Provisional figures released by the Met Office show that winter (Dec, Jan & Feb) has been quite close to average across the UK, with sunshine and rainfall amounts around normal, and temperatures a little below normal.


England has been a little colder and a little wetter than the rest of the UK, but not by much.


But the perception of many people I’ve spoken to is that the winter has felt quite long and cold, and they’ve expressed surprise at the figures which suggests otherwise.


Perhaps the reason is that February has in fact been significantly colder than average, and more importantly quite a bit duller than average – with the cold grey weather we’ve just experienced giving us the wrong impression of winter as a whole.


But whichever way you look at it, it certainly hasn’t been the much heralded extreme winter which some in Fleet Street, egged on once again by several small private weather companies, trumpeted on numerous occasions at the beginning of winter.


This seems to happen every year, and I’ve always wondered whether research has been conducted into what economic impact such wildly exaggerated headlines and forecasts may have.


At least climatological winter for many is ending on a gloriously sunny note, and with high pressure staying in charge into next week the predominantly dry weather is expected to continue with variable amounts of cloud.


Indeed for a time next week, temperatures are likely to be in double figures away from the east coast, giving just a hint of spring, but this fine weather is expected to give way to much more unsettled conditions during the second half of next week.


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