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Well it's

Eddie Mair | 12:38 UK time, Tuesday, 13 February 2007

been a mad old morning and yet I don't appear to have done anything. 20 to 1 and not a dish washed. If you placed a bet at 25-1 you're quids in.

Rather quiet on the photo front today. Yvonne must be on her way back. Hugh will be up to his eyes somewhere in China, and Chris Jarvis has not appeared at the window with a woman wearing a nappy.

I mentioned in the newsletter (on its way to you now) that someone - and I suspect a frogger - has sent me and the PM team a box of chocs for Valentine's Day. I know no-one will own up but whoever you are, thank you in advance. How kind!

I'm off now to try to get my studio email fixed. It kept asking for names and passwords last night so I logged out and couldn't access any during the programme. It was like the old days. Well, not the old old days - but certainly the old days. In the old old days we would all have been drunk.


  1. At 01:01 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Fifi wrote:

    The Beach has been roped off again, so I will mention this here instead:

    The frogger called Humph requested a Poll to be posted on the PM Extra website hosted by fellow frogger Jonnie, about the Road Charges proposals from the government.

    You can find it here http://www.pmblog.co.uk/pmextrapoll.html.

    (Actually, Humph asked for a 'pole'. Given yesterday's story about Size 0 models, you may imagine the amusement!)


  2. At 01:01 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Oh how I remember the old days.
    Last Sunday actually, but I'm almost better now. It was the rugby. Probably

  3. At 01:03 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Are you drunk now Eric? Perhaps they were liquer chocolates?

  4. At 01:04 PM on 13 Feb 2007, witchiwoman wrote:

    And there I was about to send out the sniffer dogs!

  5. At 01:10 PM on 13 Feb 2007, gossipmistress wrote:

    Mmm chocolates how nice! When will the ones that you've sent to all of us be arriving?

  6. At 01:13 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Stewart M wrote:

    Why do you have a different user name and password for the studio?

    I've recently seen Chris and Sarah-Jane dressed up as L for Luvies on Cbeebies. So I suspect have missed the B for babies. Unless they are doing N for nappies.

  7. At 01:19 PM on 13 Feb 2007, RJD wrote:

    In the old old days we would all have been drunk.

    So who are the sober ones now?

  8. At 01:39 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Dozy Parker wrote:

    Orson Welles to Joseph Cotton: “Sure, we’re speaking, Jed. You’re fired.” (Citizen Kane)

  9. At 01:40 PM on 13 Feb 2007, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:

    Given recent events, was Sarah-Jane actually in an astronaut outfit?

    Or was that lady astronaut actually just trying to get her picture posted on the Frog?

    Will we ever know?

    Will we ever care?

    Will I ever get chocolates for Valentine's Day?

    Will I ever get a strapline used?

    "PM: where Cbeebies meets NASA"

  10. At 03:17 PM on 13 Feb 2007, marymary wrote:

    I've done very little at work today as well Eric.

    The best bit of the day was working out where one of my colleagues is going for a two day Valentines treat from her boyfriend. He sent a series of text messages containing clues and we've all had great fun with it. We know where she is going, and what she will be eating and doing. Now we're all going to turn up tomorrow to their hotel to see if we're right!

    Much more fun than working!


  11. At 03:26 PM on 13 Feb 2007, David Buckland wrote:

    It's been a while since I visited the blog and I'm still none the wiser....at least I know where I stand with Life on Mars!

  12. At 03:44 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Hound of Love wrote:

    Life on Mars is excellent by the way, and you'll have to know about if you want to do well in the interview for BBC Chairman (you know, just to randomly drop it in as an example when talking about 'this is what we do' etc), so you might as well watch it.

    What else were you planning on doing tonight anyway?

  13. At 04:19 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Fiona wrote:

    Stainless Steel Cat (9 - ish) - now there's a strapline if ever I see one. If that doesn't get used I'll eat my hat (or one of Eddie's chocs if he doesn't want them!)

  14. At 04:31 PM on 13 Feb 2007, gossipmistress wrote:

    Aunt D (2) did you see that french player who got the last try.....

    Steely cat (9) surely Eric will be sending us allchocolates for being such fantastic Froggers?

  15. At 06:10 PM on 13 Feb 2007, jonnie wrote:

    Thanks to Fifi for alerting people to the poll, however the link she posted didn't work. I think it's cause it had one of these at the end . This link hopefully will:-


    At this stage a staggering 8 people have voted and all are against the Road pricing proposal.

  16. At 07:03 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Annasee wrote:

    Er, those chocs - they weren't from 'Anil' by any chance were they? Only I wouldn't rush to open them if so, he sounds a teeny bit annoyed to me. Not quite sure why...

    Well,as you all pig out on Valentines Day treats, spare a thought for me. It's my birthday (almost but not quite catching up to Jonnie) and because of the wonderfully romantic connotatons of the day, I always have to work- harps being somehow "Romantic" though I can't see it myself. Still, when there's council tax to be paid & cat food to be bought, it's time to forget sentiment & get on with the work. At least I'll be in a lovely stately home for the evening - I can pretend I live there for 3 hours!

    I can't eat chocolate, but daughter today has made a date cake ( no sugar) for me to celebrate with tomorrow. And (this is the really lovely bit) she & SO did the shopping today, & came back with a bunch of flowers. Heavily discounted as a few of the heads had fallen off. Enough left to make a show though, so who's complaining? And I think she's painted me a card (big secret) at watercolour class yesterday. Exciting or what!

  17. At 07:28 PM on 13 Feb 2007, madmary wrote:

    Life on Mars is particularly brilliant.


  18. At 11:28 PM on 13 Feb 2007, Valery p wrote:

    Chocolates - mmmm - yes please. Now I'm going to have to go and hunt for some before I go to bed :o(

  19. At 09:39 AM on 14 Feb 2007, Deepthought (John W) wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Annasee!

  20. At 10:00 AM on 14 Feb 2007, Gillian wrote:

    Happy Birthday, Annasee. I hope you got your hand-painted card - that sounds exciting to me.

  21. At 10:17 AM on 14 Feb 2007, Valery p wrote:

    Happy Birthday Annasee. Enjoy your cake, and join us on The Beach after your date?

  22. At 11:48 AM on 15 Feb 2007, Aperitif wrote:

    Sorry I missed your birthday Annasee -- hope it was great.

    A, x.

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