All change on the Spring Equinox

Every year there’s a debate about when Spring officially starts.


Meteorologically it’s always the 1st of March, an artificial classification to allow easy year-on-year comparisons.


But the true definition of Spring is when the sun is directly above the equator as it moves into the northern hemisphere.


This year the sun is above the equator at 4.57pm today, the 20th of March.


And it is coinciding with quite a change to our weather.


A cold front is currently moving southwards across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire, bringing a spell of rain followed by a colder showery regime with a risk of frost at night.


Some of the showers in the next few days may turn wintry at times, with a risk of hail and thunder, although there will be plenty of sunshine and dry weather in-between.


But despite this return to colder, more unsettled conditions, it’s still far better than the weather we endured this time last year.


In fact March 2013 turned out to be the coldest and snowiest for decades.


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