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Wolves feel the bite of the Blues

Paul Fletcher | 03:13 UK time, Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Monday's table-topping Championship encounter between west Midlands rivals Birmingham and Wolves might have given us a few answers.

Ultimately, however, Birmingham's 2-0 victory only threw up more questions.

It was a passionate, feisty encounter, almost old-fashioned in the way gritty defending and full-bloodied tackling eclipsed any of the more aesthetic aspects of the beautiful game.

Wolves boss Mick McCarthy admitted afterwards that he had been more than happy as he watched the opening half hour of a contest that he described as "a game that was going nowhere".

With his team five points clear of Birmingham going into the fixture, a draw would have obviously suited him even if he insisted prior to the match that his team would be trying to take all three points. Had they won it would have taken a monumental loss of form over their final five games to deny them promotion.

Now, McCarthy's team are just two points clear at the top.

Bizarrely, the contest seemed to turn in Blues' favour after their skipper Lee Carsley was sent from the field following his horrific challenge on Chris Iwelumo deep into the first half.

The home team took the lead soon afterwards and never really looked like surrendering it. That Birmingham deserved to win seems to me fairly obvious and you could hardly say they were not worth their second goal.

McCarthy said his team were masters of their own downfall and talked about schoolboy defending, but equally disturbing was the bluntness of Wolves' attacking threat, especially after Blues had lost one of the division's best defensive midfielders when Carsley was dismissed.

Earlier in the season McCarthy's youthful side won deserved plaudits as Sylvan Ebanks-Blake and Iwelumo reaped the benefits of a plentiful supply of crosses from two out-and-out wingers in Michael Kightly and Matt Jarvis.

Kightly is out for the season and Iwelumo was stretchered from field after Carsley's challenge on Monday, raising doubts over the role he will have to play in the crucial weeks ahead. Jarvis started from the bench while Ebanks-Blake, the Championship Player of the Year, was missing on Monday as he recovers from injury. Crucially for Wolves the 23-year-old should return for Good Friday's home match against Southampton.

I spoke to Wolves assistant boss Terry Connor in the week before the game and he delved into Sir Alex Ferguson's lexicon of footballing terms when he said the season had reached "squeaky bum time".

I'm told that Wolves fans are far from convinced their team are home and dry - and if they didn't agree with Connor before Monday I'm sure they do now. Fingernails could soon be in short supply in Wolverhampton.

Do you think Wolves will make it over the line or will they suffer a repeat of 2002, when rivals West Brom agonisingly snatched second place from their grasp?

Not entirely surprisingly, McCarthy refused to be drawn on the significance of Monday's result, choosing merely to state the blindingly obvious fact that it now meant Birmingham were just two points behind his team.

Incidentally, a lesser man than McCarthy might have tried to distract attention from his team's performance by focusing on Carsley's horrific tackle on Iwelumo. Not McCarthy. In his no-nonsense Yorkshire accent he made it blindingly clear that he did not think there was anything malicious about what Carsley did.

And what of Birmingham City?

I was talking to a journalist the other day and he told me that he had been to watch Blues six or seven times this season. They had not impressed him once but neither had they been beaten. That seems to sum it up perfectly.

Blues were worthy of their three points on Monday. Particularly impressive was the way they harassed and harried their opponents, rarely giving Wolves any time on the ball. It is a virtue to admire and yet it would be wrong to describe Blues' performance as particularly outstanding.

There was little fluency to their play and very few passages when they totally dominated yet they got a result. It is the story of their season.

Birmingham have scored 49 goals, fewer than any other team in contention for promotion. For a team that boasts the likes of Kevin Phillips, Cameron Jerome, Garry O'Connor, James McFadden and Sebastian Larsson that is clearly disappointing.

Birmingham's players celebrate Cameron Jerome's opener on Monday night

Many of their key attacking players have been injured at one time or another but Blues have a squad of the depth and quality that is the envy of most of the division. They have misfired all season yet are now tantalisingly close to an immediate return to the Premier League.

The key to understanding why is the number of goals they have conceded.

Birmingham's defence has been breached just 33 times in 41 games. It is the finest defensive record in the Championship and chairman David Gold paid handsome tribute to goalkeeper Maik Taylor and the back four in front of him in his match programme notes. He should also have mentioned Carsley, a player who has made a decent career out of stifling opponents and missed just one game all season going into Monday's match.

The fact that Blues have been better at the back than the front perhaps explains why Monday's attendance of 25,935 was the first to break the 20,000 barrier since the FA Cup tie against Wolves on January 13. The lingering disillusionment following last season's relegation might also explain the sense of apathy, but there was certainly no shortage of atmosphere on Monday.

You could almost reach out and touch the tension radiating around St.Andrews at the start of the match, a feeling that gradually turned to unbridled joy for most inside the stadium as the game wore on and the conclusion became increasingly inevitable.
Birmingham boss Alex McLeish talked about the role the supporters had to play in his programme notes and it was a theme he returned to time and again as he spoke to the press afterwards.

He described the mood in the dressing-room as "euphoric" and although he conceded that he would still rather be in Wolves' position he was talking in terms of pushing on and winning the title. "We have given ourselves a massive shot in the arm," said the Scot.

McLeish felt his team's performance had answered a few questions and with players such as Phillips, McFadden and O'Connor fit again his team should in theory approach their final few games with great confidence. Blues, after all, are now unbeaten in their last six games.

Monday's match was arguably the biggest in the Football League so far this season, as the top two in the Championship slugged it out to take a significant stride closer to the prize of the Premier League. It had the feel, if not the quality, of a top-flight fixture and one if not both clubs will surely be keeping heady company next season.

Blues and Wolves have five games left, while Reading and Sheffield United have six games left and are six points behind Birmingham.

The Championship undoubtedly has its detractors and I have heard time and again this season people opine that it is a very average division.

And you could argue that the passion at St.Andrews hinted at the desperation to leave it behind but the state of the table should ensure a finale to the season rich in drama, joy and disappointment.


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    "He should also have mentioned Carsley, a player who has made a decent career out of stifling opponents and missed just one game all season going into Monday's match."

    Made a career of horrific unsportsmanlike challenges like that on Iwelumo too.

    Not sure what Mick McCarthy is moaning about Halsey's performance for. Didn't let the game flow maybe, which I guess suited City especially going down to 10 men, but the bulk of Wolves' problems came from 90 minutes of ludicrously bad defending (on what was an almost equally bad pitch, mind). Makes for a great run in - still fancy these two for automatic promotion but Birmingham as champions after we hopefully do Wolves on friday.

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    I think that Wolves and Brum are home and dry personally.

    I also believe that the play-off spots are taken by those that are currently in them.

    My question to you is, who do you think will win the play-offs if said teams are involved?

    Open to others to put there 10p worth in too!

    P.S. I support Cardiff, we need to get a few wins on the bounce and get our confidence up if we are to seriously have a hope of getting to the final!

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    It will be interesting to see how the three promoted teams from this "average" Championship do next season. We were saying the same this time last year about the quality of the Championship, and as it stands at the moment there is a good chance that 2 of the 3 promoted teams will stay up.

    I suspect that the Championship is not "average", but more that the overall quality is slowly improving, bringing it closer to the bottom end of the Premier League.

    The Championship is also a lot more even than the Premier League, with every team having a realistic possibility of getting points off any of the others. For example, Coventry in 14th have taken 10 points from a possible 18 against the top three. I bet the fans of 16 or 17 teams in the top flight wish their league was as competitive!

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    What a poor poor game. There was no quality in the game what so ever , the pitch was dreadful and the attendance was poor considering it was both teams biggest game of the season.

    Both teams will be going back down if they come up.

  • Comment number 7.

    Blues showed the kind of first-to-every-ball guts last night that keeps a promoted team in the PL.

    If, on top of that gritty performance, their fans could keep up that atmosphere at every home game next season - assuming they do reach the PL - they will be halfway home to survival before they even kick a ball.

    Wolves, by contrast, if they go up, may well suffer the fate of West Brom this season. I feel that that, more than Blues, need to strengthen.

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    As a wolves fan it was an awful game to watch, but then derbies are never that good to watch.

    It was a battle of 2 styles, and whilst on a proper pitch our football may have shone through.
    On arguably the worst playing surface in the championship blues hoof and hope won the game.
    For some reason Berra in particular chose last night to have his worst game since signing for us.
    Halsey decided it was ok for Jerome to rugby tackle Hennesey into the goal, but it was not ok for Harewood to stand infront of Taylor.

    We have to re-group dig deep, and I am sure our football will see us over the line.

    Jarvis is just back from injury so should start on Friday, SEB will be back on Friday, Keogh will play up front Harewood wide right.

    We will be playing on a football pitch where players will be able to pass.

    Whilst Blues were triumphant last night I still have doubts about there ability to play against better teams on better pitches. There home record will be the deciding factor, and hoofball may work against Wolves Smaller silkier central defenders it will not work against some of the big lumps for other teams.

    Carsley should never ever play football again that was a career threatening tackle and deliberatly aimed to put out a player we needed on a pitch where football is impossible.

    Just before Blues second, Ridgwell tripped Vokes but again Halsey was ball watching and missed the penalty.

    In a way I hope they go up, because on the better pitches in th epremiership they will be shown up for what they are, A bunch of old cloggers

  • Comment number 9.

    Halsey was shocking last night, he needs to go back to school and learn about Handball,

  • Comment number 10.

    Good article Paul.
    As a Wolves fan I was extremely disappointed with the performance last night, particularly the defending... caused by the lack of confidence from our keeper and two centre halves scared by the pace of Cameron Jerome.
    The loss of our most influencial players made a difference, only 1 of Big Chris, SEB, Kightly & Jarvis on the pitch at any point last night hurt us but the pitch was so poor that you wonder if the wingers would have done as much damage as normal.
    I said at the time that the Carsley sending off made no difference because we had nobody who could step into the hole behind B'hams midfield to hurt them and more importantly, the injury robbed us of the only thing that had been working at that point in the game.
    I think both teams will go up and both will struggle although Wolves should ultimately do better with a younger squad and hopefully some more of the £30m that Steve Morgan HAS to put into the club in transfers.
    Heres to Wolves, Blues & Villa in the Premier League next year - just no more performances like that please!!

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    A look at the table shows that a strong defence is a more reliable way to get promotion than worrying about an impressive goal difference – so long as you focus on getting the strikes when you need to so that you win games. It seems to me that this is what Birmingham's focus has been, inelegant as that may be. Elegant doesn't always get the job done. I'm sure Birmingham would prefer to have scored more goals but they are doing what they need to do. If they get promoted, both teams will need to do something different next season. The managers know that and will adjust the squads and training as much as they're able in pursuit of that goal. So let's judge next season next season.

  • Comment number 12.

    karen brady was so right in what she said. mcleish has done a poor job with massive massive resources and a squad the envy of every other team in the league bar none. they are disjointed and poor to watch. there support has reflected the rubbish they have played all season with barely 20,ooo bothering to turn up since january. thats lame for a club of there size.

    they may well go up, but they will certainly go back down again with mcleish in charge.

  • Comment number 13.

    In reply to #8, I didn't see the incident in the Blues box (I ony saw highlights on SSN) but Jerome did nothing wrong for his goal. Hennessey was trying to use only 1 hand to pull the ball away from Jerome's upper leg.

    Granted a lot of referees will normally give a foul for that but then they are usually making the wrong decision.

  • Comment number 14.

    Number 11 how does the table reflect a better way of getting promotion.
    All Blues did was close the gap on the highest scorers in th eleague.
    I still think Wolves will win the League. Blues hoofball will not work against the other teams.

  • Comment number 15.

    Number 13 watch Jeromes right arm accross the keeper and push the keeper in the net, that was outlawed 40 years ago.

    Hoofball was the winner last night.

  • Comment number 16.

    Let's face it - not a great game.
    Wolves didn't really get going.
    Not helped by a ref who at times seemed to be elsewhere, certainly not watching the game I was, and a pitch which didn't seem much better than some of the local park pitches I've seen at this time of year.
    Wolves appeared to be slightly shell-shocked all night, and it would appear that the injury curse that has plagued us for so long (whenever anyone gets into a decent run of form they get clogged or injured) combined with being torn between trying to play football and matching Brum in a physical contest got the better of them.
    Jarvis showed more initiative and desire in the last 20 minutes than Wolves managed up to that point. Harewood....jury is still out. I'm not convinced.
    The optimist in me says promotion is just around the corner.
    The realist in me says there's still 15 points to fight for, all is possible.
    The pessimist in me says the wheels are about to come off, and we'll be fighting it out in the play-offs.
    Southampton on Friday is a huge game. If we win (and we should - heard that before....) we'll be home and dry.....
    Come on you Wolves!

  • Comment number 17.

    Many Wolves fans are blaming the state of the pitch (which admittedly is embarrassingly bad) but you know how the old cliché goes: it’s the same for both sides. Blues played poorly, didn’t keep possession at all (giving the ball straight back at almost every opportunity), were down to 10 men for most of the match, yet still won. I just think they wanted it more. There was nothing wrong with Jerome’s goal - Hennessey was dithering. Glasgowwolf I suggest you take off those gold and black spectacles regarding the ‘trip’ on Vokes by Ridgewell. Vokes was behind Ridgewell and fell over trying to go past him! In any event I think both teams will achieve promotion, but because their respective boards won’t spend the money necessary to stay up, will make a swift return to the Championship.

  • Comment number 18.

    Number 17,

    Yes the pitch is the same fo r both sides, except we play a passsing game where we get our wingers on the ball. Letting them run with the ball.

    You play a game where the ball spends as little time as possible on the pitch.

    Who gets affected most.


    When I took my ref's course and passed Foul is a foul intent or not, seeing him or not. Ridgwell felt him comeround and stuck his foot off.

    Blues cheated all night.
    Deliberate tackle on Iwuelmo, and then Ridgwell tripping Vokes.
    Does not matter if he saw him meant it or what the only foul that needs intent is handball.

  • Comment number 19.

    Sorry Glasgow but even as a Wolves fan I can't agree.

    You can talk about using our wingers, but they weren't on the pitch so it doesn't matter. Edwards and Ward won't beat their man and run with the ball.

    Initially I thought pen for the tackle on Vokes but after seeing replays I don't think it was.

    There were only two pieces of quality in that game and they were Jarvis' run and shot and the interchange between Vokes and Keogh

  • Comment number 20.

    I would agree that Edwards and Ward will not beat there men.
    However the pitch was so bad it was impossible to get the ball down and pass, which is why Mick chose Harewood and Iwuelmo, and not Keogh.

    Ward and Edwards can still run at the defenders and put a decent cross in, on that pitch all you could do was what Blues di, and that was put there foot through it.

  • Comment number 21.

    I Agree to most of Glasgow0lf comments.Carsley tackle deliberate to oust the only player remaining in the attack.Wolves goallie pushed like a s/market trolley into the goal.No protest thhough.Can someone tell me if I am wrong please.?Ref iffy in the highest.Linesmen too.MM approach to the game pathetic.Blues trio all the time writing and alerted.!!Lived the game.Why MM? I live in Athens Greece and I was able to see game live with many replays.So my picture of the dirty tackles as accurate as can be.Carsley type of players should be ousted from the game.People pay so much money in a Res time to be forced to see this horrific attitudes I was utterly shocked seen the replay with IMOs knee twisted!Shame on the both managers for covering him.Did anyone ask IMO(family man) how he felt!I never heard any compassion word !!

  • Comment number 22.

    Typical comments from Wolves fans, blaming everything but what should be blamed, YOUR dithering defence who quaked in their boots everytime Jerome ran at them, your inability to get past our organised defence, your shaky goalkeeper...
    There was a desire and passion abut Blues that was missing from the league leaders, its called "Bottle" and Blues had it in abundance..

    We know we are not the prettiest side in the league, but there is only one aim with the championship and thats to get out of it into the money mad world of the premier league..

    WBA played the best footie last season and Stoke gatecrashed the party, who is doing the best out of those two at the mo...

    Next season will take care of itself, but for now, no one is yet promoted, there may well be more twists and turns, lets hope for all those whinging Wolves fans, you dig deep and find some "bottle"

  • Comment number 23.

    a few points:

    1. all the wolves fans saying Carsley meant the tackle, if that is the case then why has your manager said he didnt mean it and that he knows carsley to be a fair man? Also none of your players were THAT angry with him last night, in football these things happen, sad though it is

    2. The pitch wasnt great but dont tell me poor quality pitches effect passing etc, these are PRO footballers, they should be able to control and pass regardless of the pitch. South american players play on sanbowls and terribly uneven pitches and yet their players learn how to pass the ball better than most anyone in the world....and as someone else said, same for both sides

    3. Jerome did not foul Hennersy, it was terrible, terrible goalkeeping. Maik Taylor at the other end showed him how it should be done, forceful and agressive whilst being decisive, he held onto everything..Hennersey did not.

    4. i dont quite know how wolves fans can moan about arms being out, at one point Berra was practically hugging Ridgwell on a corner and nothing was given, Wolves set the tone for that, no-one else.

    personally i hope both go up, would be nice ot have more midlands teams up there

  • Comment number 24.

    Now then,
    I guess that if you write a blog about Birmingham and Wolves you are going to get plenty of opposite opinion.
    I'm not convinced that Blues and Wolves are home and dry just yet, as many people seem to think. Friday's game between Reading and Sheffield United could have a big bearing on the situation. The Blades are certainly coming home with the wind in their sails.
    As for the four teams in the play-off zone - I would be surprised if they don't at least extend their campaign beyond the regular season.
    Cardiff have games in hand - though Preston are just four points behind Burnley and still think they can overtake their Lancashire rivals.

  • Comment number 25.

    Just a thought for you, but the 'home and dry' Blues may no longer be in the top two by the time they play next. Sheffield United play at home to Barnsley tonight and then away to Reading on Friday. Six points from six, though tough to achieve, would see them above Birmingham on goal difference, even though having played a goal more. Birmingham have to travel to Reading on the final day of the season, so Reading fans could also make a clear case for being able to usurp Birmingham into second. The extra 2 points that Wolves have make a big difference and they should go up, especially if they win on Friday. Birmingham, however, is a different matter altogether.

  • Comment number 26.

    The game last night was almost devoid of football. Both teams hoofed the ball upfield without trying to play football. Just like the game at Molineux Wolves' tactic of high balls to the front men was never going to trouble Jaidi and Ridgewell. The sad truth is that Wolves are sent out to play hard and fast. When that fails we have no other tactic. We lack ideas - as epitomised by the manager looking gormless on the sideline.
    I see that we are linked with another low priced lower league player - why don't we spend some of Morgan's money on a couple of decent players. Without spending we'll come straight back down from the premiership (as will Blues).

  • Comment number 27.

    Did not see the match but expected the result. Wolves have given themselves some elbow room even with Birmingham just two points behind. Its about not being third and in the play offs. With Reading vs Sheff utd and Reading vs Birmingham still to come. Wolves having five games left three at home all five against mid or bottom of the league teams, no guarantee of winning them all but three more wins and wolves have 5 chances to win three or draw some to make 86 points both Reading and sheff Utd have to win all their games not possible for them both as they have to play each other. Its make or break for Reading on Friday to beat Sheff Utd to still be in the race. Wolves and Birmingham should do it but the Blues often get just that the Blues when they play lower teams in the league and end up with a draw. Come on you Wolves

  • Comment number 28.

    I think Paul's article begged an important question. Birmingham play now pretty much the way they played the last time they were promoted under Steve Bruce. The issue isn't defence or attack. The qualities which Birmingham are using to get out of the Championship (for example, organisation, durability, perseverance and commitment) are not especially useful in the Premiership simply because all teams, others than those destined for relegation, have those qualities. And the last time Birmingham were promoted they couldn't change their game, despite the fact that they brought in a raft of new players who supposedly had Premiership experience. Makes you think, doesn't it?

  • Comment number 29.

    Birmingham did the job that was required, Wolves should have expected no less.
    I think the top six will be the order they are in now!

  • Comment number 30.

    As a Wolves fan I get a little embarassed, when after a performance like that, I read comments effectively blaming the referee, or the pitch.

    Yes, the referees performance wasn't great, but in my opinion, there was nothing wrong with Jeromes goal. If we'd have scored that goal and it had been disallowed i'd have been furious. Wayne needs to be stronger, that ball should have been his.

    As for the suggestion that the 2nd goal was the refs fault because of an alledged foul on Sam Vokes....well, that's almost laughable to be honest. The foul (if it was a foul) took place on the edge of the Blues 18yard box, yet the goal was scored moments later in the opposite goal. Whether there was a foul or not, we only have ourselves to blame for the shoddy defending that followed! In January Blues fans criticised Howard Webb for the interception that led to our 2nd goal in the cup game. I, along with many other Wolves fans pointed out that the incident took place on the half way line and Blues had plenty of opportunity to defend and failed to do so...this incident was no different.

    The problem with Wolves in recent years is that we never quite seem to cope with the big games. Mick has built a young squad but sadly when it comes to the big crunch games they seem to lack that experience that's required to get through them. This is precisley why we lost to West Brom in the play-offs two years ago, and crucially, why we've only taken 1 point from a potential 12 against Blues and Reading this season. In each of those 4 games I came away disappointed not only because we'd failed to win, but also because I felt we could, and probably should have, done so much better, particularly with the two away games.

    Will we still go up? I believe so. But it's not going to be easy, it never was going to be easy. If it does happen, I have serious concerns about next season and unless we spend BIG in the summer and bring in some real experience, I fear we'll be another Derby or Sunderland!

    As for Blues, I think they'll go up too. Though both of us need to be very wary of Sheff Utd at the moment - more so than Reading I think!

  • Comment number 31.

    The comments regarding "Wolves trying to play football down the wings & not hoofin the ball is absolute rubbish!"

    My son & I are STH & were sitting in the K Paddock on Monday night (just behind the Away dug-out). In the second half (following the late 1st half goal) all MM & TC were doing was screamin at Hennessey, Craddock & Berra to launch the ball over the top at the earliest & quickest opportunity; when they weren't doing so, they were goin absolutely beserk!

    Guys, you can't have it both can't boast about playing superior football & then blaming the pitch, other team's tactics, etc, etc & then revert to type or the same when it suits you. What's it gonna be fellas?

  • Comment number 32.

    Paul, you really do have an excellent record at damaging team's fortunes. As soon as you suggest Wolves are suffering and the Blues are doing well, we come right back to form against Southampton and they struggle desperately to a dour 0-0 at Charlton.

    That's following your lauding of Reading - which was followed immediately by their total collapse in form, and your praise of Lee Carsley, which resulted in his major drop in form too.

    Please, please, please don't say ANYTHING nice about Wolves until (and IF) we are mathematically sure of promotion....

  • Comment number 33.

    Worthington's left boot!

    Who's showing the bottle now?

    We could always afford to lose the game at St Andrew, we made two mistakes and deserved to lose. However 6 points in the last 3 games is better than the Blues 5 in 3, hope you enjoyed winning the battle, let's see who wins the war!!!

  • Comment number 34.

    As someone commented about Liverpool beating Man U twice this season...would you rather beat them and finish below them.. or lose to them and win the league

  • Comment number 35.

    Paul, you might want to take a look at this thread of mine on 606... Care to comment?

  • Comment number 36.

    Dont you think that showing the comment of Wolves losing to Birmingham for more than a week on primary page of Championship is more than long?I ve already complained to BBC.Arent any other info that would interest readers?.Is bbc football section out of fresh info.I can give some to them.6 goals for, 2 against, in Wolves last 2 games, 6 points gained.Continuing to lead as they did for the longst in this years contest.PS What was the punishment of this excellent sportsman (?) that sent Iwelumo to hospital ?(in same game that wolves had the Blues)At least it was relieving to see him watching the Southampton game on Good Friday together with his lovely family from the STAND! at Molineux.I dont think that he will get wages(am not sure) if he doesnt play!

  • Comment number 37.

    Time to lose this irrelevant article.

    Also Paul Fletcher said "Preston are just four points behind Burnley and still think they can overtake their Lancashire rivals. "

    I think the dreaded Paul Fletcher Kiss of Death may just have done for Preston too.

  • Comment number 38.

    wanderers till i die, the lads have shown courage all season and now we move on to lifting the championship trophy, battles lost but the war is won. will we stay up, who knows, but if you don't get promoted you will never find out. hope reading and sheff untd come with us cause im sick of reading about blues right to be in the prem. i think they will lose in the play offs and then slip into obscurity where they belong never to be heard of again with no additions to there trophy cabinet for another 100 years.

  • Comment number 39.

    15April 09 Still the article of the 7th April ref to Wolves vs Birmingham game,is showing on primary section of Championship page.Can anyone enlight me please what is the purpose of this?The news are past,history, taradoom taradam taradem(mafia expression).I dont think an article lasted so many days before.Come on wolves fans,complaint if you are irritated.Unite our voices.Maybe someone in bbc will wake up and oust this article info totally out of date!!Now the distance between the two teams reads 6 and not 2.Comprende?Plus other info i.e. Plymouth disallowed TWO GOALS etc etc!Hope CARDIFF of "our"JONES (despite previous disappointment when with the Wolves) will go up.I dont want to clash with the likes of Mr Carsley next season as the bill of hospital will be rising(of course if wolves make it as I dont want to jinx it!!(2002) No more.

  • Comment number 40.

    I'm not sure if Paul Fletcher actually reads the comments made - or if he's too embarrassed to acknowledge that he might ever have been wrong. Pretty much every prediction he's made for the season has been wrong, pretty much every player, manager or team he's lauded has fallen flat on their face....

    It's not personal at all, Paul - I like the way you write - you just seem to have had a knack of choosing exactly the wrong people to talk about. Perhaps you should consult with a few people who know more about the teams and the leagues that you're talking about before you write.... I'm happy to advise (whistle)....

  • Comment number 41.

    I assume whoever edits the Championship page is on holiday? Someone write a new blog, for pity's sake. Seems like no-one at the bbc really reads these comments either.

    The link in the sentence "Now, McCarthy's team are just two points clear at the top." leads to a league table that clearly shows Wolves 6 points ahead of Brum. If you include phrases/links like this, shelf life is going to be limited. I'm sure the writer didn't intend this to still be the main story on the page over a week later. As a Wolves fan I'm sick of the sight of it! My displeasure is tempered somewhat by our current league position.

  • Comment number 42.

    This is well and truly out of date.. Come on fella's I know this is ONLY the Championship, but with Wolves on the verge of promotion it would be nice if you could be bothered to change this.

  • Comment number 43.

    Why get sick of it? As a Wolves fan I just laugh at it everytime I come on here!!

  • Comment number 44.

    Hello? Hello? Is there anyone there? Wolves are one game win away from automatic promotion to the Premier League. Are you there? Oh well I take it that you are still on your Easter holidays in sunny Barmouth. Well done for keeping this up to date. Dont forget to bring us all a stick of rock. Up the Wolves!

  • Comment number 45.

    Come on BBC! Read the House Rules:

    "We may also close comments on a post if we think the discussion has become irrelevant or out of date."

    What about the post becoming out of date?

  • Comment number 46.

    This is more than embarrassing now! Paul, you should be ashamed!

  • Comment number 47.

    Thank you fellow wolves fans for the response to my appeal for complaint about the lurking of the obsolete and past history article about Birmingham s win a century ago.!Now that I think about it maybe is bringing some luck to us ,as we have two wins eversince!Please dont oust it yet as we have the game vs QPR.Ok Mr Fletcher.?Cmon lads 90 more minutes.I promise to come from Greece where I am posted for the celebrations!PS I can give you people of BBC a date to oust it coinciding with the Olympic games in London ok? Wolverhampton Wanderers heart beats in Athens Greece so CMON U WOLVES!!Little bit more MATT,JOLEON,ROBBIE and STEVE.

  • Comment number 48.

    Phew what's that stink? This article is so far past its use by date it unbelievable. I am thinking of calling in Environmental Health.

    Seriously, can someone at the Beeb do their job and write an up to date article that reflects reality please? Yes it was an underpar performance from Wolves but 2 games on it is irrelevant. Blues are in disaray, the seemingly unstoppable Blades have been blunted by bottom of the table Forest and my mighty Wolves have held their nerve and are now in touching distance of the Premiership and the Division One title.

    Actually, reading the drivelling in the article makes me wonder if it gave Blues some sort of kiss of death. Actually, on second thoughts, please continue to not write anything positive about my club. Who nows, next season we might even win the Premiership then!

  • Comment number 49.

    Not sure why we're so surprised about all this, football outside of the Prem doesn't exist according to the BBC.

  • Comment number 50.

    If he was in any other job, Paul Fletcher would be in for disciplinary action by now. Come on, Paul, are you going to leave this rancid piece up even after we've clinched the title?

  • Comment number 51.

    Paul Fletcher has (seemingly) left the building.....

  • Comment number 52.

    .....and now the icing on the cake...well done Wolves and their loyal fans.

    Paul could you please write an article about how we are sure to be relegated next season? would put my mind at!

  • Comment number 53.

    Its alright mr Fletcher.Its alright now.Thanx for listening to my plea and not ousting the article(info).You can keep it forever and ever now.The lads done their job!Fortunately you didnt jinx us by ousting it!!Complete Euphoria for me tonite as apart from the WOLVES another team that I favour EXETER CITY (family reasons) done well away and are now in auto promotion spot with 2 games to go.My Greek lucky charms did a good job for WW.(We know well as we used a lot of positive energy in EURO 04 although underdogs we became Europe Champions.ALL THE BEST in the PREMIERSHIP.UP THE WOLVES!and STAY UP!!!!PS for you Mr Fletcher to be fair you should put up an article referring to Wolves promotion and keep it there more or at least equal time .Irrelevant now as Wolves to your disappointment are up!

  • Comment number 54.

    Doesn't Paul Fletcher look like a silly blogger now.....


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