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  1. Presenter

    And finally

    A final blog post from Stuart Maconie

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  2. Assistant Producer

    A blog post about the end of the landmark series

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  3. Presenter

    Stuart Maconie reveals the 50th song in the series!

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  4. Presenter

    Stuart Maconie blogs about his new book that accompanies the landmark series on BBC Radio 2.

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  5. Producer, The People's Songs

    Producer Ian Callaghan talks about his love of Heavy Metal

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  6. Presenter

    Stuart Maconie talks about the link between technology and music

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  7. Assistant Producer

    A blog post about the new song profiles on the show's website and looking forward to this week's show

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  8. Assistant Producer

    A blog post about the early 70s and the industrial action which the Strawbs sang about in their song 'Part of The Union'

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  9. Assistant Producer

    A blog post about growing up in the West Midlands in the 70s, linked to Radio 2 show, The People's Songs.

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  10. Assistant Producer

    Chris Jones looks at last week's episode and how it ties in with Radio 2's current celebration of the album.

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