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Eddie Mair | 16:46 UK time, Wednesday, 25 October 2006

Rupert, in sending out today's newsletter missed an important top line which SHOULD help you make sense of it. The line was:

"The PM newsletter for today, Wednesday the 13th of March 2013. This SHOULD arrive in time for transmission".

As it happens, it arrived in MY inbox at 16:25:25. Come on. Who was closest??


  1. At 04:53 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Iain wrote:

    What ever next. A news letter that actually arrived on time. Lets hope that the same can be said for the PM and he will go in time.

  2. At 04:57 PM on 25 Oct 2006, OnTheLedge wrote:

    Dear Eddie,
    Your clearly have a hotline to God.
    The timing on my newsletter - which I have only just received says:
    25 October 2006 10:26
    So, why didn't it arrive until now (4.56 p.m, approx?)

  3. At 04:59 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Richard Gosling wrote:

    Got here 4:47, 13 minutes to spare.

    Don't worry I got the joke even without the intended header.

  4. At 05:11 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Jon G wrote:

    I'll claim that. *grin*

    Must admit, without that top line, I did wonder whether you'd been inhaling the smoke from the beleaguered (not to mention bu**ered) mail server...

    ("That's 'buffered', damn it, 'buffered'!")

  5. At 05:24 PM on 25 Oct 2006, mark drew wrote:

    Good old reliable Radio 4 the daily PM News Journal arrived in time but will the programme live up to this level of excitement?

  6. At 05:28 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Fifi wrote:

    The excitement is too much for me. Besides which I was wrong by approximately 2 days.

    Eddie's just cleared his throat ... oh, my!

    Nerves are really shattered now.


  7. At 05:33 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Fifi wrote:

    Sorry to be picky....

    OK I won't then.

    But I couldn't help....

    OK I won't then.

    *The counter still isn't working!*

    There I've said it. What we've all been thinking, but didn't like to say.

  8. At 05:46 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Robert Simmonds wrote:

    Just missed the name of the person who has managed the 'Victims Support 7/7' -how much did the appeal raise? How many people were employed in administering it? What were the various salary scales? Especially what was this person's/chairman's/chief administrator's salary? These 'short' adhoc chiefs - surely their salaries ought to be in the public arena, and how do they land these privileged posts?

  9. At 05:52 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    I don't know that you can truly blame Rupert for this one, Eric. Are you sure it wasn't Your Own Silly Fault? (Don't worry, I still respect you... I think disrespectful thoughts about you, but that's another matter altogether...)

  10. At 05:54 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Rosalind wrote:

    Got it, but how do i find out when it arrived?

  11. At 05:56 PM on 25 Oct 2006, jonnie wrote:

    Strangely enough I got it at 2 minutes before my predicted time of 16:35 - but it crashed MS Outlook when I tried to open it! Perhaps the PC was rather shocked as well as me !

  12. At 06:21 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Douglas Wright wrote:

    Dear mr Muir
    Hoorah, got your lovely newsletter.That sounds like a great show but nothing like the one I listen to. I have had to speak to you once already today about confusing people. Refrain and desist.

    Keep up all the good works

    Douglas Wright
    aged 104

  13. At 06:23 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Fifi wrote:

    I'm glad Iran's only buying 'centrifugues' rather than 'centrifuges', as hesitantly announced in the 6 o'clock news just now.

    Otherwise we might suspect they were trying to purify uranium or something.....!

  14. At 06:42 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Piper wrote:

    ...Dear Rupert

    In a life full of uncertainty, he's as reliable as ever...

  15. At 06:47 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Ed Iglehart wrote:

    Re Iran's centrifuges, I heard they're complaining to North Korea for supplying substandard goods.

  16. At 06:53 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Martin wrote:

    It arrived in my mail box at 08:26......but then I am six thousand miles and 8 time zones west of London.

  17. At 07:16 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Mrs Trellis wrote:

    What an absolute nightmare getting home tonight. I have just got in and have people coming around for dinner at 8 AAAGGGGGGHHHH
    Eddie: thank you for a wonderful show tonight (my favourite bit the BA woman)
    Fellow froggers: love you and leave you and chat tomorrow. Nite all

  18. At 08:14 PM on 25 Oct 2006, jonnie wrote:

    Poor Mrs Trellis :-(

    Now you know what you need to to -- chillout with a nice glass of Tequila, may be 2, 3 4

  19. At 10:47 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Nick wrote:

    About today's newsletter cockup: absolutely priceless (and very very funny).

    Now, things seem a bit fraught - how about a bit of gardening leave for those responsible?

  20. At 11:27 PM on 25 Oct 2006, Daffers wrote:

    Oooh. Your email just arrived. 23:28hrs. Was that Rupert's fault too? I'm confused.

  21. At 11:29 PM on 25 Oct 2006, David wrote:

    Could it be that poor Rupert has too much to do. There must be an underling who could take on sending out the newsletter. Or perhaps someones three year old - they are very adept with technology and even know what day it is.
    It is all very confusing for older listners like me.

  22. At 11:30 PM on 25 Oct 2006, gossipmistress wrote:

    I just received my Newsletter apology at 10.54pm

    Has Rupert been made to stay behind after school and send a personal apology to everyone?

    The squeaky voice was highly amusing. Can we have a soundbite link?

  23. At 12:13 AM on 26 Oct 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Poor Rupert - but the late-night apology was much appreciated.

    The squeaky voice may have been "highly amusing" but if we're having a link can we please have the deep, manly, sexy voice that followed the throat-clearing too please? swoon

  24. At 07:14 AM on 26 Oct 2006, Deepthought (formerly John W) wrote:

    Morning all,

    Aper (23), I noticed the deep voice after the frog clearing, I wondered how long it would be before I started reading the reviews...

    Apparently my normal telephone voice is so deep and manly that women who don't recognise me immediately will, on learning who I am, say, "Oh! John, why are you talking in such a sexy voice?"

  25. At 07:34 AM on 26 Oct 2006, Kevin wrote:

    Apology email sent at 16:45
    Arrived 22:58

    4hrs! Glad to see normal service is resumed.

  26. At 08:38 AM on 26 Oct 2006, Piper wrote:

    ...I see young Rupert's now trying to blame you, Eddie, for his error.

    Well, he's learning...

  27. At 08:41 AM on 26 Oct 2006, ratbert wrote:

    Jon G wrote:
    I'll claim that. *grin*

    I hate to disagree, but.... i disagree ;)
    At 1 minute, 30 secs off, I'm looking forward to a signed newletter arriving on my doorstep. But in comparative timescales, I'd expect it to arrive sometime in 2009....

  28. At 09:03 AM on 26 Oct 2006, charlotte alderman wrote:

    Ambassador Ed you spoil us...Days of silence and suddenly TWO mailings in the same day - one even before transmission! Am off for a lie down in a darkened room.

  29. At 09:19 AM on 26 Oct 2006, HeadMistress wrote:


    It was not very kind of you to make poor Rupert stay behind last night writing lines to us all.

    I have evidence to suggest that he was in the office until after 11.30 p.m. I can only assume that you, or Lissa, obliged him into this task of writing apologies to us all, making him late for his dinner and who knows what else. Did the poor man ever get home last night? Or was he obliged to sleep on the futon?

    It is simply not fair to put all the blame for bloggages, etc., on this poor chap. I hope you will make full amends to him today - I suggest a nice lunch somewhere smart, with a good bottle of wine might be appropriate. Lissa can chip in on the bill.

    Try to put yourself in poor Rupert's shoes - while you were at home amusing yourself with catching up with the Blog, working out new challenges for the bloggers, or possibly doing a bit of online gambling(?), your downtrodden editor was stuck in the office writing lines ........

    It's a disgrace and you should be ashamed of yourself!

    The HeadMistress

  30. At 09:57 AM on 26 Oct 2006, ladyfromauchtermuchty. wrote:

    Hello Eddie,

    My goodness I've found you at last. Like you, I'm not that familiar with technology - but at long last - I've found your blog site. It's taken me a wee while to find it, but I like it, it's very good.

  31. At 10:08 AM on 26 Oct 2006, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    That told you.

  32. At 12:33 PM on 26 Oct 2006, Fifi wrote:

    I was listening to PM while cooking yesterday ... thought of a funny email to send ... turned off the grill & two hob rings ... galloped upstairs ... click-click-click ... hurry-hurry ... type-type-type ... send ... click ...

    Only went and sent it to In Touch by mistake, didn't I?


    I trust the irony of this blunder wasn't lost on Peter White & co.

  33. At 02:15 PM on 26 Oct 2006, andycroak wrote:

    Post it here FiFi - no-ones looking!

  34. At 03:14 PM on 26 Oct 2006, valery pedant wrote:

    Indeed - where is everyone today? I'm even getting a chance to look back through the ones that I've missed.

  35. At 06:48 PM on 26 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Valery -
    We've been on the beach On Day One for the past couple of days.
    You're v. welcome to join us all there ....

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