Weather and climate round-up

First taste of winter next week:


After a mild autumn so far, the UK is about to experience its first taste of winter next week.


Cold air is expected to flood southwards across the UK from Tuesday.


As it meets the relatively warm sea vigorous convection is expected, with the risk of heavy showers - even thunderstorms in some coastal areas.


For our region, showers that develop are likely to fall as snow down to quite low levels at times, with accumulations in places – especially over the North York moors and Wolds.


There will though be big variations with some inland areas seeing a lot of dry and sunny weather, but with frost at night.


All in all, this early taste of winter is pretty normal for late November and by no means exceptional.



NASA: Weakest sun for 200 years


There’s been more this week on the unusual behaviour of the sun that I’ve written about regularly on this blog.   


NASA solar scientist David Hathaway is quoted in the Wall Street Journal saying the sun is in its quietest state for 200 years.


Read the full article by clicking HERE 



Possible reason for ‘slowdown’ in global warming


Research out this week points the finger at reduced levels of CFC gases in the atmosphere following a ban on their use in the 1980s as a possible reason for the levelling off of global temperatures in the last 15 years or so.


CFCs, widely used in fridges and freezers until they were banned in 1987, are 10,000 times more powerful a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide.



You can read more on this HERE




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