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Kodachrome: Final countdown

Phil Coomes | 10:27 UK time, Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Time's running out. If you've got any rolls of Kodachrome lurking at the back of your fridge now is the time to load your camera as the deadline for processing is fast approaching.

For those of us in the UK you need to get your film to Kodak by then end of November, those who send direct to the US have until the end of December when Dwayne's Photo in Kansas shuts down its K-14 process line.

Anyone following this blog will know I have been shooting Kodachrome 64 for some time, publishing a frame each day on Flickr. The 64 week run is nearly over. It's been an enjoyable ride though there are now only 65 more pictures to be uploaded, and less than that to shoot.

For fans of the film you might like to know that the Association of Photographers (AOP) in the UK is planning an exhibition of work shot on Kodachrome, you can find out how to submit your work on their website.

The final roll of Kodachrome off the production line was presented by Kodak to Magnum photographer Steve McCurry who has travelled the globe with the film loaded into his camera, returning to places where he produced many of his iconic pictures. Many of which were shot on Kodachrome.

You can read about the shoot in an article published by the Seattle Times and how the last roll came off the processor in Kansas in the Wichita Eagle.

Your final frame

For most of us though the final roll will be shot closer to home and here is where you come in as I would like to publish your final frames of Kodachrome.

So, if you have a roll left, or indeed you've already shot the last one, then do send me a scan of the final frame. It doesn't have to have been taken this year, perhaps you stopped using Kodachrome many years ago, well dig out the last frame, scan and e-mail it over. I'll publish a number of them in this blog towards the end of the year.

Send them to

Please include a few words telling me what the picture is but also how long you have been shooting using the film, and any Kodachrome memories - what do those tones mean to you?

So enjoy the last month of shooting and I look forward to seeing your final frames of Kodachrome.


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