Settled weather around the corner at last

We have to go back to the first week of December for the last time high pressure was in charge across the UK.


It’s another example of how remarkably unsettled the weather has been in the last few months.


There was another eye-opening statistic from climatologist Philip Eden, writing in the Sunday Telegraph, who has calculated that February was the most cyclonic of any month in 142 years of records.


Bearing in mind the second half of February is, especially across some eastern areas, one of the driest and settled periods of the year, it again illustrates how remarkable our weather has been this winter.


But after a three month wait, there’s reason to be optimistic.


An area of high pressure will develop this weekend, with many parts of the country then enjoying a prolonged spell of fine weather which should last at least until the end of next week.


At this time of year the day to day details will prove tricky to get right.


There’s likely to be some low cloud or fog in places which may be slow to clear, and frost will be an issue at night.


But by day there’ll be some pleasant spells of spring sunshine developing, with temperatures reaching levels that should be well above average for the time of the year.


What a contrast that will be with March last year, which was the coldest based on CET data since 1892, with some heavy falls of snow.


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