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Is this

Eddie Mair | 07:44 UK time, Wednesday, 18 October 2006

the earliest blog ever?

Did you enjoy last night's programme? It was an odd one in that we kept changing our minds about what the lead story should be - settling on health only at around 16.20. At one point we were 30 seconds away from the headlines when we realised the newsreader wasn't there. And don't get me started on the guest who blurted out f**k during an interview. Thankfully it was a recorded piece during the afternoon. But I almost sh** my p*nts. J**** H ******. * ****'* **** ***** ** ***k.
I've also tried again with the resizing of the previous photos but something odd keeps happening so I'll wait till a grown-up appears.


  1. At 08:15 AM on 18 Oct 2006, John H. wrote:

    Crikey. I'm not even up yet.

  2. At 08:21 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Flumpette wrote:

    Good morning

  3. At 08:35 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Stephen, Leader of STROP wrote:

    Flippin' 'eck

    We are up early this morning

    To what do we owe this early rising?

    Or have you learnt to Blog from Bed?

  4. At 08:44 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Stephen, Leader of STROP wrote:

    Lady P

    If and when you join us on todays blog, be assured that today is clearly a new day. Indeed it is clearly a new epoch, as Eddie has blogged before I got into work.

    Clearly we are in for a multi-blog day (again)

    Appy (quietly)

    good morning - hope yesterday brought you all you desired. Hows your head? I have checked in the kitchen, and hoovered up the pavlova crumbs. Just about to start on the washing up!

  5. At 09:00 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Hillman Hunter wrote:

    Morning Eddie,

    Top of the Guinness to you.

  6. At 09:14 AM on 18 Oct 2006, John W wrote:


    This is early. Mind you, I've one hell of a day to look forward to, so may not have chance to frog today....

  7. At 09:19 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Well, flabberghasted doesn't come into it! Eddie, now we know you're a workaholic .... and you know where that got John Humphrys! (Pretty well-off, from what I gather - and a strong fan base. Well, you have the latter already, as this blog testifies).

    I must say, the same thought as Stephen's crossed my mind - remote access, as they call it. Nice thought, that, Eddie in bed with his toast and marmalade - and all us bloggers!

    Of course we'd be much better behaved than your unedited guest last night, wouldn't we? No bad words from us (well, we know Lissa would come down on us like a ton of Walnut Whips if we misbehaved). BTW, is she back in the office to take over the techie bit today? Or what about the helpful bloke (name escapes me) who gave you a hand the other day?

    Lovely to have this early chat with you.

  8. At 09:36 AM on 18 Oct 2006, OnTheLedge wrote:


    1) You make a huge effort to beat us all to it and - blow me down! - the Frogs are already at it.

    2) The so-called 'support team' aren't there to help with the technology.

    Isn't that always the way?

    "I've also tried again with the resizing of the previous photos but something odd keeps happening so I'll wait till a grown-up appears."

    D'you mean to say you've been up all night trying to sort out the photos?

    Eddie, you are far too good to us.

  9. At 09:42 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Anne P. wrote:

    Wow - so many early birds.

    I've often wondered how many people (like me up to now) just read the blogs but don't contribute. There's a little info bar at the bottom of the BBC News page that says how many people are watching what - wonder if the PM techies can do the same for the blogs?

    As for National Archives Blog Day (Whisht #6) I have tried three times to enter mine and all it does is plaster large red errors over the screen as if I have left everything blank.
    Anyone else fared better?

  10. At 09:53 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Mr Foxtrot-Oscar wrote:

    Hello Eddie,

    Did you know that on today's date, October 18th 1922, The BBC was established.

    The corporation has certainly come on a long way since then, if the content on this blog is anything to go by.

  11. At 10:00 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Annasee wrote:

    How nice to know that everyone is up & about so early. Just leaving for the 4 days without computer, so will miss this terribly. Actually our server was down for 24 hours yesterday so we couldn't even check our emails - very frustrating.
    Re the programme 2 days ago (Eddie's "florist" day) I thought things have come to a pretty pass when Peter Mandelson is the light relief in a show. I found it all so depressing had to keep turning the volume down as we were trying to eat tea & didn't want too many awkward questions from the 9 yr old. When I realised Peter M was being interviewed I turned it up again, in order to shout at the radio. Thanks for the laughs Eddie.
    Definitely a contender for the "Chief Weasel" award.
    Another one would be the music chap I heard on the Today programme this am, alongside Julian Lloyd Webber, who sounded as unconvinced as I was by the platitudes & jargon ("up -scaling", "cohering "- I think - should have written them down at the time)
    Anyway, have a lovely time while I'm away.

  12. At 10:08 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Annasee wrote:

    Anne P (10) - forget the National Archives blog. Now you are here you will realise THIS is the only blog that counts. Welcome. Eddie obviously has a sweepstake running within the BBC for the largest number of bloggers postings he can clock up, so by contributing to this blog you are also contributing to his retirement funds. There now, it would be cruel not to carry on wouldn't it?

  13. At 10:15 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Big Sister wrote:

    Funnily enough, I was only thinking as I 'surfaced' in bed this morning (listening to Sequin, as it happens) that Eddie puts in an awful lot of hours compared to other members of the newsteam. And now he's proving our point.

    But, then again, perhaps there is a connection today. Sequin on Today, Eddie in the office ....... Was this a PM breakfast assignation??????

  14. At 10:30 AM on 18 Oct 2006, The Stainless Steel Cat wrote:


    You almost shed your pints? And what does Justin Hayward have to do with anything? (Apart from ballady songs from 1970's sci-fi musicals, of course.)

    I can't decypher the rest of your hidden text apart from the final word which is obviously a reference to a member of the anatidae family.

    ("...and yet, across the gulf of space, minds immeasurably superior to ours regarded PM with envious ears, and slowly, and surely, they drew... a pointless postcard to send to Eddie.")

  15. At 11:22 AM on 18 Oct 2006, Chris the Pickle wrote:

    Eddie, I'm fairly glad you didn't shed your pants, as I'm sure that wouldn't be entirely appropriate... Mind you, you are on the radio, so not highly visible...hmmm. Ok, shed them if you like.

  16. At 12:20 PM on 18 Oct 2006, r Hackenbush wrote:

    I seem to have misse out the morning altogether.

    An in an unrelate asie, I ha thought that toay’s ate was the 18th of October, 2006.

    See yesteray for info on the missing (fourth letter)s.

  17. At 12:39 PM on 18 Oct 2006, Stewart M wrote:

    re post 16
    No he can't shed his pants, there is a web cam. :-)

  18. At 06:10 PM on 18 Oct 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Well I haven't managed to get on until late today so I'm very pleased Eddie didn't shed his pants - I'd hate to have missed out!

  19. At 06:15 PM on 18 Oct 2006, Sue-Sue wrote:

    Anne P #10, I had exactly the same problem with history blog.
    I e-mailed contact at NT and she advised
    a) ++++ traffic, leave for a few days and try again. Tou have unti Nov 1st.
    b) For some obscure reason, even though I'm way too old to need my parents permission, (trying to encourage mama to be a silver surfer, but getting nowhere) try clicking the "I am under 18 and..." button.
    Spent aeons refining my entry yesterday, but thankfully did it as a word document. There is also a limit of 650 words (mine had to be trimmed a bit!).

  20. At 04:27 PM on 19 Oct 2006, Sue-Sue wrote:

    Anne P #10
    Just to let you know I successfully submitted my history blog last night, all I did differently was hit the "I am under 18 ..." box! Good luck!

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