January second wettest in 248 years

With no sign of any change to prevailing weather conditions, it’s turning into a remarkable winter.


Based on the England and Wales rainfall data set, the longest of its kind anywhere in the world which began in 1766, January was the second wettest on record, beaten only by January 1948.


And, according to Philip Eden writing in the Sunday Telegraph, January has turned out to be the most cyclonic January in 142 years of records.


It graphically illustrates the complete lack of settled weather throughout the month.


Most notable for rainfall has been South East and Central Southern England; both areas have had their wettest January since modern records began in 1910.


In our region, Coningsby in Lincolnshire recorded 90.2mm of rain, compared with the average of 49.9mm. This was just short of the station’s record which was set in 1988 (93.6mm).


At Leeming in North Yorkshire 114.8mm of rain fell, compared with the average of 54.9mm. This was short of the record which was set in 1948 (128.8mm).


Let’s not forget December was the stormiest December since statistical analysis of pressure patterns began in 1969; it was also the windiest of any month since 1993.


The UK’s weather will continue to be dominated by low pressure at least until the middle of February, with further appreciable rainfall to come.


As a consequence winter 2013/2014 is sure to end up one of the wettest on record.  


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