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Lindsay (LJM)

Eddie Mair | 11:29 UK time, Thursday, 2 November 2006

writes with a good question, and a postcard. "What happened to the PM Panel? I sent for details but received nothing and you never mentioned it again". Yes that does sound like us, doesn't it? I'll ask a grown up. The card is about skin problems. It seems only 25% of people never suffer from problem skin.


While a photo arrives from the Gossipmistress which says it was "taken at Gordano Services, M5, Feb 2006. Do they have the same hairdressers? What are they looking at?" She insists this ISN'T a self portrait.



  1. At 11:40 AM on 02 Nov 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    So, what do the grown ups say?

    BTW, you never seem to publish emailed postcards - Is this a policy? Go on, Eddie, another question for the grown ups.

  2. At 11:54 AM on 02 Nov 2006, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    It looks to me as if the first picture ("freak") is of some vinyl-based upholstery material, as used for contract furniture. There may be a link between Vyle and vinyl, but what has vinyl to do with skin?

  3. At 12:00 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Eddie Mair wrote:

    Big Sis (1), we only use postcards because we rather liked the low-tech method of getting on something as modern and exciting as the Blog. Postcards also allow amusing things to be written on the back. Go on. Send one! The PM Pointless Blog Thing, Room G601, BBC News Centre, London W12 7RJ.

  4. At 12:16 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Fearless Fred wrote:

    Erm, Eddie(3)? I did send one from Antwerp! Hasn't it arrived yet?

  5. At 12:20 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Okay, Eddie. I give in ..... Getting a 'personal blog' from you like that, how can I resist?

    Mind, I'd rather hoped I was sometimes amusing on the Blog, and you've burst that bubble now!

    (DRAT! I just got the MalSub message - Was that because I was replying to Ed?)

  6. At 12:21 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Fifi wrote:

    Is your Freudian slip showing, Mr Mair?

    I thought it was the postcards that were pointless... never the blog. ;o)

    Great news about the newsletter, of course. Hope my onslaught yesterday wasn't too exasperating.

  7. At 12:26 PM on 02 Nov 2006, OnTheLedge wrote:

    Methinks Lord Mair is joking ....... We all know how hard he finds it to work the scanner. And now he's trying to kid us with all this low tech/modern and exciting blarney?

  8. At 12:36 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Rufus T. Firefly wrote:

    Where's Oscar?

  9. At 12:45 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Big Sister wrote:


    I'm off to the post with my Pointless Postcard (Sorry, ran out of Pointless Blogs earlier today)

  10. At 02:23 PM on 02 Nov 2006, jonnie wrote:

    Let's hope the postcard from BigSis has better luck than my Walnut Whip did !

  11. At 02:55 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Awww Jonnie,
    That Walnut Whip again!
    I'm still searching, and not finding. Does anybody know of a WW source in the South East so I can send one to Jonnie (and stop the whingeing?)

  12. At 02:59 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Aunt Dahlia wrote:

    I don't think it's vinyl - it looks like naugahyde to me.
    And Rufus (8) - isn't that Oscar in the back of the car on the second p.c?

  13. At 03:36 PM on 02 Nov 2006, anne wrote:

    re 11.
    so the north triumphs again as WWs are quite common here - mind you I've never checked to see the sell by date. I never buy them because they're the vanilla ones and really I only ever liked the one with coffee filling.

    talking of the north, I couldn't be bothered to get into all that anti Scottish rascist thing the other day because I think being anti-Scots is just a sign of ignorance. I would point out though that someone here was brought up at the Sherriff's Court recently for calling someone else 'an English pouf', which proves that we don't tolerate rascist insults. Can anyone point me in the direction of an english magistrate's court that has heard a case against someone for using the word Scottish or Scots as an insult?

  14. At 03:40 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Why does Gordano Services sell such postcards?

    I'll be near there tomorrow; might go and see what others they have on offer. If I find anything interesting I'll keep you posted.

  15. At 03:50 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Ed Iglehart wrote:


    I reckon they might call you up if you appended the vernacular for vagina.

  16. At 03:59 PM on 02 Nov 2006, Ruud Fortt wrote:

    Anne (13)

    I am unsure what offence was alleged as you mentioned both "racist" and "insult".

    Was it made clear in the charge which word was the "insult" in the phrase 'an English pouf' (other nationalitoes are available, as -indeed- are other sexual orientations)

  17. At 04:52 PM on 02 Nov 2006, anne wrote:

    I understand, having been a witness and therefore being in a position to chat to the officers involved, that the two words are equally undesirable and I suspect that he'd have been charged for using either - the fact that he used both just made things worse for him.

  18. At 08:21 PM on 02 Nov 2006, gossipmistress wrote:

    Sorry to disappoint you Vyle Hernia (14) but it was actually a pointless photo made into a pointless postcard. I don't know what postcards are on sale there but please send one in so we can see it!!

  19. At 10:17 PM on 02 Nov 2006, anne wrote:

    I have just checked the sherriff's court report in the local newspaper and find that the charge ( see above @ 16) is racially aggravated assault.

    Serendipitous. The paper is only once a week and it was today.

  20. At 10:19 PM on 02 Nov 2006, valery pedant wrote:

    Eddie - may I point out, once again, that M postcard should have arrived last week, as all others posted to "Friends"in the UK on the same day, have arrived. No excuses accepted!

  21. At 11:27 PM on 02 Nov 2006, valery pedant wrote:

    Whoops, M should read as my. Hey ho

  22. At 01:02 PM on 04 Nov 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Eddie, I most want to see the postcards sent by both Fearless and Valery. Please could you scan and display them? I don't like your neglect of my blog chums. Thank you.

  23. At 10:39 AM on 06 Nov 2006, Vyle Hernia wrote:

    Gossipmistress (18)

    A power cut in a large part of Bristol prevented me from getting out to Gordano (basement car park with electric shutter).

    However, I went into a local shop and bought a picture postcard, which ws posted on Saturday but (I think) collected on Sunday. Don't hold your breath.

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