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I think my favourite song with Blue in the title

Eddie Mair | 10:23 UK time, Wednesday, 4 April 2007

indeed it IS the title, is "Blue" by Sarah Vaughan and Barry Manilow. What's yours?


  1. At 10:35 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Richard wrote:

    Has to be Blue by Joni Mitchell, surely?

  2. At 10:45 AM on 04 Apr 2007, whisky-joe wrote:


    "Blue Bonnets Over the Border". Altogether now...

  3. At 10:46 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Ha! Only managed to read the title by going to the page listing all the titles 'cos has a big 'PM' all over it otherwise, even when highlighted!

    My favourite song with blue in is 'Blue Moon' - we sang it at a friends' wedding last year in the Reg. Office. I also like 'I see a Blue Moon rising' but I don't know who sang it, and i'm not sure if that's the title or just the first line?

  4. At 10:47 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Yay! Thanks Marc NBP normal service is resumed!!

  5. At 10:48 AM on 04 Apr 2007, andyCroak wrote:

    "I'm a Pink Toothbrush, you're a Blue Toothbrush" by Max Bygraves and also "Blue Monday" by the New Orders.

    Both classics, and so alike :)

  6. At 10:50 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Kate O'Mara wrote:

    Hi Eddie,

    I think 'Rhapsody in Blue' lead by horns, you know with a fairly sultry but sassy feel to it. That's one of my fave tunes.


  7. At 11:05 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    Oooh, tricky.

    A sample of personal favouites;
    Walkin' Blues; Robert Johnson
    San Francisco Bay Blues; Clapton Unplugged
    Suite:Judy Blue Eyes; Crosby, Stills & Nash

    Overall, the latter gets the vote.


  8. At 11:10 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Simon Worrall wrote:

    'Bad Moon Rising' by Creedence Clearwater?


  9. At 11:21 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Susan Orty-Boyden wrote:

    andyCroak at 5?

    Did you know that song sold over a million?

    Toothbrushes I mean not records :-)

  10. At 11:24 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    I guess, overall, it'd be Rhapsody in Blue.
    Though of course that's not a song.

    Okay, try again.

    I'll plump for Blue Moon of Kentucky, sung by Ray Charles. Or Blue Suede Shoes by Elvis (you'd look good in those, Eddie!)

  11. At 11:36 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Ah! Si (8) that song without blue in the title!! Yes that's the one...oooops!!

  12. At 11:46 AM on 04 Apr 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    Love me or Leave Me by Nina Simone is going round in my head, only because of the wonderful line about being 'independently blue'. I know, tangental but it is Wednesday :)

  13. At 11:49 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Peter Jones wrote:

    Moody Blue (by Elvis) seems somehow appropriate, or given our technical problems this morning, The Battle of the Blue and Grey by the Bee Gees, or even I'm in Love with A Big Blue Frog by Peter Paul and Mary.

  14. At 11:50 AM on 04 Apr 2007, Fifi wrote:

    Whistle Stop Blues, an as-yet unrecorded song by yours truly.

    If I ever work up the nerve to perform it, you'll be the first to know....


  15. At 12:01 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Mark Ford wrote:

    "Blue Monday" by New Order. Marvellous.

  16. At 12:03 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Does the recovery mean I'm allowed back from the naughty corner then?

    "Don't it Make my Brown Eyes Blue?" and "Blue Monday" spring to mind.

  17. At 12:06 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Eek! I've just noticed the strapline! Only my second one ever. And utterly truthful too, by the way.

  18. At 12:18 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Tania wrote:

    How about Fergus sings the blues by Deacon Blue or Little blue by The Beautiful South.
    How Long, How Long Blues.
    Everyday I Have the Blues.
    (What Did I Do to Be So) Black and Blue.
    Goin' to Chicago Blues.
    Blues for a Four-String Guitar.
    St. Louis Blues all from the album:
    Black & Blue & Tobacco Road by Lou Rawls.
    That man is definately blue, indeed I don't think you could find an album with more blues in the titles than that and believe me I looked! I have a lengthy Health & Safety report to write for the ISO manual and as a consequence I am loosing the will to live!!

  19. At 12:20 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Eddie Mair wrote:

    Aperitif (17) are you sure? I always have Paul O'Grady on with the sound down. I hear he does the same with me.

  20. At 12:36 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Humph wrote:

    Appy (16) I was going to say that if the recovery didn't, then the use of the strapline did; but I noticed that you saw it (17). Welcome back.


    PS Any double-entendres in the above message are totally unintentional. I am innocent. Honest!

  21. At 12:44 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Eddie: LOL!

    Paul O'Grady doesn't know what he's missing [nor, most probably, does he care]

  22. At 02:28 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    "Love is Blue" (Paul Mauriat?)

    That's my 6/8d worth on this topic.

  23. At 03:32 PM on 04 Apr 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    'somewhere over the rainbow' - is that going to count?!


  24. At 05:32 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    (17) See my comment under Blue Blog.

    P.S. Should there not be a gap between “24.” and “At 05:32 PM on”?

  25. At 05:36 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    Oh, I like ‘Blue Light’.

  26. At 09:36 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Val P wrote:

    Vyle - 22 - Oh that song takes me back some!! And I remember when you could buy 3 records for a pound, very satisfying.

  27. At 10:49 PM on 04 Apr 2007, whisht wrote:

    stuck a selection on the previous thread.

    ah well, wherever I lay my post, that's their home...


  28. At 11:01 PM on 04 Apr 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Hahaha - quite certain Eric (19). Even the sight of Mr O'Grady is too loud.

    Welcome back Doc (24), as noted elsewhere. :-)

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