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The Summer of Love and The Haçienda

Producer, The People's Songs

As Stuart's frantically busy doing his various radio shows, as well as finishing off a book (watch this space!), I've been brought off the bench as a substitute scribbler to pen a quick blog about this week's episode, Ebeneezer Goode - The Second Summer of Love.

For those of you who caught the show, firstly we hope it hit the spot and transported you right back to the heady days of 1992. And, secondly, in case you were surprised by the lack of any reference to The Haçienda, then I just wanted to reassure you that it's not an oversight.

As the series are made in Salford, we're only too aware of the importance of that legendary club down the road. So rest assured we'll be covering the Hacienda in a future show entitled How Soon Is Now, which will look at life in the North during the tough and turbulent early eighties. So if you have memories of life in the North during this time, please do get in touch with us.

And there are other ways you can help us build and extend these shows beyond the actual programmes you hear on air. You can send us photos of yourself in all your pomp and pop finery, whether it's a Ra-Ra skirt or a Rudeboy suit.

You can also visit our gallery at the British Music Experience (at the O2 in London) and record a message of your musical memories.

OR why not send us a playlist of ten tracks that you think should soundtrack one of the episodes we've got coming up? From Trad Jazz to Grime to Heavy Metal, we're covering it all on The People's Songs. Drop us an email with your suggestions, or maybe make a Spotify playlist and send us the link?

Listener Antony sent us a suggested alternative playlist for the show on The Second Summer of Love including some old skool raver’s delights. Have a listen here!

Thanks. Do keep listening and keep time-travelling with us.


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