Meet the Winners: ReSound Community Choir

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ReSound Community Choir are a singing group based in Ormskirk in the North West of England. Their Community Music grant was put towards staging a war-time themed performance at their local Civic Hall with audience invited from homes for the elderly. Here’s a little more about what else the group get up to!

Who are the ReSound Community Choir?

ReSound Community Choir are a group of singers in the North West of England, and were formed to provide an opportunity to meet and sing together. A registered charity, the choir is a broad mix of people, from professional musicians to people who just enjoy singing as a hobby, and contains a wide range of ages- young and older voices.

ReSound has two clear aims- to enhance the community through the enjoyment of meeting to sing, and to raise money for local charities by giving performances. We meet every week, and hold three big concerts a year, as well as numerous visits to local care homes and other community venues. We love to perform in places where a choir wouldn’t normal fit!

2. How will the BBC Performing Art Fund Community Music grant help the group?

The BBC Performing Arts grant is a unique opportunity for the choir to take a giant leap forward in our skills, our experience and our audience reach. Training will be provided at every level of the choir, from specialist software training for the musicians to a full day’s singing training with the whole choir. The money will also allow us to take the music we’ve been working on and perform it for groups of people who wouldn’t normally be able to access our concerts.

3. Tell us about the best day ReSound Community Choir has had to date?

Our best day has been as a result of the BBC Performing Arts money. In July we staged a concert at our Civic Hall for all the residents of several local care homes. The concert was in the afternoon, and we provided afternoon tea as well as the entertainment! Almost two hundred people packed in to the hall, in wheelchairs, with walkers, with carers from the homes, and for a couple of hours we sang songs from the war. The reaction from the older people was incredible- we heard story after story from the carers of people who didn’t usually communicate coming out of their shells- we even had people up dancing! The choir were absolutely fantastic pulling together to make it happen, and everybody involved was delighted with the day.

4. What was the best reaction from the group when they found out about winning the PAF grant?

Of course the choir were delighted, but the reaction has been a slow burn really- whilst the choir knew and were totally on board with the grant, they didn’t have access to all the little details, so over the course of the year as the training started to happen and money was suddenly available for music and costumes and other things that we’d previously had to do without, the joy just grew and grew culminating in the day at the Civic Hall. They were over the moon.

5. Give us 3 words that describe a performance by ReSound Community Choir

Joyful, inclusive, spectacular!

Look here for a wonderful bit of footage the group took from their war-time performance at the Civic Hall.

To find out more you can visit their website:

Meet the Winners is a feature introducing you to some of the groups and individuals who have recently received a grant from the BBC Performing Arts Fund. We get to hear about so many fantastic projects and people who are keeping the performing arts alive in the UK, that we thought you should know about them too.

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