Regional and global climate update

Provisional Met Office statistics show that September across the UK was wetter than normal with 112mm, or 117% of the long term average.

It was also cooler but sunnier than normal.

Regionally, the North of England was much wetter than the rest of the country, with 133mm of rain, which is 165% of average, making it the wettest since September 2000.

It was also the 6th successive month where rainfall was above normal.

There were contrasts across our region though.

Yorkshire received 125mm or 170% of average rainfall, but Lincolnshire was much drier, with only 43.4mm or 80% of the long term average.

The unsettled theme looks set to continue, with more rain tonight and early next week, which could be potentially heavy, although the weekend is looking fine and dry.

Normally at the start of the month I update the UAH satellite global temperature for the previous month, for no other reason than it's published before any of the other measures.

But for technical reasons, which you can read about here, this is not yet available.

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