Wednesday snow - how much where you are?

Milder air is poised to push across all areas by Thursday, but as it does so there’s likely to be a spell of snow for most parts of our region tomorrow.


An Atlantic weather front is expected to bring sleet and snow from the west through Wednesday afternoon, although there is a risk that it could reach Pennine areas by the end of tomorrow morning.


Current timings have the snow reaching coastal areas by the end of tomorrow afternoon, but here amounts of snow will be small.


By Wednesday evening most of the snow, especially on low ground, will have turned to rain, but not before approximately 2-4 cms has settled in quite a few places.


Over higher ground (mainly Pennines) at elevations of 200 metres (600ft) or more, around 10cms of snow is possible.


Trans-Pennine routes in-particular could be adversely affected with heavy snow for a time in the afternoon.


By Thursday there’ll be a very different, milder feel to the weather, even though temperatures will only be close to normal, with some heavy rain at first.


Looking further ahead, with many schools closed next week for February half term, it will come as a relief to parents that weather conditions are likely to become much more settled, with the emphasis on a good deal of dry weather for most of us.  


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