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Eddie Mair | 07:25 UK time, Sunday, 4 March 2007

is apparently the colour. How did that happen. Is anyone else having trouble reading the links on the side...and for that matter the comments? It's giving me a headache. I'll have to fire off an email to someone and pray it doesn't leak..


  1. At 08:46 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Humph wrote:

    Something tells me that the much heralded improvements of March have arrived. :-(. Maybe a previous entry should have been "Beware the imps of March".


  2. At 09:04 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    I think the whiteness was imposed by the Attorney General after a request form the Metrosexual Police. (The convictions may be suspect, but they DO have great skin.)

  3. At 09:54 AM on 04 Mar 2007, madmary wrote:

    You can only read them if you highlight them. Something is not right here!


  4. At 10:00 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Well, those of us using Firefox can feel smug since the fadeout which seems to have hit Internet Explorer is not evident here.

    As far as I can see IE7 is displaying white text on an almost white background - hence almost invisible. Whereas I am still seeing black on pale blue - not glamourous but perfectly readable.

    You may be able to fiddle with the windows colour scheme to solve it.

  5. At 10:34 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    Just checked and changing Windows default colours has no effect.

    Eddie - that email needs to go to your web programmers I think!

  6. At 10:40 AM on 04 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    This is Part One (Test One) of the MI6 recruitment procedures for the 2007 intake cohort. Only those able to successfully read, write and post in the new colour medium may proceed to later tests.

    Part Two (Test One) - Respond appropriately to the following question: "Whatever happened to David Dickinson?"
    Supplementary: "Why didn't it happen earlier?"

  7. At 10:56 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Gossipmistress wrote:

    Somebody give it some oxygen.......quick!

  8. At 11:26 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Can't read comments -- can only see the names of the commentors. It's all away to bu**ery isn't it? Better send that email Eric... Course, you can't see me saying so...

  9. At 11:28 AM on 04 Mar 2007, jonnie wrote:

    It's strange, I was trying to make a comment back to Whisht last night and as I refreshed the page I received a (page not found error) Tried again and all was blue.

    I also noticed there was no moon at the time ;-)

    All very strange eh!

  10. At 11:51 AM on 04 Mar 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    So you think it was a lunar eclipse fault, not weekend blues?
    BTW I have firefox and it looks normal, well as normal as anything does after all that wine last night.

  11. At 12:04 PM on 04 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    Anne P - Thanks for the Firefox tip and link on Jonnie's site. Firefox now dowloaded and working fine. I don't fee so blue now!

  12. At 01:05 PM on 04 Mar 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Ballad of Ms P M Website.

    And so it was that later
    as the Mayor told his tale
    that her face, at first just ghostly,
    turned a whiter shade of pale


  13. At 01:08 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Aha! I've realised that I can read them if I approach from a certain angle. Which means I can add the following:

    RJD (6) hahahaha.

  14. At 01:11 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Deepthought (John W) wrote:

    Another problem I appear to have escaped... as a Linux/Mozilla user.

    RJD (6), either I'm appallingly ignorant, or else I'm missing the point entirely, but I thought the person under discussion was Dickie Davidson. And no, I cannot explain why it did not happen far earlier.

  15. At 01:24 PM on 04 Mar 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Just downloaded Firefox but alas it doesn't seem to like Vista (on the laptop) -- just freezes :-(

    I'll try a restore. Do you think Microsoft have done that intentionally ?

  16. At 01:31 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Firefox on Mac OS X roolz!

    I WAS wondering what all this blue moon stuff was about...

    so I am proceeding to the next question. The answer is "who cares?"

    (RJD, 6)

    And the answer to the supplementary is the same.

    How'm I doing?

  17. At 01:46 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Jason Good wrote:

    But it was a red moon, not a blue one (and that verges on blasphemy in these parts...)

  18. At 01:56 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Jonnie (15),

    Aside from rushing in where the wise fear to tread (Vista). I reckon it's far from impossible Gates & Co have laid traps for those who try to use opensource stuff, but then I'm full of cynicism disguised as wisdom.


    P.S. Check the 'known issues on the mozilla/firefox pages.

  19. At 02:02 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Frances O wrote:


    Red moon,
    You made the frog go wrong,
    It's lasting far too long,
    It's made me sing this song

  20. At 02:05 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Has the blog got contaminated by silicone? (Did the BBC get a cheap deal from an unspecified supermarket?)

    Can I post yet, or am I still not allowed?

  21. At 06:14 PM on 04 Mar 2007, The New Blog Prince aka Marc wrote:

    Hmmmm. This doesn't look right at all ;-)

    I wonder if there's someone I can complain to about it...?

    Very weirdly, when you scroll down to the bottom of the page, the colour scheme seems to "reset" itself.

    I am going to press a few buttons. do not be surprised if I break the internet...

  22. At 06:20 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Frances O wrote:

    Or silicon?

    If you ask me, it's more like silly con

  23. At 06:36 PM on 04 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    Deepthought - I am afraid that you don't make it through on this cohort. You have missed the connection between the tests.
    Test 1 - Part 1 Blog (Blue)
    Test 1 - Part 2 David Dickinson (Orange)
    Test 1 - Part 3 Would have been about canaries but I'm afraid that's now academic.

  24. At 06:40 PM on 04 Mar 2007, HelenSparkles wrote:

    I love the colour, but can't read a thing!

  25. At 07:17 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Marc - good to know you're on the case. You could persuade everyone to switch to Firefox - we don't have the exciting colours the rest of you seem to be getting.

    Don't go spoiling what's left of your Sunday getting aerated about the blog service, though, will you? It's bad enough Eddie getting up at 7 22 on a Sunday to post. Save it till Monday - it will be here soon enough (complacent smirk from someone who doesn't have to go to work till noon tomorrow).

    Btw, the tadpoles I thought were dead, turned out to still be alive. Luckily I hadn't tipped them out, just put the container outside. They just haven't hatched yet, but are moving around within the egg. I'm terribly excited, & we spend ages watching them. Even bigger timewasters than the blog!

  26. At 07:31 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Anne P. wrote:

    If you run your mouse over where the text should be you can highlight it so it becomes readable - clunky but it works as a temporary fix (always assuming you've managed to read this instruction of course!).

    Blind mice leading.....

  27. At 08:07 PM on 04 Mar 2007, whisht wrote:

    Anne P - thanks for saying that about IE - now I know what everyone's one about!!
    (was horribly dismayed that Eddie seemed to be a Chelsea fan....[shudder]...)

    I used to think I was good at bug testing but now realise I just got lucky twice. After thinking that maybe someone's been mucking about with the CSS styelsheets (tautological I know, but everyone* says CSS stylesheets so I will), I did a HTML validation on the page and got a whole bunch of "un-valid" markup.

    However, maybe this is the culprit:

    Error Line 105, column 6: end tag for element "HEAD" which is not open .
    The Validator found an end tag for the above element, but that element is not currently open. This is often caused by a leftover end tag from an element that was removed during editing, or by an implicitly closed element (if you have an error related to an element being used where it is not allowed, this is almost certainly the case). In the latter case this error will disappear as soon as you fix the original problem.

    Now look, if you carried on reading that stuff after the first use of the word "tag" then either you understood it (if so you're better than I) or just didn't realise it'd get that dull.

    apologies if the latter. Bonus nerd points of the former.

    Extra strong mints if you're able to do anything about it.

    * ok not everyone says "CSS stylesheets" as most are lucky enough not to care a darn about the things. don't ask - be happy in blissful ignorance...

  28. At 08:17 PM on 04 Mar 2007, whisht wrote:

    ah - told you i was a bad guesser.

    and a worse user of automated tools....

    I was wrong, cos if that was the fault you wouldn't see anything!!

    If a little knowledge is a dangerous thing then everyone should stay back cos my brain is half loaded!!

    I'll get my keyboard...


  29. At 08:52 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Bod wrote:

    Oh - don't like it, what's happened? Burst stylesheet? You'll get done for accessibility, there's meant to be contrast.

    And that disgusting bucket of frogs is now a disgusting bucket of orange frogs!

  30. At 08:54 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Deepthought (John W) wrote:

    RJD (23),

    I would have got what you were on about if you had used Robert Kilr*y-S*lk as the example, and the answer to the supplimentary would still have been the same.

    Ed I (18),

    M$ are said to be ensuring that the codes needed to drive the computer hardware are kept away from open source...but don't forget that Vista will not run on older computers that were perfectly happy with previous versions of Windoze (how green is that?).

  31. At 09:02 PM on 04 Mar 2007, nikki noodle wrote:

    Ten entirely reasonable explanations for 'blue':

    (1) the millenium bug is 7 years, 3 months and, erm, 4 days late.

    (2) It was all planned to see if anybody would notice...after last week's confessional.

    (3) the bbc has been sponsored by Dulux / Quink / david cameron

    (4) "what does - select all - blue - do? OMG!"

    (5) Any Questions Strikes Back...either that or the "eddie for chairman " campaigne has been specifically targeted - probably from beyond the grassy knoll.

    (6) " he he!! The pm newsletter virus works! Now to take over the world" EM

    (7) Big Sister switched the plug off the respirator before she went to Wales (gasp gasp)

    (8) Scotland begins to redress the 'union' by making the colours of St Andrew MANDATORY.

    (9) Actually its a signal from Downing Street to the undersea submarine fleet - when the PM blog goes blue, you know what to do boys!

    (10) Eddie - where do you want your coffee - ooops....! oooh, just switch off and switch on again, oh dear...


  32. At 09:20 PM on 04 Mar 2007, stewart M wrote:

    Should we blame last nights eclipse on this? Certainly not the best colour scheme!!!

  33. At 10:21 PM on 04 Mar 2007, Bod wrote:

    Not only that but at the top of the page it looks as if somebody has been scribbling over the PM logo. Has somebody been scribbling over the PM logo?

  34. At 11:05 PM on 04 Mar 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Re nikki :

    (3) the bbc has been sponsored by Dulux / Quink / david cameron

    (4) "what does - select all - blue - do? OMG!"


    Very funny :-)

  35. At 11:33 PM on 04 Mar 2007, The new blog prince aka marc wrote:

    It's most definitely a glitch with IE. I'm browsing this from my phone while in bed - not sure how 2 prove this is the case, you'll just have 2 trust me - and it all looks fine on my browser-that-isn't-Internet-explorer. Let's hope it's better in the morning...a sentiment that applies 2 much in the world

  36. At 12:09 AM on 05 Mar 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Gosh, while I was away, there was a bloggar eclipse, from what I read.

    Was it me coming back that reset normality?

    I'd like to think so.

    Frightful pileup heading westwards on the M4 as we came back. Fortunately, we were heading east. But I'm afraid there will be some very unhappy families tonight. It didn't look good at all.

    Time for bed (after a quick check to see if there's any action Chez Jonnie)

  37. At 03:47 AM on 05 Mar 2007, eddie mair wrote:

    And now it's changed back!

  38. At 06:11 AM on 05 Mar 2007, The New Blog Prince aka Marc wrote:

    So it has! Clearly I pressed the correct buttons.

    (Did anyone believe that?!)

    I will report back later on any 0347-related consequences for Sir Eric Muir.

  39. At 08:18 AM on 05 Mar 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Ooh 'Eck! I spend a w/e without blog access, and it looks like things went kablooie. Ah well, at least I was spared the stress. Mind you, as I'm a Firefox user at home, it wouldn't have affected me. I just hope the blog behaves now I'm back in the office (lumbered with IE6)

  40. At 08:25 AM on 05 Mar 2007, gossipmistress wrote:

    Ha! Well done Marc (??!!)

  41. At 09:36 AM on 05 Mar 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Marc and Eddie both up in the early hours slaving away for us. That really is true dedication!

  42. At 09:58 AM on 05 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    Deepthought (3)

    I'm afraid using that example would have been too easy. Besides we thought it possible that words like Robert Kilr*y-S*lk would never get past moderation.

  43. At 10:08 AM on 05 Mar 2007, Big Sister wrote:

    Fearless: The Blog was clearly 'blue'. Now, if we had big head (!) we might just think that it was missing us .....

    Okay, okay, it was just a jokes, folks. But, Eddie and Marc, you clearly both need to get more sleep. Just what is you guys are on? ;o)

  44. At 10:19 AM on 05 Mar 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Ok, NBP, I think you're ahead in the technology one-upmanship stakes. So Lissa could blog from bed, huh? You now tell us you can blog from bed, on your phone , and fix the colour problem affecting some ares as well? You are truly a remarkable person.

    Erm, have you considered standing for BBC Chairman? (But don't mention it to you- know -who...)

  45. At 12:28 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Annasee, re fix the colour problem affecting some ares as well...

    Dis you mean 'arse'? If so, I don't like the way this conversation is going!... ;-)

  46. At 01:17 PM on 05 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    Ap - Dis you mean did?

  47. At 01:57 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Marti wrote:

    I wish you'd all stop dissing. Anyone would think we were in Balham.

  48. At 02:06 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Eddie Mair wrote:

    Gateway to the South.

  49. At 02:15 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Big Sis wrote:

    Hm, Eddie, I see you're familiar with the trendier parts of London.

    Is in the new congestion charge zone?

  50. At 02:24 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Val P wrote:

    All - ah your wit, thank you all, you've taken my mind off my lurgy! I'm still extra specially glad I didn't get involved yesterday though.

  51. At 02:43 PM on 05 Mar 2007, RJD wrote:

    Val - Didn't know that you were poorly - hope you feel better soon.

    It's probably all to do with being out in the cold shovelling concrete when you should have been following the advice in your Good Wife's Guide!

  52. At 02:47 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    The wit just shines here doesn't it?

    In the spirit of multilingual communication:

    Divvent dis Frogging pals.

  53. At 03:57 PM on 05 Mar 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Eddie, nice reference to Peter Sellers there! In order to help the understanding, I give you some translations:

    Dissident : Foreigner pointing out damage to a car

    Disguise : Pointing out the foreigner whose pointing out damage to a car

  54. At 11:06 AM on 06 Mar 2007, Gosspmistress wrote:

    FFred - haha! My dad had an LP with 'Balham' on - do you know some of the other skethches?
    My niece & Nephew call me 'Aunty Rotter'!

  55. At 01:31 PM on 06 Mar 2007, Fearless Fred wrote:

    GM (54) My dad also has a Sellers LP with Balham. It's also got the Hard Days Night as Richard III :-) I've got to admit, though, my preference was always for Spine Milligna, the well known typing error....

  56. At 01:52 PM on 06 Mar 2007, gossipmistress wrote:

    FFred I'm sure I diagnosed a case of that last week!!

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