Rest of July & early August outlook

Although our weather has turned more unsettled, temperatures remain well above average.


To illustrate how warm it has been, at Linton on Ouse in North Yorkshire, up to and including the 24th July, the mean maximum temperature stood at 24.44C which places the month 3rd warmest on record.


Of course there is still a week to go but I expect 2013 to maintain its position in 3rd place, taking into account forecast temperatures for the remainder of the month, which would mean, notably, it will be warmer than July 1976, but not as warm as 1983 or 2006 at this particular station.


Across the UK there’s been 19 successive days where temperatures have exceeded 28C, which equals the run of warmth recorded in the summer of 1997.


But it’s still short of the run set in both the summer of 1975, and 1976.


The UK climate seems to have moved into climatologist Professor Hubert Lamb’s second summer phase, which more often than not develops during the latter stages of July and lasts into August, which he described in his work as ‘thundery and cyclonic’.


He paints a picture of a period of changeable weather, still with fine and warm weather at times, but interspersed with heavy showers which can be thundery.


Judging by forecast charts for the rest of July and into early August, it’s a fair summary of what lies ahead.



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