Early May weather looking promising

The May day bank holiday weekend has produced some very poor weather over the years; it has arguably the worst track record for weather of any bank holiday.


The very first May day bank Holiday was in 1978.


It turned out to be cold and windy, and in southern Britain, wet, all courtesy of an easterly block.


Here in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire it was cold and grey with extensive low cloud.


Remarkably the country had to wait until 1989 for a fine and warm Bank holiday Monday


There have been a few fine and warm weekends since then, but these, unfortunately, have been the exception to the rule.


This year, however, things look more positive, with a good deal of fine weather expected across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


The details are proving a little elusive at this stage, courtesy of weak weather fronts which may being more cloud at times and the risk of just a little patchy rain.


But amounts of rain will be small, and in-between these weather fronts long dry and bright spells of weather are expected with some pleasant spring sunshine.


With a west or south-westerly wind, temperatures won’t be far from normal, with the best conditions always likely towards the coast.


Early May is in fact looking promising, with high pressure set to dominate through much of next week, and possibly beyond.


 April, incidentally, turned out to be very dry across England and Wales, with around half the normal rainfall. Sunshine amounts were close to normal, with temperatures colder than average.

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