Wettest winter in at least 248 years

Provisional figures released by the Met Office confirm that this winter has been exceptional and record breaking.  


The England and Wales rainfall series is the longest of its kind in the world, with data first compiled in 1766.


Based on this data set, it’s been the wettest winter on record, beating the previous record set in 1915.


435mm of rain has been recorded in the England and Wales rainfall area in the period from 1st December until 25th February.


As you would expect there have been quite large differences spatially, with parts of southern Britain seeing exceptional rainfall totals, but with some eastern parts of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire having totals not that far from normal.


According to the more modern rainfall dataset for the UK which began in 1910, it has also been the wettest winter on record – and the fifth mildest.


Climatological spring begins on Saturday, but low pressure will continue to dominate our weather into next week, with more rain and a risk of some hill snow.  


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