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Window On Your World

Eddie Mair | 12:18 UK time, Tuesday, 12 December 2006

NEW gallery 13: being posted shortly on the right. And as I said in my previous posting, we have high hopes that we'll post all the photos we've received so farby Sunday. If you haven't sent yours yet - or are waiting to finish your film, don't worry. We're happy to accept them when you are ready and we'll post them as they come in. We're just excited about finally getting the thousands we've been sent posted on the blog.


  1. At 12:28 PM on 12 Dec 2006, valery p (Tumbleflump Holly-Hippoface) wrote:

    Spurred on by the thought of missing your boat - I have finally managed to send it as a picture message from my phone, I think! Of course the picture's so small that I can't see it properly, TD will doubtless object that I sent the wrong one. Fabulous new phone has Bestpic Option, which means that it takes about 9 shots simultaneously - though in my case I think they went from bad to worse. We'll see.

  2. At 12:37 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    “so farby”??

  3. At 01:06 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Humph wrote:


    That is you off the naughty stool, then!


  4. At 01:11 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Eddie Mair wrote:

    "so goody"

  5. At 01:17 PM on 12 Dec 2006, valery p (Tumbleflump Holly-Hippoface) wrote:

    Doc H, you're so sharp you'll cut yourself! Cut the guy some slack, he's multi-tasking - never easy for a man, or so I hear.

  6. At 01:39 PM on 12 Dec 2006, gossipmistress wrote:

    Great! New photos! I especially like the fat-bottomed hens.

    Are nos 14-21 sponsored by Yahoo?

  7. At 01:44 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    My picture is up, & how foolish is it that I am excited? Fifi alterted me, & I am at no.95 in gallery 13, along with my extensive description which I am gobsmacked (as they say) has been posted in full. Thanks Eddie, Lissa & Helen that's not me!

  8. At 01:49 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Chris 'I-Spy' C wrote:


    Just had my first look at the Window on your World pictures. I sent mine in on the Wednesday after THE Tueday and after you mentioned about the thousands of images you'd already got, so I'm not holding my breath for when I get my one nanosecond of fame.

    After a quick glance through what has immediately struck me is the amazing parallel lives that exist out there. For instance there is a young couple holding circular vegetables in Gallery 3 and a another couple 10 galleries futher on who look startlingly similar, doing exactly the same thing. Other parallel lives would seem to exist in Gallery 7 and the end of gallery 12 is awash with them.

    So far I've only had one look through the galleries and I daren't go back to them in case I see more of these mystic anomalies and -God forbid - start counting and compiling them.

  9. At 02:08 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Ann Tarrant wrote:

    What an amazing resource. Bit like the History Matters site where many of us wrote what we did on Tues the whatever .
    Kitchens/ subdivs: Ikea/Magnet/DIY/Pre-war
    Activities: cooking/carpenrty/admiring feet. Does the 1 person playing patience deserve their own category?
    Computers: Gates/apple, further subdivided into screen only/whole caboodle/complete room, (?office Suite?
    Pets/ etc,etc
    & a few to be put into 'terribly House & Garden darling.'
    Can't find ours of husband putting in room under our eaves ('carpentry')so he's just stomped off in the rain to see to his bonfire.
    Annie T

  10. At 04:34 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Ramblin' Sid Rumpo wrote:

    Hallo me Deari-oes,

    Did you hear WatO today?
    Mark Holden described himself as "a natural born conservative". Round my parts "natural born" has a particular meaning: indicating a lack of any parental marital status. I shall look forward to Mr. Holden's election material and wonder how many others will think it means "conservative bastard".
    (I'm sure other bastards are also available.)

  11. At 04:59 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    The newsletter for those who have not been blessed with its delivery;


    There's exciting news on the blog: new Window on Your World pictures have been posted, and as you'll read there, many thousands more are due to be posted by Sunday. So if you're looking for yours...hopefully it will be soon. And if you, like me, just enjoy seeing what everyone was up to at 5pm GMT on December 5th, then there will be much more to look at. Keep checking back.

    On our programme tonight, we'll hear the latest from the police in Ipswich, who've been holding a news conference about the murder of prostitutes. We'll hear from Pallab about animal experiments, and hear from the village where people turned on a paedophile in their midst, after his photo was published in the News of the World. And we're thinking about a discussion on free speech.

    The Prime Minister is holding his monthly news conference right now. We are keeping an ear across that too.

    There's bound to be some other stuff. I mean - THAT won't fill the hour.

    See you on the ice at 5.

    Prince Eric”

    Royalty now huh Eric? Anyway, I posted this not for altruistic reasons, but because I wanted to address the issue of the Robert Oliver, partly because there are good reasons for sex offenders to be considered vulnerable when in prison, & they are if vigilantism is unleashed.

    Most of the time, I would say the following, the real threat to children lies in their own household. Children are most likely to be abused by their families or others they know, rather than at the hands of the predatory paedophile, which the NOTW’s Sarah’s Law campaign seeks to address. This is not the same in the USA, hence the introduction of Megan’s Law, although that appears to be as many different laws as there are states. In the UK, ‘stranger danger’ is a moral panic which directly conflicts with the evidence. Most UK sex offenders could never be named on any register, because it would reveal the names of the victims; often their children’s, which is not legal & which is inadvisable.

    I said I would say this most of the time, and that is because there is, as in any criminal group, a group of paedophiles who are pathological. Far from responding to the treatment programmes within the CJS, they don’t see anything wrong with what they are doing, & I would hazard a guess that Robert Oliver is one of them.

    The NOTW were entirely irresponsible to publish his name, as we can see by the consequences, & they have exercised “power without responsibility”* but his is a case when risk assessment is critical, for him as well as for the protection of children.

    * "Power without responsibility - the prerogative of the harlot throughout the ages." Said by Stanley Baldwin, who borrowed the phrase from his cousin Rudyard Kipling, in 1931 when attacking The Daily Express under the proprietorship of Lord Beaverbrook.

  12. At 05:26 PM on 12 Dec 2006, madmary wrote:

    Golly Helen S, I'm definitely voting for you!


  13. At 05:37 PM on 12 Dec 2006, jonnie wrote:


    In response to an e-mail I received from Fearless Fred, I've put a little gallery up of pics. It's really Froggers fave pics, but if you want one up there just e-mail it through.


  14. At 05:38 PM on 12 Dec 2006, jonnie wrote:

    Found your picture Sparklie with it's nice short comment :-)

  15. At 06:07 PM on 12 Dec 2006, madmary wrote:

    My photo is yet to be posted, although I think that they might consider that it is a mistake. It's almost entirely black with the tiniest orange dot. I don't know why it's like that except that I didn't really know what I was doing at the time.

    Oh well.


  16. At 06:09 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    Oh Johnnie (14) I'm not short of words as I'm sure you've noticed! Blushing now though that it has all been posted, I thought they'd edit, but maybe that takes longer & they've got better things to do!

  17. At 06:12 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Helen Sparkles wrote:

    Thanks madmary (12)!

  18. At 06:14 PM on 12 Dec 2006, viola fletcher wrote:

    Can't see my picture.....

    Gonna keep lookin.....
    Patient Viola

  19. At 06:21 PM on 12 Dec 2006, John Robinson wrote:

    Somebody else complained about the PM site.
    After finding the blog site, I look for photos, find a few, but am totally lost as to how to see all others submitted - if indeed that's possible.
    I go to Archive - the same ones show up.
    How about some simple guidance before I lose all interest?

  20. At 06:25 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Sue Pegrum wrote:

    Feeling a bit bemused and dejected, because some photos appear twice, whereas mine (complete VERY cute cat) is nowheer to be seen. I guess it's been black-listed, and now I'm on the naughty stool, because I didn't pay attention to the instructions and took a photo of myself...

  21. At 07:48 PM on 12 Dec 2006, AndycroakLucan wrote:

    Only the best pics on Jonnie's site :)

  22. At 08:20 PM on 12 Dec 2006, gossipmistress wrote:

    John Robinson (19) - follow the blue line on the right of the page all the way up to the top, and just below Eddie's head there is a list of galleries 1-13. You just click on a number, then on a thumbnail. There seem to be around 1,165 so far, including a few repeats.

    Sue Pegrum (20) there seem to be other self-portraits up there, so don't despair! Get off the naughty stool, get yourself down to the beach and help yourself to a drink!

  23. At 08:28 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    Right at the top of the blue band down your screen it says
    'The PM Programme'
    'PM Window on your World galleries'
    under that
    'one, two three ect ect
    hit one of those numbers and you will find an Aladdins Cave.

  24. At 08:52 PM on 12 Dec 2006, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    there is a very handsome cat at 14 in gallery 12 - pointed out by my valiant Smudge, who is very keen on cats - is that you?

  25. At 07:35 AM on 13 Dec 2006, Len Morgan wrote:

    I note some excellent social history content here and also some bad photography. Guess this confirms we are not yet professionals; but give it time and enough picture phones and we are bound to improve.

    There are however, particularly on page 13, many duplicates. Is this contributors sending again, thinking their picture hasn't been received? Or, is your page poster having a bad hair day?

    It looks like it's been a worthwhile exercise, could you repeat it nearer midday so we can get some daylight shots?

    Congratulations! (Where are my pix?)

  26. At 12:35 PM on 13 Dec 2006, Er Hackenbush wrote:

    I eare you to fine any social history content in any of my letter-mixee-up contributions.

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