Fleeting taste of summer about to end

A change in the weather


Temperatures today have reached 23C (73F) at Finningley near Doncaster, making it the warmest day of the year so far, beating Bank holiday Monday’s 22C (72F) recorded in Hull and Sheffield.


But the early taste of summer we’ve been enjoying looks set to be a fleeting affair, with much more unsettled weather on its way from tomorrow.


Traditionally westerly winds are at their weakest in spring, but there’s a strong signal from tomorrow that a westerly pattern will dominate our weather into next week.


Southern Britain could be affected by gales later on Thursday as a vigorous area of low pressure moves across the UK.


All areas will see at least some rainfall.


After a very dry April, the land is now in need of some rain and this news will be welcome for farmers and gardeners.


As ever though with a westerly, eastern and southern areas will see the lowest totals, with northern and western areas seeing the most.


Global temperatures for April


According to the UAH satellite measure, global temperatures fell in April, led by a sharp fall across the Northern Hemisphere.


The global temperature was 0.103C above the 1981-2010 average.


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