Outlook for the rest of July

Friday will see the heat returning to Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


On Tuesday Linton-on-Ouse recorded 28.7C (84F) making it the hottest day in our region of the year so far, and there’s a chance that temperatures on Friday, perhaps again somewhere in the Vale of York, will be slightly higher still.


The fundamental difference with atmospheric weather patterns at the moment is that the jet stream is well to the north of the UK, completely the opposite to last year when the jet stream at times was so far south that it ran through parts of France.


With Friday’s heat there’s an outside chance of a thunderstorm, but the risk is higher on Saturday as a weak cold front edges southwards across the area, introducing some instability.


That said most places on Saturday will stay dry and very warm.


Sunday looks a little fresher but fine and still warm with sunny spells.


As regards the rest of the July, current indications are that the jet stream is likely to remain to the north of us for much of the month.


This means that the general picture looks set to be one of fine weather.


Weak weather fronts may try and move in from the Atlantic, but with pressure high, they will lose much of their activity as they push south-eastwards.


A weak weather front may produce a little patchy light rain around the middle of next week for example, but other than that another predominantly dry week is expected


Further ahead it’s impossible to give day to day detail, but overall I now expect July as a whole to be a very dry, warm and sunny month, dominated by high pressure.


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