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Baa Baa Update

Eddie Mair | 14:51 UK time, Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Lissa is taking pictures of the animals. Stand by.


  1. At 02:58 PM on 11 Oct 2006, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    Are you still talking about the proceedings in the Prime Minister’s edition of Question Time?


    P.S. I can’t really stand by, as I am doing desk work.

  2. At 03:05 PM on 11 Oct 2006, Rufus T. Firefly wrote:

    Ok Ed, I'm standing by. But watching what I'm standing in.

  3. At 03:10 PM on 11 Oct 2006, Sara wrote:

    What is going on here? Why is Lissa snapping sheep? I smell a rat. These sheep are really wolves, I think. There will surely be developments ...

    Damn blog's forgotten me again. Don't know why I bother.

  4. At 03:18 PM on 11 Oct 2006, Whisht wrote:

    ohmygod - the animals are stretched and flickering!!!!

    That's disgusting!!

  5. At 03:29 PM on 11 Oct 2006, Dr Hackenbush wrote:

    More than half an hour has gone by, and no replies are visible here as yet. Where is my cane?

  6. At 06:37 PM on 11 Oct 2006, valery pedant wrote:

    Sara, don't give up!

    Whisht, I don't even have pictures? Were they so bad that they've taken them off again?

  7. At 10:09 PM on 11 Oct 2006, whisht wrote:

    ah - i confess - I was a tad presumptious, Valery.

    I could blame the cold onset I can feel, but I shan't. Its merely a sore throat. and headache. and stiffness.

    oh dear...

  8. At 11:07 PM on 11 Oct 2006, valery pedant wrote:

    Good grief Whisht, catch yourself on and stop jumping on the "i'm Ill too" bandwagon. What is it with you all? I'll just save my illnesses for next week when I'm many miles away speaking a foreign language, with all the complications that will doubtless entail.
    That's called positive thinking - I think?

  9. At 11:49 AM on 12 Oct 2006, Whisht wrote:

    yep Valery - I haven't got a cold.

    hmm.... maybe my thinking is more 'magical' than positive...?

    Next week I'll be using the language of mime. Should fox my clients at least.

  10. At 04:31 PM on 12 Oct 2006, Aperitif wrote:

    Mime on a blog - even better than mime on the radio, eh?

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