Summer is here at last

Summer is with us at last, with high pressure now building across the country.


A very weak weather front on Sunday may increase cloud for a time possibly leading to one or two showers. There is also a chance of a little sea fret at times along the coast.


But most of us will see a lot of very warm sunshine in the coming days.


And we’ve waited some time for it. It’s the first prolonged warm spell of summer weather since July 2006.


That’s more an illustration of just how bad summers have been in recent years, rather than it being anything out of the ordinary.


It also means that the Great Yorkshire Show, the biggest agricultural show in England, will enjoy a dramatic change of fortunes next week.


Last year the show was cancelled, the only time it has happened because of adverse weather in its 155 year history.


This year the only problem will be cooling the livestock, with temperatures at the showground in Harrogate likely to approach 80 degrees Fahrenheit at times.


The good news is that the atmosphere will become ‘blocked’ and such patterns can take a long time to break down.


It means that the fine weather is likely to last until the middle of July.


After that, there is a signal for more unsettled conditions to develop.


But that’s a long way off in forecasting terms.


For now, confidence is high that warm summery weather will be with us for some time to come.  

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