to stay in the big cross academy (or whatever it's called).

    Now, if you've charged me too much for my vote, can I sue you? Or will you just apologise and sack the people you've contracted to organise the blog?

  28. At 07:32 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Heard Neil recently on the World Service.

    I thought Peter Donaldson had left the Beeb.

    And as for you, Big Sis (15), I think you'll find one of my relations along with Carolyn, Carrie et al on the right hand side.

    And quite rightly so.

    Save Vole Savage!

  29. At 08:16 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Muppet wrote:

    Shave Mark Thompson

  30. At 08:26 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Rocker Pete wrote:

    When all the HumanBeings have disappeared from the BBC - to be replaced by Machines/Recorded messages - who will switch the machines on/off ?

  31. At 08:32 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Until we have somewhere to sign a "Save Charlotte Green" petition, I am not going to sign anything. This could be converted into one of those "Celebrity Get Me Out of Big Dancing on Celebrity X Maria" things where all votes count, even when there was only one person to vote for.

    Perky (21) I believe that the collective noun is a Beach of Froggers. If it is not, then it should be. ;-)


  32. At 08:51 PM on 24 Apr 2007, gordon myers wrote:

    Vaughan definitely - Charlotte Green ... well, what can I say except put her to the top of the "save" list.

    In the happy little statelet of Northern Ireland we have a few who I would gladly consign to some other career.

    Thank goodness for Radio 4 and especially PM.

    Mind you, a special mention should go to the newsreading marathon runners of the 6 o'clock news - what a tour de force !

  33. At 09:44 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    I am really disappointed that it's not spelled "Savage" but, oh alright, save him if you must...

  34. At 10:01 PM on 24 Apr 2007, stewart M wrote:

    Its 10.05 and vaughan does not sound like he needs saving. But save him anyway!

  35. At 10:41 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Dan Satterfield wrote:

    Yes save him! First they will drop Vaughn and then next it might be Charlotte Green or even (Heaven forbid) god himself Brian Perkins.

    dan in the states

  36. At 10:50 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    What are we saving him from? I'm feeling magnanimous, count me in.

  37. At 10:54 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Sir Guy Grand wrote:

    There is but one sure way to save Vaughan Savidge - get Sir Menzies Campbell to demand that he go immediately. That easily should see him through the rest of the century. Pip pip!

  38. At 11:36 PM on 24 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Count me in, too!

  39. At 08:53 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Stephen, Leader of STROP wrote:

    Bring back Moira Stuart as a straight news reader as well.

    It is an important and different role, which should be resurrected

  40. At 08:57 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Annasee wrote:

    I'm a bit worried that his surname is spelt the same way as my accountant's. I wonder if they are related... Oh, go on, save him anyway.

    And while you're at it, elevate Carolyn Quinn to sainthood. You know she's earnt it.

  41. At 09:03 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Peter Jones wrote:

    Save the man - get Bono and Bob Geldof on the case immediately. We should organise a worldwide series of pop concerts - Rock the Savidge? Dance until Dawn for Vaughan?

  42. At 09:10 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Save Vaughan Savidge!

    Brian Perkins ("I'm the Daddy") and Peter Donaldson are indeed endangered. The BBC 'retired' both of them when they passed 60 years old, then re-hired them as freelancers.

    Donaldson no longers reads the news on 'Today' since that now involves starting at 05:20 when Radio takes over from the World Service and he wasn't willing to get up even earlier than he already was.

    I love the idea!

    Paul Dockree;
    That'll be Michael Cole then? John Cole used to be the BBC's political editor before he retired a while back.

    Frances O;
    He sort-of has, see above comment.

    Quite agree.

    You make an excellent point. If we are to save Vaughn than we must also give Seagreen the status of National Treasure.


  43. At 09:18 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Does he want to be saved? He might prefer to do something else like former newsreaders do - Antiques Roadshow, Mastermind, advertising insurance...

  44. At 09:22 AM on 25 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Save Vaughan (but only if he changes the spelling to 'Savage')!

    But I do like Charlotte and Alice and was delighted to catch a sight (what the aural equivalent?) of Brian Perkins the other day.

    Newreaders should be cherished - otherwise it all merges into one endless presenterthon (eg BBC Breakfast - although that is shockingly awful it shouldn't be mentioned on such hallowed company).

  45. At 09:26 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    First time posting today, but am apparently malicious!

    Anyhoo, so we all know to whom we're lending our support;


  46. At 09:55 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Salvador Freemanson wrote:

    One comment against Moira Stuart.

    I am all for keeping newsreaders and I think Moira Stuart is absolutely charming. But I don't think she should carry on being a newsreader (I am sure the BBC has other jobs for her).
    The trouble is, she doesn't speak clearly enough for a newsreader. The real-time subtitles aren't fast enough, but her diction is not up to newsreading. I really don't understand how she got the job in the first place.

  47. At 09:58 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Lady from Auchtermuchty. wrote:

    Whatever happened to that nice boy Patrick Muirhead? He read the Shipping Forecast with such intuitive style. Did Mark Thompson fire him?

  48. At 09:59 AM on 25 Apr 2007, whisky joe wrote:


    Are you charging for these votes? And is the result already in? You'll have that Jezza Vine chap round if you're not careful.

  49. At 10:00 AM on 25 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    This may be a little controversial but I believe that the reason Moira Stewart isn't reading the news bulletins anymore is that's she's not a very good newsreader.

    As a regular viewer to Breakfast with Frost and Andrew Marr's programme that was it's replacement I can't recall a bulletin that didn't have a stumble in it.

    Whether it was that Moira couldn't see the autocue properly or for some other reason - who knows? However the standard of reading was far below that of the average News 24 presenter - Carrie being No: 1

    Moira *does* however have a wonderful personality and would make an ideal host for any number of programmes across Radio and television.

  50. At 10:16 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Vyle Hernia (42) That thought just occurred to me, too.....Has anyone asked Vaughan? I wondered if he had already made plans for his redundancy payment. ;o(

  51. At 10:51 AM on 25 Apr 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Haha - on the BBC News Front page:-


    The link reads :- rubbish link to recycling

    Well it made me smile :-)

  52. At 11:03 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Island Correspondent wrote:

    Newsreader Island

    The cast:
    FIRST NEWSREADER - Vaughan Savidge
    SECOND NEWSREADER - Brian Perkins
    THIRD NEWSREADER - Harriet Cass
    FOURTH NEWSREADER - Charlotte Green
    FIFTH NEWSREADER - Corrie Corfield
    FATHER PIERRE - Eddie Mair

    The sketch:
    (A stock shot of a jet landing which they always use to introduce 'Newsreader's World'. This leads us into Newsreader Island - a tropical island paradise where all the inhabitants have Newsreader suits, glasses and microphones.)


    (Various Newsreaders pace past the camera.)

    First Newsreader: Today we look at a vanishing race. A problem people who are fast disappearing off the face of the earth.

    Second Newsreader: A race who one might say are losing a winning battle.

    Third Newsreader: They live in a sunshine paradise, a Caribbean dream, where only reality is missing.

    Fourth Newsreader: For this is Newsreader Island.

    Fifth Newsreader: An island inhabited entirely by ex-BBC newsreaders in pursuit of the impossible dream.

    First Newsreader: The whole problem of Newsreader Island is here in a nutshell.

    Second Newsreader: There are just too many Newsreaders.

    Third Newsreader: The light-weight scripts.

    Fourth Newsreader: The old repeated themes.

    Fifth Newsreader: The practiced voice of the seasoned campaigner.

    First Newsreader: Cannot hide the basic tragedy here.

    Second Newsreader: There just isn’t enough news to read.

    (Cut to a different location.)

    Third Newsreader: You can't teach an old dog new tricks and so (turning to a swimming pod with lots of Newsreaders around it, wandering with stick mikes and stuttering) you find them...

    Fourth Newsreader: (seated by swimming pool) Sitting beside elegant swimming pools...

    Fifth Newsreader: (seated at drinks table, with sun umbrella) ... sipping Martinis...

    First Newsreader: (standing by the pool) .. and waiting for the inevitable bulletin.

    Second Newsreader: (standing fully clothed in the pool) I talked to the island's only white man, Father Pierre.

    (Cut to a different location. Feeling of heat. The third Newsreader stands beside a priest in a white robe.)

    Third Newsreader: Father Pierre, why did you stay on in this colonial Campari-land where the clink of glasses mingles with the murmur of a million mosquitoes, where waterfalls of whisky wash away the worries of a world-weary Newsreader, where gin and tonic jingle in a gyroscopic jubilee of something beginning With J - Father Pierre, why did you stay on here?

    Father Pierre: (putting on a pair of Newsreader-style glasses) Well mainly for the interviews.
    Fifth Newsreader: Well there you have it, a crumbling...

    First Newsreader: ... empire in the sun-drenched...

    Second Newsreader: Caribbean, where the cliches sparkle on the waters...

    Third Newsreader: ... like the music of repeat fees...

    First Newsreader: And so...

    Fifth Newsreader: ... from Newsreader Island...

    First Newsreader: ... it's...

    Second Newsreader: ... fare...

    Third Newsreader: ... well and...

    Fourth Newsreader: ... bon...

    Fifth Newsreader: . .. voy...

    First Newsreader: ... age.

    (Cut to film of plane taking off. Roll credits. Eddie crashes the bongs.)

  53. At 11:08 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Jonnie (50)

    What are you talking about? (Maybe they've changed it already)

  54. At 11:10 AM on 25 Apr 2007, The Parish Clerk of Great Bromley wrote:

    We are more than happy to share with the nation the authoritative and mellifluous tones of a former, much missed and respected denizen of this ancient Essex village, viz Vaughan Savidge!

  55. At 11:10 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Captain Square wrote:

    Lady from Auchtermuchty @ (46)

    Look here - http://www.patrickmuirhead.com/

  56. At 11:37 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    So nice to see Mr. Savidge now presiding over his fate!

  57. At 11:46 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Yes, save Vaughan. Don't throw him away.

    We might be able to recycle him into something else (I almost wrote useful, but perish the thought).

    Headline on BBC sports pages;
    Vaughan Savidge saved. But Rooney scored on the rebound.

    On the Moira package last night;
    Loved the sheer brass-face of the interviewer who commented to the DG that if this is how you treat a valued member of staff he'd hate to be someone who wasn't admired. Polishing his CV this morning, I take it?


  58. At 11:47 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Jonnie (50) The only thing that bothers me about the fortnightly collections (which we've had for some time without problems) is the instruction to wrap waste before putting it in the bin. Far fewer people than in the past take a daily newspaper and if rubbish is wrapped in plastic it won't rot down easily and means more plastic in the landfill.

    Seems to me that for people with gardens giving them (or selling at large discount) not only an ordinary composter, but also one of the green cone type that will safely take food waste would benefit everyone.

    And then there's the problem of recycling the containers themselves. Big news story in Derby recently when the council switched from plastic boxes to blue wheelie bins for the recyclable materials and found that none of the boxes could be recycled! Fortunately a lot of people came forward to claim them for resuse, which did provide a short term solution.

  59. At 11:49 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Very good, Island Correspondent, but shouldn't that be "Eddie leaves a massive gap just ahead of the bongs"?

  60. At 11:54 AM on 25 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    jonnie (50)

    giggle. In fact it worked first time!

    But " Refuse changes 'boost recycling' "

    Why should we refuse changes to boost recycling?

    OK, so the punctuation's not right, but in the spirit of things...

  61. At 12:13 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Bedd Gelert wrote:

    On a slightly more serious note, there is a lot of fuss over 'Mumbling' Moira Stuart - but there was far less fuss when Newsnight were threatening to AXE not one, but THREE PRESENTERS... [oops..sorry, actually they were proper journalists or 'correspondents' in the jargon]

    Indeed it was even possibly [though not the most likely outcome, I grant you..] that Martha Kearney might have been 'evicted', as she does not count as a 'proper' presenter in the way that Kirsty and Paxo do [even though she filled in for them occassionally]

    I'm sure Moira Stuart is very nice and all that, and does a nice cameo in 'Extras' now and then, but Martha Kearney she is not.

    That said, if people like Vaughan Savidge and Harriet Cass, who are the few people in the BBC these that can actually speak English properly, cannot be saved what hope is there...

  62. At 12:29 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Big Sis (44), the Vaughan link says: "he fell into television, producing a weekly programme for four years."

    Ouch! Hope he didn't get cut by any broken glass

  63. At 12:30 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Island Correspondent: Can you sell tickets to fab island, perleeeese?

  64. At 12:37 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Felix wrote:

    hi, me and my mum were litening to your programme, and decided to campaign to SAVE Vaughan Savidge!

  65. At 12:58 PM on 25 Apr 2007, P wrote:

    Sorry Mr Savidge - I misspelt your surname earlier. Save Vaughan and save my blushes. Now I have lost my Voice - a job for on Ms Moira Stuart perhaps?

  66. At 01:34 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Paul Smith wrote:

    Oh I don't know - I think he looks good WITH hair but, whatever, add my name to those that want Vaughan shaved.

  67. At 01:40 PM on 25 Apr 2007, joc wrote:

    please register my support for mr savidge and his oddly spelled name.

  68. At 01:41 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Dave wrote:

    Can we get him Grade II listed?


  69. At 01:42 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Mae Tron wrote:

    Savidge to stay!

    (although Sir T of Wogan used to insist his name is prawn sandwich - there always seems to be a food theme there)

    I am glad we agree Brian Perkins is GOD. .....and while we are on the subject why oh why do the Today presenters now tell us about the papers? Bring back the newsreaders I say!

    M x

  70. At 01:52 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Jenni Bradbury wrote:

    Save him.....save the lot of them...I dread turning on the Radio for fear of what I'll hear sometimes. The diction and syntax of some newsreaders is appalling, why oh why do they insist on putting the emphasis on the wrong word in a sentence all the time? Just listen and you'll hear it - but not from the likes of Vaughan, Harriet and Charlotte.

  71. At 01:56 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Christina Tyree wrote:

    Newsreaders are friends who lead us into the programme. I wish the old PM music would come back and the "Here's Peter Donaldson with the headlines" & "Thanks Peter" only person who does this now is Robin Lustig. I hear Mark Thompson on Today/Yest in Parliament who seemed to be treating the Moira Stuart issue as if its nothing to do with him. WHY do bosses always do this ? move people around & change job titles just to show those above them that they are "doing something" I've had this in lots of jobs. If it works LEAVE IT alone.If Moira wants to stay let her stay. Contracts today are so vague "any other duties" etc.. people have talents so use their talents and don't force them into something that is not for them. Lets save Vaughan,Peter D, Brian, Charlotte et all they are GREAT and let them read the papers as they used to. When I worked in a call centre listening to rude angry people all day it was a joy to hear the voices of Peter, Charlotte etc. Retirement ? what about a nice music programme ? I wouldn't blame them doing adverts but its the BBC's loss. Keep up the good work as part of the Radio 4 family.

  72. At 01:56 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Let Vaughan go if he wants to.....he may have been waiting for this opportunity for years. ;o)

  73. At 02:03 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Nora Crane wrote:

    Save Vaughan Savidge, count me in to

  74. At 02:09 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Christine Cook wrote:

    I just love all the comments on Vaughan Savidge, I loved the Island one, with Eddie as the priest, keep all the presenters, they are great and I love everyone of them but Ediie is my no one!

  75. At 02:26 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Otter wrote:

    Vaughan Savidge, well worth saving.

  76. At 02:41 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Rachel wrote:

    Now I've seen the picture, I am definitely on for saving Vaughan. (Is that really him? Not a face for radio, certainly)

  77. At 02:48 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Davina Pancake MP wrote:

    Count me in! Not just for the ever so lovely Vaughan, but Moira and all the others mentioned (especially Charlotte - so professional, apart from her one memorable mention of a "cross-flannel cherry"). Keep up the good work chaps.

  78. At 02:55 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Paula Hunsdon wrote:

    Save Vaughan and all newsreaders.

  79. At 02:56 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Christine (73),
    Surely he's someone?

  80. At 03:16 PM on 25 Apr 2007, cromasaig wrote:

    THAT's not Vaughan Savidge. I listen to him all the time, and therefore know exactly what he looks like.

    The picture above is clearly that of an imposter.

  81. At 03:23 PM on 25 Apr 2007, cjh wrote:

    Please Save Vaughan Savidge

  82. At 03:35 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Paul Infield wrote:

    Look, I've been hanging on in the queue for ages waiting to cast my vote to save Alvar Liddell and now that I finally get to the front of the queue I find that you've closed the voting.

  83. At 03:48 PM on 25 Apr 2007, James wrote:

    If he is saved, will he be selling his story to the highest tabloid bidder? Will Des Browne be involved in the decision making?

    Do save Mr Savidge, anyway.

  84. At 03:56 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Save our Savidge
    Save our Savidge!!

    .....what's he done exactly?

  85. At 04:01 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Excellent blog. Far too funny for me to contribute.


  86. At 04:07 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Pat Martin wrote:

    I'm as keen as the next man to save Vaughn Savage but can you be sure ans save Andy Rushton as well. I'd love to know what he does when there is no test match. And does he get paid extra when he has to do the ball by ball when the line to St. Lucia or wherever goes down.

  87. At 04:18 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Clarrie Grundy wrote:

    Please save Vorn. Sometoims 'is voice is the only thing that keeps me goin.

  88. At 04:38 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    Can we have a campaign for Vonn to change his surname to the real spelling of ‘Savage’? Thanks. Who seconds this?

    Is Vonn one of the newsreaders to use the terms ‘IraRq’ or ‘uh-raRq’? Would he cite farfighters when referencing an item about blazes?

  89. At 05:04 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Hair by Janice wrote:

    Can we next have a Save The Save Vaughan Savidge Campaign er, Campaign?

  90. At 05:58 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    I think that isn't really Clarrie Grundy at 86.

    Hair by Janice? Tee hee.

  91. At 07:21 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Frances O wrote:

    cromasaig (79), I agree. He has a full head of dark, straight hair and is v debonair.

    I loathe seeing pictures of these R4 impersonatord, except for the PM crowd, who look Just Right.

  92. At 09:08 PM on 25 Apr 2007, bella-m wrote:

    Are you aware that Mr Savidge (known to the TOGS as Prawn Sandwich, by the way) moonlights on Radio Three?!

    Still, nice voice - almost as tasty as our Eddie.

  93. At 09:18 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Kevin Quinn wrote:

    Baby, we were Vaughan to run

  94. At 10:27 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Dave (67): I disagree. Vaughan's at least Grad II*, though I'd rate him as Grade I.

    Or even Ancient Monument. Then he could never be demolished, could he?

  95. At 11:17 PM on 25 Apr 2007, Perky wrote:

    Eddie - I can't quite believe how much response this simple campaign has had.

    It's excellent stuff though - perhaps you should start a campaign for each of the Very Important People at Radio 4 so that we can all sign up for their salvation before they've actually been threatened with anything ;-)

    This could run and run . . . unlike me - but that's all on the Ronnie thread.

  96. At 01:07 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Is he saved yet? How will we know when to stop campaigning?

  97. At 07:54 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Steve Ravenscroft wrote:


    It's one of those BBC names like Alvar. He must be nurtured and cherished - whatever his age. Brian Perkins fine as a reader but wrong name. Sorry Mate I notice, with some disquiet, that Radio 1 DJs are now getting "Public School" names like 'Daniel P. Carter' or 'Scott Mills" OK there's Chris Moyles - Hey does anyone else think Eddie looks like Moyles?

  98. At 10:51 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Ah, Steve (96), but who could improve upon the marvellously named Damian Gramaticus?

  99. At 11:31 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Steve: Short answer re Eddie/Chris Moyles - No. Nothing like.

    Eddie and Chris are like Chalk and Cheese. Well, Cheese (i.e. tasty) and Chalk (i.e. not tasty).

    If you defame Eddie like this, we may well have to take action(!)

  100. At 11:34 AM on 26 Apr 2007, Daisy, Windermere wrote:

    Steve @ (96)

    You're right he does look like him. Come to think of it, you never see 'em together do you?

  101. At 12:22 PM on 26 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Daisy: That is HERESY!

  102. At 01:40 PM on 26 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    May ants infest the pants of all thsoe who insult dear Eric so! I have no idea what Chris Moyles looks like but I have heard him and he is a prize idiot and a bully! Stop this association at once.

  103. At 01:52 PM on 26 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Too right, Appy. Or even, to quote:

    "May the bird of paradise fly up your nose
    May an elephant caress you with its toes
    And may your wife be plagued with ladders in her hose"

    A plague on all who insult Eddie!

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