No sign of significant cold or snow anytime soon

Monday 6 January 2014, 18:16

Paul Hudson Paul Hudson

December 2013 was, according to the Met Office, the stormiest December in the UK since data was compiled in 1969 and the windiest month since January 1993.


It was a month notable for a North sea surge which was the biggest since January 1953; and for the lowest pressure observed anywhere over land in the UK since December 1886, when the barometer fell to 936.8mb at Stornoway.


It will come as no surprise that the month was mild (CET temperature 1.8C above average) and remarkably frost free; but with a huge contrast in rainfall totals.


At Bainbridge in Wensleydale 270mm of rainfall fell, which is 172% of average.


But at Normanby Hall near Scunthorpe, only 27mm of rain was recorded, which is just 51% of average.


It’s a good example of a strong rain shadow effect common in our region, where the Pennine hills sharply reduce the amount of rainfall available to the east of high ground.


Lincolnshire was in fact the driest county in the UK.


Globally, December was notable for a huge contrast between cold in North America, and the warmth of Europe, shown here.


And as you may have seen in the news, North America is currently experiencing severe cold which in some areas could set new records.


But contrary to popular belief, there’s no chance of this cold reaching our shores.


Many parts of the UK still haven’t seen any snowfall at all this winter, and there’s little to suggest a change to significant cold or snowy weather well into January.


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    Comment number 1.

    Funny Paul. I remember before the snow storms we suffered three years ago my friend in Iowa telling me about the snow over there. About two weeks ago she told me about the -30 centigrade they were suffering, I haven't heard from her since. It reminds me of the "Day after tomorrow."

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    Comment number 2.

    An interesting spell of mobility - can't help looking back to my 7 Dec comment: ". . . Apart from transient post cold front odd cooler day a mild type is well set - long may it last - this type will probably dominate the winter now."

    As Paul says, it has been quite dry though and here in east Lincs at a Met Office 5* accredited site we recorded just 21mm of rain in December - almost 25% below the Scunthorpe total.

    The latest GFS shows a large depression to west of UK by 21 Jan with central pressure of just 925. It is only a forecast but indicates the lively westerly is not done yet!

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    Comment number 3.

    The Daily Express aren't listening! They've got their fingers in their ears (and they are worried about sales as well).

    By the way, the December mean for the UK was 5.7 C - not as mild as I was expecting but still the mildest recorded since 1988 (and a good deal more stormy).

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    Comment number 4.

    When we had the (first) 2010 big freeze at the start of the year, the Winter Olympics in Vancouver took place in persistently mild conditions.

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    Comment number 5.

    Oh come on...someone say's proof positive Mann Made Global Warming (tm) is worse than we thought! Quick, won't the government hurry up and raise a green tax!


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