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  1. The 2014 BBC Performing Arts Fellowship Scheme

    Wednesday 9 April 2014, 12:28

    Miriam O'Keeffe Miriam O'Keeffe

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    PAF Grant page image

    This year we are excited to announce a new version of the Fellowship scheme.  Over the past three years we have offered Fellowships in dance, music and theatre.  Now we are opening up the scheme so that organisations from across the world of the performing arts can apply to host an emerging talent for a year.

    We are looking for applications from organisations that can offer development opportunities, support and training from all genres of the performing arts.  From dance, music and theatre to opera, spoken word, circus and puppetry, we are interested in hearing from organisations across the UK and Northern Ireland.

    You can be a theatre, a dance company, an orchestra, a venue or any not for profit arts organisation.  You may be a large institution with a host of contacts or resources to share.  Or you may be a small team willing to open up your organisation to give an opportunity to someone that you haven’t worked with before.  And the Fund will provide £10,000 per organisation to make this happen.

    We are asking organisations to look around at creative talent that are new to your organisation.  The Fellow should have a track record and be ready to make the jump to the...

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  2. Meet the Winners: Lung Ha's Theatre Company

    Wednesday 12 March 2014, 14:51

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

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    Lung Ha's is an Edinburgh based theatre company that provide opportunities for people with learning disabilities to become actively involved in the performing arts. They are currently rehearsing for a collaboration with National Museums Scotland and will be performing in the Ediburgh Festival Fringe in another co-production with Stellar Quines. Find out more about this busy theatre group...

    Lung Has Theatre Company group in action

    1. Who are Lung Ha's Theatre Company?
    Started in 1984, Lung Ha’s Theatre Company consists of a maximum of 25 performers with learning disabilities from across Edinburgh and the Lothians, who attend a weekly workshop to develop theatre skills and work to create two professional theatre productions a year. Previous productions have toured extensively across Scotland, and when possible, internationally. Lung Ha’s Theatre Company has a growing reputation for performance quality and artistic achievement. Our vision is to be a leading theatre company for people with learning disabilities, in Scotland and internationally.

    2.Tell us about the project the BBC PAF Community Theatre grant will fund?
     The BBC Performing Arts Fund is helping to fund The Hold, an exciting collaboration with National Museums...

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  3. Emily DeDakis - Theatre Fellow & Dramaturg

    Tuesday 25 February 2014, 10:46

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

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    Emily DeDakis was born in the USA, completed an M.A. in English and a PhD in Creative Writing in Queen's University Belfast, and was awarded a BBC Performing Art Fund Fellowship to work and train full-time as a dramaturg with Accidental Theatre.

    Emily DeDakis sitting behind a desk casually

    Her first full production this year see's the work of debut playwright Donal O'Hagan in theatre venues across Northern Ireland. O'Hagan's The Kitchen, the Bedroom and the Grave, which is a multimedia exploration of homecoming, brings brings candid insight to issues of family and identity in Northern Ireland. The play, which asks how far a person can author their own life cuts to the heart of core questions we face as individuals: nationality, sexuality, and responsibility for family.

    Emily says “I’m bowled over that the BBC Performing Arts Fund has given me such a generous and thoughtful chance to develop new work. It's fantastic to be involved in work that is capable of bringing national issues to the local stage and engaging local people through the powerful medium of drama, especially given the concerns expressed about everyone accessing the arts.”

    Here is Emily recounting her experiences of the fellowship so far...

  4. Meet the Winners: Young & Talented Rep Company

    Wednesday 12 February 2014, 07:09

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

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    The Young & Talented Rep Company was created by Suzann McLean and David Fielding in collaboration with Oxford House to give young actors a chance to perform and to express themselves with realistic and honest material that is a true representation of what it is like to be a teenager in society today.

    We asked the group to answer some questions, so take a minute and get to know Young & Talented a little better…

    a group shot of some of the performers in the Y&T company

    Who are Young & Talented?
    The Y&T Rep Company is dedicated to providing outstanding opportunities for young people.
    The plays they create are a reflection on topical and current situations...

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  5. Meet the Winners: Rock It! Collective

    Thursday 19 December 2013, 08:53

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

    What do you get when you mix rock experts with rock enthusiasts? We're glad you asked...

    Throwing Vinyl

    1. Who are Rock It! Collective?

    Rock It! is a youth-led community organisation representing teenagers from Greater Manchester aged between 11 and 21 with a passion for music and the arts. Formed in Bolton in 2009 by young musicians, Rock It! has helped over 100 young people of all levels of ability create new music and pass on their skills to others.

    Rock It! also runs a comprehensive volunteering programme, providing Arts Awards accreditations through practical music industry training. We provide positive...

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  6. Meet the Winners: ReSound Community Choir

    Wednesday 18 December 2013, 08:17

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

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    ReSound Community Choir are a singing group based in Ormskirk in the North West of England. Their Community Music grant was put towards staging a war-time themed performance at their local Civic Hall with audience invited from homes for the elderly. Here’s a little more about what else the group get up to!

    ReSound Community Choir

    Who are the ReSound Community Choir?

    ReSound Community Choir are a group of singers in the North West of England, and were formed to provide an opportunity to meet and sing together. A registered charity, the choir is a broad mix of people, from professional musicians to people who just...

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  7. Theatre scheme winners announced!

    Thursday 5 December 2013, 10:01

    Genny Cotroneo Genny Cotroneo

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    It’s a big day for us – not only can we announce the 19 winners of our Theatre Fellowship scheme, but we also have our 58 Community Theatre projects confirmed. Congratulations to all our winners!

    Ice and Fire
    The one thing we can always count on at PAF is that our Community scheme grantees will be diverse, eclectic and put a big smile on our faces – and this year is no different. From a site-specific festival in a fried chicken shop, to a residency developing skills in multi-sensory theatre using textiles and puppets, there is something to suit every theatrical taste.

    There are also 19 Theatre Fellowships...

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  8. Meet the Winners: Stranraer African Drumming Group

    Tuesday 22 October 2013, 14:03

    Catherine De Val Catherine De Val

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    Stranraer African Drumming Group, based in Scotland, is an inclusive and informal group of drummers who put their Community Music grant towards workshops that would provide a range of experiences to suit all members.

    1. Who are the Stranraer African Drumming Group?

    Drum for Fun are an inclusive community group led by volunteers. We have been running for over 10 years and our aim is to enjoy playing and learning African rhythms in an inclusive and encouraging environment; we believe everyone can have fun drumming.

    2. How has the BBC Performing Art Fund Community Music grant help the group?


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  9. Meet the Winners: Wonderbrass

    Thursday 5 September 2013, 11:56

    Catherine De Val Catherine De Val

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    Internationally acclaimed 25 piece Soul and Funk, band Wonderbrass have used their Community Music grant towards a commission, expanding their highly eclectic repertoire. The grant allowed three new pieces to be showcased at Wonderbrass’ Summer Party back in June, but what else do these party people get up to?


    1. Who are Wonderbrass?

    Wonderbrass are a 25+ strong ‘explosion of sound’ from Cardiff, bringing a mixture of New Orleans jazz, ska, funk and fun to audiences nationwide. The band are led by multi-instrumentalist and composer Rob Smith and top drummer Mark O’Connor and provides...

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