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Will Leeds march on to promotion?

Paul Fletcher | 13:32 UK time, Tuesday, 29 July 2008

The most memorable match I have seen at Elland Road resulted in Leeds United defeating AC Milan 1-0 in a Champions League tie.

It was September 2000 and a remarkably wet Tuesday evening, even by West Yorkshire standards. The match seemed to be heading for a goalless draw when Lee Bowyer, in the form of his life, smashed the ball optimistically towards goal and Brazilian keeper Dida allowed it to slip through his hands and into the net.

The crowd went wild, singing their anthem 'Marching on Together', and as I walked out of the turnstiles and into the late autumnal rain there was a palpable sense that anything was possible. Leeds truly were living the dream.

Fast forward almost eight years and the same club are preparing for their second season in League One.

mcallister438.jpgWhat has happened to Leeds over the intervening period has been the subject of thousands of column inches. What interests me right now is whether Leeds can finally start moving back up through the divisions.

United have had a couple of near misses, losing the 2006 Championship play-off final to Watford before suffering relegation the following season, and then tasting defeat to Doncaster in the League One final a couple of months ago.

But there is no doubt that the only satisfactory conclusion to the forthcoming campaign is promotion to the Championship.

"Expectation is huge," reckons BBC Radio Leeds presenter Adam Pope. "There is no alternative but to go up."

Leeds are the favourites to win the division and this season they do not have to negotiate the handicap of a 15-point deduction that they were awarded last year for breaking competition insolvency rules. Had they started the last campaign on a level playing field, United would have finished on 91 points and secured automatic promotion.
"I don't want to be in the play-offs at all this season," is how goalkeeper Casper Ankergren assesses the situation. "I'm not thinking about that. I'm only thinking about promotion."

Manager Gary McAllister took over in January after Dennis Wise left for Newcastle and he quickly impressed Pope as a wily and shrewd operator. The 43-year-old Scot has an extremely professional approach to training and a single minded determination to succeed.

"He also has respect for the history and traditions of the club," said Pope, who feels this is something that cannot be underestimated at a club like Leeds.

Season ticket sales indicate that supporters have faith in the former fans' favourite, a key member of the team that won the top-flight title in 1992. Despite an increase in price, the clubs reports that sales have already exceeded the 10,900 sold prior to the last campaign. Leeds averaged 26,546 last season, with roll-up matchday sales an important factor. Their brilliant start - they won their first eight league fixtures - was crucial to this and McAllister is under no illusions that the team must once again give the fans the incentive to pass through the turnstiles.

"We want to start well and encourage more and more fans to come to Elland Road," said McAllister recently. "We can't rely on the fans. We have to give them something back and something to feed off."

The style of play under McAllister might well be more to their liking. Long, searching balls forward towards Jermaine Beckford and Tresor Kandol soon gave way to a more cultured approach under the new manager.

Midfielder Jonathan Howson, 20, has blossomed under McAllister to the extent that he has played in almost every meaningful game since the Scot took over. Howson was on target as Leeds defeated Barnet in a pre-season friendly last weekend and his partner in midfield against the Bees, 17-year-old Fabian Delph, is another local youngster to keep an eye on this season. Delph has a burgeoning reputation as a gifted ball player and could flourish under the tutelage of McAllister.

Midfielder Andy Robinson has impressed in pre-season following his summer move from Swansea, the wonderfully named Scottish striker Robert Snodgrass is determined to seize his chance after joining from Livingston while the club are close to bringing in Argentine Luciano Becchio and Paul Telfer.

I couldn't tell you much about Snodgrass or Becchio but throw players such as Beckford, Jonathan Douglas, David Prutton and Kandol into the equation and Leeds certainly look well equipped to mount a serious promotion challenge.

But McAllister will have to do without Dougie Freedman, whose five goals in 11 games on loan at the end of last season were a key factor in the club reaching the play-off final.

Robinson, who finished top of League One last season with the Swans, has a stark warning for his team-mates.

"I became a champion at Swansea and that was through hard work as a team," he said. "It's a tough league to get out of."

Just ask Nottingham Forest, who needed three attempts to get out of the division. And despite the addition of relegated Leicester, there is no doubt that Leeds remain the team to beat.

But they will have to overcome the hurdles in front of them if they want to take the first tentative steps on the long road back to those memorable European nights.


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    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

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    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 3.

    Ha ha very funny Article!!!

    Up the mighty blues!! (Birmingham City)!

  • Comment number 4.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 5.

    "Leeds are a massive club"

    How so?

    I don't actually think Leeds were that good last year, they scored a lot of late goals and were shown up in the play-off final to a much better team.

    I'm not sure Leeds will win the League as they will be one of THE teams to beat in the division, plus I think they bottle it on the big occasion.

  • Comment number 6.

    post no.1, typical of somebody who should keep their opinion to themselves. We have a great chance of promotion this season although anything can happen in league 1.


  • Comment number 7.

    MFC_DB8 I've just skimmed through again and am trying to work out where you got the 'Leeds are a massive club' comment from. I've probably missed it. Surely you can't deny that Leeds are the biggest club in the division? That doesn't mean they are the best or anything else, just on the fan base and amount of money they can generate and operate on they are miles ahead of most in this league.

  • Comment number 8.

    Its a pity people cant look beyond their preconceptions of Leeds Utd.
    The phrase dirty leeds etc have gotten so boring its stopped been even vaguely interesting.
    Ive been a Leeds Supporter nearly all my life and like 95% of the fan base will support them through thick and thin.
    Whats happened to us the fans pay for each season whilst the people that put the club in the financial situation have moved on and are currently doing the same elsewhere.
    Theres no such thing as a casual leeds fan supporting leeds takes all your heart and soul and such passion generates a lot of jealously, comments that focus and the small percentage of yobs all teams have ignore the passion filled supporters the will be there rain or shine premiership or eggcup division 50 it dosent matter we,ll still be there.
    Many clubs will never experience the passion that goes into a leeds supporter And thats in the good times of screaming my lungs out as Bowyer nets the winner vs Milan or the heartbreak of going into administration and been relegated to league 1, We had massive up's and downs and have felt every second of both.
    So stop the dirty leeds comments and look at the passionate fans who make the game of football the most passionately followed sport that it is.
    Leeds will be back.. when is something none of us can predict but we live in eternal hope.

  • Comment number 9.

    The problem is Leeds fans have the 'dirty Leeds' tag from the past, and even though they were no worse than most other clubs in the Premier League or Championship, drop to League One and the amount of yobs that gave Leeds a bad name stand out more, just due to sheer numbers of fans. So yes you do have the right to be annoyed you still get branded 'dirty Leeds' but until you move back in to a bigger pond that's how it will be unfortunately.

  • Comment number 10.

    I'm really disappointed that the moderators deleted my comment. I have nothing against the vast majority of Leeds United fans, it is a great club with a proud history.

    However the club simply hasn't got its house in order concerning the fans chanting. If I mention the R word I will be silenced by the moderators however, having visited Elland Road last year, there was some seriously dubious chanting.

    I would love to see the all white of Leeds grace the premiership, but the club must do more before they get here. Never again should the premiership be fouled by chanting about the Munich disaster.

  • Comment number 11.

    Leeds got their success spending money they didn't have so why do they deserve success again?

    Weren't impressed by them last season. This season with god given right to be in the premiership attitude i can see them failing to make play offs...... stop talking about leeds there are better teams in the league without the stupid wage bills.

    Must supporters of league one clubs are fed up of hearing about leeds, they ain't nothing special.

  • Comment number 12.

    As a burnley fan, I have been through the stages of hating and leeds, and calling them dirty leeds and leedsscum etc.. but after going to uni there, one can only appreciate how big a club is, and how amazing their fans are.

    I went to a JP Trophy game at Leeds last year against Bury, and when they took the lead, the Leeds fans were celebrating as if they had just scored against Man U or AC Milan. Their club means everything to them and it is a great source of pride to the city.

    How anyone can not say they are a massive club is beyond my comprehension. They are by far the biggest club outside the Premiership, and have some of the most loyal and passionate fans I have ever seen. They don't deserve the rubbish that has happened to their club (Peter Ridsdale etc).

    Hope they go up, as it would be an enormous boost not only for the club, but for the city as a whole. The whole city was buzzing in the week leading up to the play off final, and you could sense the disappointment weeks after it.

    Up The Clarets

  • Comment number 13.

    cmr_oafc, I agree that most fans are arrogant and think they deserve to be in the Prem, but it is just pride in their club, and surely we all want the best for our club and think we should be in a higher league.

    Yes they do have their fair share of idiot fans, more than most clubs I may add, but that should not obscure the view of most Leeds fans who passionately support their team through thick and thin.

  • Comment number 14.

    I think the 15 points galvanised Leeds and without this handicap they may struggle to repeat the form of last season. I would suggest they are play-off material, nothing more.

    With regards to the fans, I feel sorry for the majority as their idiot element ruins it for the rest of them, however unlike other clubs where the hooligans are mostly young chavs, Leeds seem to have a high proportion of older hooligans who simply refuse to grow up. This is why they are hated.

    On the whole I think it'll be good for Leeds to spend a few seasons at this level (like Forest), it will teach their fans humility instead of believing they have a god given right to be in the Premier League. That's not passion, it's arrogance.

  • Comment number 15.

    comment number 11...

    "Leeds got their success by spending money they didnt have"

    As i leeds fan myself i can see where your coming from as we did go overboard finacially, but please dont imply that the entire history, success and massive fancbase of leeds utd is built around money- as leeds enjoyed huge success for years before the Ridsdale era and i am sure there will be success to come in the near future.

  • Comment number 16.

    Marching on Together, you wrote:

    "Whats happened to us the fans pay for each season whilst the people that put the club in the financial situation have moved on and are currently doing the same elsewhere."

    Is this a reference to Ridsdale and Cardiff? If so, I would advise you check out the FACTS before making such frankly libellous statements. Far from 'doing the same elsewhere', Ridsdale has benefited our club, by stabilising the financial situation created by a previous owner, got council approval for a Stadium that is halfway through construction (something a previous owner failed to do), and generally made the club a more attractive prospect for potential future investores (if the appointment of Keith Harris is anything to go by).

    It is a shame for Leeds fan what has happened to their club, but the continual witchhunt of Peter Ridsdale isn't going to change what has happened. Get over it.

    Anyway, all the best for the new season.

  • Comment number 17.

    Leeds are a club that sharply divide opinion. For many, it seems to be a case of you are either for them or against them.

    However, do you think they will go up? And, whether you think so or not, why?

  • Comment number 18.

    To the person who said about the comments on the Muich Disaster.

    Yes that is a sick chant and myslef never sing this and I find it hugely offensive, however why it is only Leeds fans who get tarnished with this brush. On numerous occasions I have heard fans chanting about the tradegy in Istanbul, surely this is the same as Munich; funnily enough no-one seems to care about what happened to Leeds fans.

    It is not ONLY Leeds fans who have sick chants but it seems to be only Leeds fans who get the complaints, it cannot be one rule foe one and one for another.

    Think about your facts before you speak

  • Comment number 19.

    I just don't like how people tar Leeds fans with the same brush. It's the same as all clubs with such a reputation - it's always a small minority of idiots who cause the trouble.

  • Comment number 20.

    Constantly, i read with despair just how far detached people are from reality.
    Every posted comment is a biased posted comment in favour of the team being ridiculed at the time, all teams have tags that follow them round from ground to ground, its part of football, its what makes football such a joyous spectacle to watch. Do you really expect 10,000 fans hungry for excitement to sit and occasionally shout, oh well done number 7 that showed the full back a trick or two or the same 10,000 baying for the guys blood and encouraging your attacker to " skin the B***** ".
    When a player goes down, when a player is offside whether the supporter sees it or not he will jump with the rest of the crowd screaming that worst act of football violence has just been committed against his teams player. He will sing along to the songs which hit the very heart of the opposing supporter and the deeper it hits home the better he feels and the opposing supporter will do the same and anyone who says different either doesn't go to football or is a liar. Please take a moment to realise that the whole argument here is for one side to get the better of the other side come what may, some will do it with a bit more rational than the other and post quite educated comments all aimed at achieving the same result. Some will do it in words bordering on verbal abuse but at the end if the day albeit for a few moronic people football is still a very pleasant sport to follow.
    Take a breath and see it for what it is. Take a chill pill.
    Take 1000 manchester united fans and give them an option...... trade the death of your granny for one point that would secure Leeds united a place in league 1 and granny would die a thousand deaths, but its only football.
    Wow i could go on for hours :o)

  • Comment number 21.

    I believe Leeds will do it this time. Gary Mc has a very sensible head on his shoulders. Add to that the good balance between youth and experience and the amazing fans, in the positive sense. At least I will be routing for them now as every season for almost 40 years.

  • Comment number 22.

    Nearly 11000 season tickets sold. Wow! Puts Leeds in joint second place in West Yorkshire, about level with Bradford City (Fourth Division) and only 5500 behind Huddersfield Town. Very impressive.

  • Comment number 23.

    22 check the overall figures at the end of the season then come back with the facts, then wipe the egg of your face.

  • Comment number 24.


    I think it was in post 1, which got erased I made the comment.

    I don't think they're a huge club, granted they have a good, large fanbase, however I believe that Leeds fans hold their team in higher regard than most.

    The played the "15 point" saga far too much last season, and will no doubt constantly talk about it for seasons to come. IMHO they got what they deserved in that respect.

    I do not think they will do as well as they think next season. They are lightweight in midfield and teams in the division will also be prepared for them more substantially this term as last season they had a point to prove.

  • Comment number 25.

    What right do Leeds have to promotion??

    There a fine example of mis-management in modern day football. Why the Football League bottled it and didn't take their golden share off them only the weak and feeble committee members know.

    Oh and there is the small matter of the pitch invasion when they were relegated from the championship that somehow found its way to being swept under the proverbial carpet.

    Here's hoping that Leeds stay in the lower leagues for the next 5 or so years, they deserve it more than any other club in the world.

    Good Luck to them.

  • Comment number 26.

    leeds do have the best set of players in L1,the best player signed this pre season by any L1 side was robinson(leeds)no one can say different,we have at least 2 players for every position and the rest of L1 will just have to get used to the fact that leeds will not be lining their clubs pockets after this season.this rubbish about -15 helping the team to want to win more is stupid,if any thing the players would think 'whats the point',the team is much stronger than last's leeds title to lose and the bookies know that by making them odds on for promotion.

  • Comment number 27.

    I think we'll go up. That isn't arrogance, just my opinion. We were the second best team in the league last year and we've kept that squad and added a few to it.

    People are bound to hate us though, particuarly in League One as we are so by far and away the biggest side in the division. We get used to it and thrive on it to be honest.

  • Comment number 28.

    Ah my friend the Cardiff fan, how blind you are!

    Not only has Ridsdale ruined any chance you have of EVER making it into a European competition, he has also brainwashed you into thinking he cares for the club!

    I am a student of one of Cardiff's best known shareholders... I won't name names (AE) but basically, this shareholder gave our group a small insight into Ridsdale... Arrogant, self centred and con-man seem to be the main words coming out of the chat we had about him!

    he is using Cardiff to get the money from the stadium deal (If you didn't know, he is set to pocket £50m upon completion) he is then going to walk away and hand the club back to Sam Hammam to avoid the courts!

    As for the comment re Cardiff never being able to make Europe, this is because he said he wanted to be governed by the English FA re their Cup final exploits. this means that, although they were offered the chance to let a side compete in the Welsh Premier, he turned it down, even though it was just a reserve side!

    So now, as they are never going to make Europe through league positioning, they will never make Europe, and neither will any other side from Wales playing in the Englsih leagues, as they have fallen under the same restrictions!

    A very shrewd businessman, but he has ripped you off!

    If I was you, i would TRY and take out a loan, go to the bookies and put a bet on Ridsdale and Jones (His sidekick in all of this, hence why he never got sacked!!!) leaving by Christmas!

  • Comment number 29.

    22 - so Huddersfield have sold more season tickets than their biggest crowd of last seaon......................interesting.

  • Comment number 30.

    What is it with people always saying how Leeds aren't a big club. Thats what all the other League One teams said last season yet if we aren't why is it that all other League One teams had their highest attendences when playing Leeds.

  • Comment number 31.

    superwhites7 - Do you know what odds-on means? I'm guessing not as Leeds are 3-1, Leicester are only 9-2 so you haven't been predicted to walk it.

    Of course the -15 thing helped can you imagine what the players were promised if they went up or stayed in the division? Plus Leeds had a "We'll show them we can survive" attitude, which is good but will be lacking this term.

  • Comment number 32.

    Good to see so many begruggers enjoying leeds plight. Its clear to see that mr ridsdale is doing good things for cardiff its just shameful he made all the mistakes he learnt from with Leeds. Leeds have spent more years in the lower divisions than any other top english club so nobody at Elland road feels the divine right to Premiership status, we are a club built on hard work and as one or two have mentioned "passion". It'll be many many years before leeds win trophies again but their supporters wont forsake them as other so called big clubs supporters have done.

  • Comment number 33.

    Leeds were riding the crest of a Ken Bates induced wave of indignation last season in League one and this provided a perverse psychological boost that gave rise to their high points tally. In the end natural justice prevailed and they were given a footballing lesson in the play off final. Whereas I sympathise with the thousands of genuine football loving Leeds fans you can not escape the fact that the majority of other English fans abhor Leeds simply because of their disgraceful history. This is not helped by having had some appalling characters in positions of authority in the club, past and present. Leeds will struggle this season, it will not be a walkover. Having a huge fan base and loadsa money is not enough, they do not have a God given right to top flight football.

  • Comment number 34.

    superwhites7 suggests that the bookies know Leeds are the best team by making them odds on favourites to go up.

    These are the same bookmakers who have made my team (Peterborough) third favourites to go up. Now I love my team as much as anyone, and I am always optimistic as to their chances, but to me this just illustrates how little the bookies know about League 1.

    I suggest you look a little further down the bookies odds before you use them as justification for your point!!!

  • Comment number 35.

    Being a Spurs supporter means there isn't much to get excited about on most weekends (unless there are cup matches...) so the last few years I have derived much more enjoyment following Leeds. The club should be commended for the immense pleasure they have brought to many thousands of people who, like myself, have enjoyed watching them struggle against the likes of the mighty Milton keynes Dons. COME ON YOU DO-ONS!

  • Comment number 36.

    I don't believe any club has a God Given right to be anywhere. But I do believe Leeds have a strong enough team to get promoted this season. Isn't that what this blog is about? Not whether or not you love or hate any other team.
    When I was a kid living near Halifax it was the done thing to hate Man U and Liverpool, as well as any club down south. I think I've grown up since then, but I will still support Leeds for the football and for the tradition which they bring to which ever League they happen to be in. If they don't get promoted because three better teams did, I will be sad, but it will be OK, just like this past season.
    At the end of the day, 15 points here or there, under the rules which Leeds and everyone else accepted, three better teams got promoted.

  • Comment number 37.

    Typical Leeds, thinking they're going to get promotion simply for being "a big club" even though the season hasn't even started. They thought they were the best last season, and didn't deserve the -15 points. I don't think they did, but that's another story. (they should have started in Lge2)

    Andy Robinson has been spotted working the lifts in Debenhams. One minute he's up, the next minute he's down!
    (Credit to Neil in Morriston for that one)

  • Comment number 38.

    As a celtic fan i have only one experience of playing leeds, it was a pre season "friendly". On the way up to Celtic Park it looked like a war had broken out. The leeds fans were involved in trouble all over Glasgow city centre and continued to goad the celtic fans within the ground with UVF flags, pro Ulster songs and rule brittania rubbish throughout the game. Each club works hard to build its identity, and when this becomes rotten, change must come from the top down. If Leeds means so much to so many then surely identifying and banning the rogues will bring in many more civilised fans in the long term. At Celtic Park it has taken 10 years to rid the club of its Pro IRA baggage, we now have 60,000 season ticket holders, most of whom would point out a bigot to police if the old chants started. Rangers are still struggling to get rid of the undesirable bigots and in Glasgow we have no doubt that it was the orange mob who started the recent Manchester riots. Leeds and Rangers share many parallels, passionate, loyal fans but with a warped sense of identity.
    Football doesn't want anything to do with low life scumbags.

  • Comment number 39.

    So to the question.

    My answer is yes. (I hope)

    We are not guaranteed anything, or the bookies wouldn't offer odds would they? Watch out for Carlisle, Leicester, Southend, Scunthorpe and one or two others.

    We are a big club(in support and history) they are League 1 or Championship class players. Not the famous names of old. Can we handle a second year of Cup Finals. We again are the team they will all want to beat.

  • Comment number 40.

    People say Leeds fans are arrogant and don't deserve the press and there are better teams in the league. Yes we are arrogant, we've had the good times and want them back any 'fan' accepting that we are happy in League 1 or even the Championship doesn't deserve to say they are a Leeds supporter. We have bigger fan base than any club outside the Prem and most in it, more passionate fans than any other club I know.
    We deserve the column inches as, whether you like to admit it or not, we are the biggest team in the league (maybe not the best although its a close contest) but, as proved last season we bring in the crowds to some of the worst supported teams in the division. People say they dislike 'dirty' Leeds, good that just means we've got something you wish you had, fans with conviction and passion, large crowds and a good team that has every chance to get out of this league. Other teams hate us and I can think of nothing better, its what brings us together as a club and I'd rather that than be an average club that nobody cares about. MOT!

  • Comment number 41.

    Why will Leeds be the team to beat? They have very little money and not many top experienced players everyone thinks they will walk the league but they most definately won't! Leicester will be the team everyone wants to play against we have Matt Oakley, Stephen Clemence, Joe Mattock, Patrick Kisnorbo, Max Gradel, DJ Campbell and Steve Howard who are all very talented players and subject to very high transfer fees. What Leeds players can you name- Beckford? Can't really think of anyone else. Leeds are a team living in the past and to say there the teaam to beat is based purely on their name, I'm not saying Leicester will certainly go up but to say Leeds are still the team to beat is silly, after all.... what team doesn't try and beat the opposition team?

  • Comment number 42.

    Yeh ok. Leeds do have a massive fan base and due to this, are one of the biggest clubs in England.

    However leeds fans are incredibly annoying. They ALL think that they are bigger than the league their in and think they deserve to be the in premiership, which is really wrong. The club are skint so no moneys coming in for players which means if they go up next season, they will have a medioka team and won't be strong enough.

    Another thing that really irritates me is that leeds fans continuously say "ohh you don't know what we've been through, it's really difficult." ...... yes i know it is. Im a brighton fan and we've been to the top and back down to near obliviation from football and i you don't see me saying we deserve to be in the premiership. All i look for is realistic targets like the play-offs and then relegation if we get promoted despite previous success.

    ALL leeds fans need too realise they're not going to get back to the top any time soon if ever. I would just appreciate that your club hasn't gone backrupt like mine nearly did and I'm thankful that we're still hear.

    Realise that you are just lucky to see the club you love playing football still and that you didn't end up like luton and facing nearly certain relegation and possible liquidation!

  • Comment number 43.

    For the person who said Leeds have the best set of players in League One... hahaha Name them!! Robinson? Haha- Who? If Leicester can keep all their current crop of players they have a much better team than Leeds - and maybe a few other teams do also!

  • Comment number 44.

    Theres so many comments saying. "Just because you're a big club doesnt mean youre going to go to the premiership", well stuff along those lines, we're not saying that, we're saying that we have a blummin good set of players, and the money, to go up. We've all seen what clubs with money can do haven't we?
    I think that we just want to be up there more, as we are one of the few teams in this division who have recently tasted premier league football, not only that, but we've been right up there (like being top of the league during the new millenium). Barely any of the teams down here know what its like to support your club in the premiership, and so you will not expect to be there as much, its not arrogance, its the premierships lure.
    However, I am concerned why leicester arent as well tipped to go up, as they have made some good summer signings, and loaned players from the "big four" everyones seen what the likes of bentner, campbell and sinclair etc are capable of when they were loaned out to lower league clubs, and looked what happened to birmingham and hull. I'm not saying their success depended on one player (or in Birminghams case two(Larsson)) but they were key players in their promotion.

  • Comment number 45.

    I think that we will go up this season.

    Granted, there is Leicester, who will undoubtedly cause us problems, as well as other teams such as Colchester, Scunthorpe and Carlisle but we DO remain the team to beat.

    Most of the highest attendances from League One last season came when teams played Leeds, and we are still a big club, we have the biggest stadium outside the Premier League, and the 10th biggest Club Stadium in England, as well as our unbelievable fans.

    Our fans are passionate enough to keep going to games despite us being so low in the English league system. We broke the Football League's record for a third tier attendance twice last season, and we could even beat it this season.

    No-one is saying it's going to be easy, but we have a striker who will score 20 goals a season at this level in Jermaine Beckford, we have midfielders who will assist as well as score in players such as Andy Robinson and Jonny Howson. We also have defenders such as Paul Huntington and Lubomir Michalik who are both brilliant for this level, and we have a brilliant goalkeeper in Casper Ankergren.

    The 15 points saga was extremely tiring last season, and we will go on about it for years to come, but thats only because we feel we were hard done by. I think Luton Town were even worse done by, losing 20 points instead of 15, as well as the addition of the 10 points for going into administration. But Leeds United will be back this year, starting on level terms and ready to play as well as we can, with the fans right behind the players and Macca.

    Leeds United will get promoted this season, thats not a fan's dream, its an honest opinion.

  • Comment number 46.

    Half of these comments are ridiculous, There is no doubt LUFC are the favourites to win promotion, and so they should be, what possible reason is there for anyone else to be ahead of them.

    Based on their form from last season, the additions to the squad that have been made, pre season form amongst other things, "the bookies dont know much about league 1" funny stuff, does that mean they dont know much about horses either? must do.

    Peoples hate only comes from jelously, No matter what some people may beleive LUFC are the biggest club in league one, probably even out of the PL.

    What are peoples arguments for not being a big club? what defines a big club?


    You cant argue that leeds have got the best set of players, its impossible. on paper this team should win the league, it might not, but it should. The game goes on stats, form figures etc... The only people who dont think leeds will win promotion this season are the people that dont want them to. for whatever reasons they are.

    and people like danandthebrightonfan
    "leeds fans need to realsie there not going to get back to the top flight any time soon"

    Hull City, Stoke City, two teams, did you think they wold be there anytime soon.

    Overall LUFC should win promotion this coming year, and should win the league one title, and in my mind there is no doubt they will. So if i were you, id go to your bookmakers and take advantage of that 3/1 price.

  • Comment number 47.

    Clarkson LUFC - you made a good point by saying half the comments on here are ridiculous - and yours is probably the MOST ridiculous!
    You can't argue that Leeds have got the best set of players - What? I'm not! I'm saying they haven't got the best set of players!!
    You're totally wrong... on paper Leicester have by far the better team and we will pull in 22000 + supporters on a bad day!!
    We have made better signings than you - MK Dons best player last year Lloyd Dyer, Burys best player Nicky Adams, Liverpools Jack Hobbs, Arsenals Gilbert, Bulgarian international CB Tunchev - We paid £1 million for him - can Leeds really match that? Oh sorry Snodgrass - must be brillant if he can score 10 goals in the Scottish First division haha - my nan could!!
    In total 3 of our MIDFIELD players scored a total of 40 goals last season - and they are all under 25!!
    Basically, if you think Leeds have the best team on paper in League One! Who exactly? I've just looked at your players and not one stands out!!

  • Comment number 48. can you get so much wrong....firstly Leeds "disgraceful history" care to go into detail for me ? so we can make comparisons with a few other clubs...

    Second...the dirty Leeds tag comes from the Leeds team of the 70s and stems from the fact that played the preassure game when they didnt have posession. Funnily enough that style of play is now looked on as the correct way to play football... but hey Leeds are still dirty because people need someone to hate, the brainless ones do anyway.

    Third "Leeds will struggle this season"..... christ what planet are you on ??? We have good youngsters coming through, a good commited manager and almost every player in the first squad could play in the championship, a couple maybe in the prem. I dont expect us to go on a streak like the start of last season but i do expect us to win in more style when we do.

    All of what you have said it tinged with emotion rather than cold hard logic. I really dont understand why people get so nasty with other clubs supporters. Do people honestly beleive that a group of people can be called in to question based on the club they support ??? There are leeds fans all over the world !!!! Thousands in Ireland, Australia and Scandinavia.... I dont hate any football club, not even Man U, infact i admire Fergie for what hes done and sympaphize with the jelous hatred Man U used to be inflicted with.

    Finally all of the misguided hatred of leeds (which started in the 60s because a unkown club managed to rock the boat) means that its vital that Leeds recover so that the big middle finger can be shown to the haters, to the establishment.... and you wonder why we have a seige mentality !

  • Comment number 49.

    'Wilbo-Baggins wrote:
    Never again should the premiership be fouled by chanting about the Munich disaster. '

    as a leeds fan i whole heartedly agree with you, however it is also true that leeds fans should never be met with songs about the terrible events that occured in istanbul with the two leeds fans been stabbed!!

    on the subject of promotion, looks like we're bulding a strong squad and automatic should be well within our reach, on on on ....

  • Comment number 50.

    "Nearly 11000 season tickets sold. Wow! Puts Leeds in joint second place in West Yorkshire, about level with Bradford City (Fourth Division) and only 5500 behind Huddersfield Town. Very impressive."

    Yes and how much of a price difference is there between the three clubs? We at Leeds are still paying Premiership prices thanks by and large to Uncle Ken. In the current financial situation, lots of people, myself included cannot afford the £400-or so- that a season ticket would cost us.

    In regards to the original blog, I think Leeds will be up there this season. It will be a stern test on the bottle and ability of our players this season, though if he can continue to produce the form we were blessed with at the end of the previous season, I do have confidence and a lot of it.

  • Comment number 51.

    Can't see Leeds going up - last season they had a point to prove with that 15 point deduction. If it wasn't for that firing them up - and no doubt Wise used it to whip them into a fervour - I think they'd have been on the edges of the play-offs.

    On the other hand, I see the Premiership taking the franchise route at some point in the next few years, and Leeds will get in that way.

  • Comment number 52.

    Chareoes, in answer to your question what planet am I on ?' - I m on, or rather over the moon. We, that is DRFC, are in the Championship.

  • Comment number 53.

    "Leeds are the favourites to win the division and this season they do not have to negotiate the handicap of a 15-point deduction that they were awarded last year for breaking competition insolvency rules. Had they started the last campaign on a level playing field, United would have finished on 91 points and secured automatic promotion."

    Not quite, if Leeds hadn't started last season with a 15 point deduction they would've started the season in League 2.

    But hey, why let that get in the way of a "we're too massive to be in League 1 and should be promoted straight to the Premiership" article?

  • Comment number 54.

    Bloggers who question the support that LUFC enjoy to this point in time must consider that as with any other club once a supporter, always a supporter.
    I go back to 1968, but the best memory is still Frank Worthingtons goal at the Oval,Belfast against Glentoran during the 70's ( or was it the 80's?) in any case we are still marching on together!
    Leeds 11/4 favourites to win league one.... the bookies are never wrong!

  • Comment number 55.

    Champions of the top league in the 60's, 70's and 90's. Winners of the FA cup and league cup. First British team to win two European trophies. First British Team to play all European Finals, second Engish team to reach final of EuropeanCup. Largest attendance for a European match , 135,000 v Celtic. Top of Premiership at start of this Millenium. First team to reach last 4 of Champions league this century. Not just a big club, a true Giant of the modern game. Good Luck Gary and the boys.

  • Comment number 56.

    'Had they started the last campaign on a level playing field, United would have finished on 91 points and secured automatic promotion'

    If Leeds hadnt had broken the rules, they'd probably be in the Championship, but they are not because the Football League saw a few rules broken.
    Also Leeds arent the cert favourites to go up, we have Leicester City :D who will beat Leeds on our way to the title :D

  • Comment number 57.

    League One is a graveyard for teams with big egos - until Leeds accept they are a League One side rather than being sentimental about the past, they should not assume anything.

    As for "marching on together", they certainly weren't in their Championship relegation season - the truth is the club relies on a high percentage of glory-hunters to fill their ground which leaves them in a catch-22 situation with regards revenues from gate receipts.

    No one takes joy in what has happened to Leeds, but they might get some more sympathy if they acted a bit more humbly

  • Comment number 58.

    our "we're too big for league 1" was one of the reasons we started the season so well. few of us thought it was true, but it was good propeganda. it stemmed from the arrogance of dennis wise, not the fans arrogance. but the players believing they could do this league easily showed, football has a lot to do with confidence, and thats what we had.

  • Comment number 59.

    Personally I feel very confident about the coming season. I think Gary Mcallister is an excellent coach, and proved within weeks of being appointed that he can get the lads playing good passing football rather than the more direct Wise tactics. I can understand why some of the smaller clubs feel aggrieved at the attention that United get, and also why Leicester fans, as DylanLegend pointed out, who still have most of last seasons playing staff will be desperate not to promise so much, and fail so miserably like last term.
    Also "Webbyfox" it's ok you talking about clubs going into administration. Leicester were the last team do do this and come out smelling of roses, with a new ground and no points deduction. This made the football league act. So the likes of Leeds Luton Bournemouth and Rotherham know who to blame.

  • Comment number 60.

    It makes me laugh when people say that there team has a great squad, then go on to name three or four players that few people outside of their own ground recognise.

    Leicester City have far and away the best squad of players in this division, and for my money they will win the title. As for the numpty who said the bookies are never wrong - do you honestly think Posh are the third best team in the division? I don't, and I have supported them for 26 years! Other than me, nobody else has even mentioned them in the whole of the thread.

    If you want to talk squads with a few classy players, how about a current member of the England squad (Joe Lewis), The rock at the heart of the Welsh defence (Craig Morgan), a highly rated, 30 goal a season striker (Aaron Mclean) and probably the most gifted player outside of the top two divisions (George Boyd).

    Leeds will do well this season, but they are no better or worse than the five or six other teams who could realistically finish 2nd behind Leicester.

  • Comment number 61.

    After ten years in this country - and ten years of going to football (I am Leyton Orient fan) I think my experience at Leeds United is a bit different. I can not, in a public forum, repeat what Leeds fans were singing as we left the ground. Kids with their fathers, kids with their mothers, using gestures that are so inflammatory and language that was horrible. From my perspective, I hope they do go up so that we won't have to see them again.

  • Comment number 62.

    25. At 4:04pm on 29 Jul 2008, babyTeenwolf wrote:
    What right do Leeds have to promotion??

    There a fine example of mis-management in modern day football. Why the Football League bottled it and didn't take their golden share off them only the weak and feeble committee members know.

    Oh and there is the small matter of the pitch invasion when they were relegated from the championship that somehow found its way to being swept under the proverbial carpet.

    Here's hoping that Leeds stay in the lower leagues for the next 5 or so years, they deserve it more than any other club in the world.

    Good Luck to them.

    because if the football authorities take the golden share off every club that hits financial difficulties there will be less than 20 teams left in 10 years time

  • Comment number 63.

    Well said Nick up North! Finally someone talking sense I hope Peterborough do well!! I can name more Peterborough players than Leeds players thats how good Leeds squad is!!

  • Comment number 64.

    just food for thought.
    what have the fans attitudes got to do with going up? so many have mentioned yobbish fans, man united have them, arsenal have them. this article was all about the team, not the fans.

  • Comment number 65.

    dear fred, your pathetic reply kind of proves a point doesnt it....

    oh and whats with the leicester city this leicester city that, upset that the media havent labeled you favourites ???

    most importantly who cares.... it will all be judged at the end of the season now sod off and get a life lol

  • Comment number 66.

    you seem to base a players quality on how well known he is.
    plenty of people knew of tresor kandol after his first season with us, i rest my case.

  • Comment number 67.

    Oh sorry I shouldn't base a players quality on how well he is known!!

    I definately think Snodgrass is a much better player than Cristiano Ronaldo - OK not as well known but people just haven't realised Snodgrass is one of the worlds best players!! haha!!

  • Comment number 68.

    well done, clearly a premiership player will be more known than a league one player, who has just been playing in scotlands first tier. you were talking about peterborough players. remind me, does ronaldo play for the posh? ah, thought not.
    just heard on LUTV, snodgrass was offered a trial from barcelona, which he turned down.

  • Comment number 69.

    Don't blame him!! Why would you want to play for Barcelona when you can play for Leeds? Ha

  • Comment number 70.

    it was when he was at livingston actually. dont seem to be saying much about what the whole debate between us two was about though, damn.

  • Comment number 71.

    lol!! Dont worry mate lets agree to disagree! I'm actually looking forward to playing Leeds and hope we both go up

  • Comment number 72.

    I agree that being a leeds fan has been difficult over the last few years. But spare a thought for Leicester. They are Wowing over the same squad that they will be fiercely slagging off in the Leicester Mercury in a few months time.

  • Comment number 73.

    i seem to remember at cardiff vs leeds 06-07 it started from leeds fans about Dave Jones being a paedophile and led onto major chanting about Aberfan, which has absolutely nothing to do with Cardiff and is sick to the core chanting about a village which was devastated by a pit collapsing on a school. Im not saying that cardiff are whiter than white as i know as a fan they are not, but that type of sick chanting has made me never have any respect for leeds fans. I can understand the sheep things and welsh/english things but, the same as munich chanting, to chant about something that happened 42 years ago with 144 people dying (116 kids) gives me no reason to ever think anything else about leeds fans.

  • Comment number 74.

    Goon169, you are generalising! A few idiots maybe, but not the whole Leeds mass. I was at the match and truely did not hear this. But I seem to remember Istanbul taunts. But of course thats ok

  • Comment number 75.

    All this 'my club is better than your club' comments are very lame. The playground is over there!!

  • Comment number 76.

    38. As a catholic Leeds fan for 35 years I agree with much of what you say and really don't llike the young lads sometimes singing no surrender ... something they have no clue about in my opinion - just windy up rubbish

    Any rational person will tell you though that we have the squad to get promoted this season

  • Comment number 77.

    Well im a Leeds fan from Nottingham so i dont go up to ER as much as i would like but having been to many different grounds and watched many different teams (including forest- to which their support doesnt compare!) i can honestly say that i have never witnessed support like it and its that support which makes me love the club even more the more i go and watch, as for the fans who give our club a bad name i think that every club has its trouble makers and we are no different but we seem to be judged more than other clubs? but i guess that is one of the lures of being a leeds fans (the siege mentality)

    In terms of who is going to be promoted (which is supposed to be the basis of this blog) i honestly think we will be up there but this league is tough and there are many good footballing sides. We have bought in some promising players and if we play the passing football that gary mac is trying to instil into the players, i think we will do well!


  • Comment number 78.

    Leeds are a massive club and have to, some how, find a way back into the Premiership sooner rather than later.

  • Comment number 79.

    it was somewhere around the middle of reading these 80 posts that i realised just how much i despise everything that goes with football other than the game itself.

    it's only when it gets to this point of the year that i actually realise how little i miss all the bullshit that gets spouted about this supposed "beautiful game".

    this bloke writes a fair and unbiased account of leeds' recent history hoping to provoke interesting debate and all you ever get is a bunch of moronic comments every time.

    if you are one of these people, next time you think about posting childish comments from within your cosy little bubble of anonymity, just ask yourself what you're trying to prove, and who the hell you think is actually going to care what you think.

  • Comment number 80.

    Bless, the poor poor (enter your club name here) people who met those nasty, nasty Leeds fans.

    Grow a pair.

    Our support is no worse than any other club in any league in the country. I personally like being hated, its great that people like to make comments about LUFC, because it helps me when I'm feeling sad that we aren't famous anymore.

    As for the team, we should win the league this season, Leicester will need to rebuild whereas our lack of any meaningful signings show that Gary McAllister is happy with the players. Obviously Doncaster were a better team on the day, so thats fine, but without the unjustified 15 point deduction, we would have finished second, the continued fallout should see us get enough confidence.

    As for the guy who said he didn't know an of our players, but knew some from Peterborough, well, you musn't know much about football then because most of our players have played in different leagues.... So should you really be commenting on players you've never heard of?

  • Comment number 81.

    Ref Posting No.8
    "I've been a Leeds Supporter all my life and like 95% of the fan base support them through thick and thin."

    Well as the article points out, the average attendence was 26,546 last season. This compares to averages close to 40,000 before the 'big bang'.

    Now, 95% of 40,000 =38,000 so correct me if I'm wrong but haven't you misplaced 11,454 'loyal' fans there buddy!

    As for the bit about experiencing the passion of Leeds fans. Do you REALLY believe that drivel?!

    The only way Leeds will ever be back competing as a top club is if they uncover a billionaire somewhere. That's the reality of where the game is at now.

    Leeds gambled all and lost, and it couldn't have happened to a 'nicer' club.

  • Comment number 82.

    This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules. Explain.

  • Comment number 83.

    Amazing isn't it. How many other teams fans find it compelling to seek out leeds united blogs and comment.

    We're not famous anymore.

    To all the Leicester fans(dylanlegend especially), if your players are so great why did you get relegated numpty?

    Go to your own blogs and comment you are not wanted or needed here.

    Or alternatively when the greatest show on earth comes to your little town, come voice your opinion in person.

    MOT on n on

  • Comment number 84.

    I can't wait for the season to start so the posturing gets done on the pitch instead of the blogs on the BBC website....

    If Leeds are good enough to go up then they will do, if they aren't, they won't. Describing them as favourites because they were in the Champions League 8 years ago, and the whole "divine right" nonsense is just undignified, quite frankly. Leeds got relegated to League One of their own free will and saying they don't deserve to be there because they can get 30,000 people in to watch them is just a bit naive.

    Most Leeds fans I've met both in League 1 last year and at Wembley back in May (being a Donny fan) have been good-humoured, genuine football fans who are as passionate about their team as the next guy. They have a small minority like every other club does, but their small minority is just a lot bigger than most, as you'd expect from a team that can fill a ground the size of Elland Road without much effort.

    My hopes for League One this year are that the best team wins, and that the competition is as closely fought and as thrilling as it has been in previous years, when it's put the pre-written script of the Premiership to shame time and time again.

  • Comment number 85.

    The point of this blog is to debate whether or not we think Leeds will go up. Putting my bias aside, I think Leeds will go up. I think we have a good squad. On the other hand, as much as I don't want to be drawn into the debate about whether or not Leeds is a big club. The number of posts on this blog confirm that this club is big. You have to be a big club to be hated by so many people. For Pete's sake, we're in League One and still getting all this attention!!!!! That confirms that many people (including fans of premier league clubs) are still following our progress in the lower leagues. I don't think that would happen if we were not a big club. The number of posts that follow mine will continue to confirm that we're a big club. Keep posting :-)

  • Comment number 86.

    It's no use, despite attempts to put it behind them, or focus on here and now, Leeds will continue to be linked in the popular imagination with Ridsdale's follies. The whole sorded tale is so bizarre, it still has yet to be fully sorted out, and despite the passage of time, still holds more fascination for most non-Leeds supporters than such mundane matters as their present prospects for promotion. To fondly recall European glory or other matches from that surreal era only serves to call attention again to Ridsdale's murky dealings in the background at the time. The fact that this 'artful dodger' could actually have taken up new offices at another League club after the Leeds debacle beggars belief. It's almost as bad as that other world class charlatan Nick Leeson at Galway United. Football is turning into a real Rogues Gallery.

  • Comment number 87.

    Leeds like all the other clubs in League One are there on merit. That is where they deserve to be. No club has a right to be in the Premier League or the Championship and if they are to go up this year then it will be through the hard work of everyone at the club.
    Good luck to Leeds and good luck to all the other clubs who don't benefit from the publicity that Leeds receive which is way out of proportion to where they are now.

  • Comment number 88.

    From the article: "Had they started the last campaign on a level playing field, United would have finished on 91 points and secured automatic promotion."

    I cannot believe that Leeds would have had the start to last season that they did, had they not felt the injustice (to them) of that 15-point penalty, and the desire to get back to nil points as soon as possible.

    Anyway, realistically Leeds have to be a strong bet for promotion. But as other clubs have shown in the past (Nottingham Forest recently in League One, and Hull City for years in League Two), the weight of expectation can sometimes be too much...

  • Comment number 89.

    To the fans of clubs who think our season ticket sales are low:

    On average we are paying £500 pound for a ST. Compare that to the £160 and £100 (I think!) for Bradford and Huddersfield respectively, and I think you can appreciate the scale of support Leeds have this season. The ST prices are higher than some teams in the Premiership.

    To the fans of clubs who think our fans notoriously misbehave and chant inappropriately:

    Of course Leeds has the minority few who try to goad other supporters and spoil the match day experience for other people, but let’s face it; they aren’t the only club with this problem. I’ve seen fans from Manchester United, Swansea, Millwall and many others acting in a similar fashion. Not to mention the ‘Istanbul’ chants Leeds fans suffer. Don’t forget there are countless other examples of bad chanting not involving Leeds fans – Hillsborough and Hysel chants aimed at Liverpool, Munich aimed at Man U... this is a part of the game that probably happens at the vast majority of grounds, yet only really gets highlighted because it’s Leeds.

    To the fans of clubs who can’t name any of Leeds’ players:

    You’ll soon learn in League One that whilst you know the names of your own players, you’re often left scratching your head when other teams come to town. League One isn’t the Premiership, not every player is a household name.

    To the fans of clubs who think Leeds fans are misguided:

    I’m sure there are fans out there who believe Leeds have a God-given right to be in the Premiership, but the vast majority do not. Several years of on and off field torture means that many fans are grounded and know that Leeds cannot and will not just walk promotion to the Championship or beyond that, the Premiership. It’s a badge that needs to be earned through hard work, and Leeds fans can appreciate this.

    To the fans of clubs who are basing their judgment of how Leeds will do on one TV outing last season:

    The back end of last season, after the hoofball of Dennis Wise, Leeds fans saw a more cultured approach by Gary McAllister to the way they played. Passing football, movement and some attractive football. Granted Leeds weren’t at the races for the play-off final, but those who witnessed the second semi-final and some games towards the back end of last season would have seen a glimpse of what McAllister is trying to do with the club. Let’s not forget McAllister inherited someone else’s squad last season, and also came in half way through. With a full pre-season behind him and signings of his choice, then we may see a more consistent standard of good football than we did last season.

    To the fans of clubs who seemed to have missed the point of an article entitled “Will Leeds March to Promotion?”

    Well Leeds have kept the core of last season’s squad and made a few shrewd signings (Robinson could prove to be the buy of the campaign). They have a good coaching staff and with the “12th man” effect for home games, there is no reason why they can’t push for automatic promotion this season. Fans of Leicester need to realise that this league is not the walkover they seem to think it will be. At least two thirds of this division, on their day, could beat anyone. Do not take anything for granted!

  • Comment number 90.

    to naitch1982

    Thanks mate. This is what has been missing throughout this discussion.

    I agree with all you say. Leeds IS one of the bigger clubs outside the Premiership, like it or not. Nevertheless the only way back in is through hard work and a solid management team. And maybe a little bit of luck from time to time.

    Let's hope this combination will give us a season of good and successful football!

  • Comment number 91.

    Dylanlegend, the word, "definitely" is spelled thus, definitely, not definately. You definitely saved a fortune on your education.

  • Comment number 92.

    Keep the knocks coming, its like water off a ducks back now. Wilbo-Baggins, what do you know? We have a number of black players at the club that have nothing but respect for leeds fans. One of the clubs most influential and inspirational players Lucas Radebe is still a hero and his name can still be heard at home games by the same fans as you accuse of the 'R' word.

    Leeds is one of the greats clubs of english football. The average attendence was higher than many premiership sides and most of Serie A last season with rediculous ticket prices. Regardless of your opinions of the club nobody can deny the size of the fan base and the passion of the fans. It is this more than anything that makes great clubs along with L'Pool, Man U, Arsenal etc.

  • Comment number 93.

    One more season in League one, I think, then they can come off the naughty step.

  • Comment number 94.

    I have nothing against Leeds as a club but I am gettiing rather bored of the mentaility that follows the so-called big teams around once they get relegated. Leeds and no doubt Leicester and Forest last year all demanded automatic promotion like it was a divine right seemingly just because they have a large fanbase and were in the top flight a few years ago.

    I have news for you fellas - you all did something very wrong to be relegated in the first place and you have to work just as hard as everybody else to get promotion. You don't deserve it for any other reason!

  • Comment number 95.

    Leeds fans have finally got the team and are in the division they deserve. Long may they stay where they are so the championship and premiership do not have to put up with their abusive chanting and consistant involvement in the negative aspects of football.

  • Comment number 96.

    I think Leeds United have definately been very unlucky with administration and all that malarky.
    However, people are saying how they are loyal, passionate etc however whether it be in a school, college, university, football club the majority is summed up by the minority.
    Im not sad enough to sit through this and read the 95 comments or so but from the first bunch a lot of people are defendng leeds and i think they need to step back, accept they are passionate however afterearing about the Munich Air Disaster chanting quite frankly that is disgusting and they need to sort out their ways.
    The Munich event was the worst thing ever to happen from football, it is much more than Leeds United, so the "dirty Leeds supporters" branding name will go as soon as the supporters ( the minority) sort out their ways !
    this is how it will be for years unless a change is sort out.

  • Comment number 97.

    For fans of clubs who can't be bothered to read the previous 95 posts:

    At least read mine!

    You'd think Leeds were the only team in the country to sing about Munich etc. This isn't the case.

  • Comment number 98.

    Where are people getting this "We have a right to go up because we are a big club" stuff from? From what I have seen no Leeds fan has come on here and said this. On paper we have the best team in the league so we SHOULD go up, thats not me saying we will though, or that we have the 'right' to.

    People seem to be desperately looking for tiny pathetic reasons to have a pop at us.

    You must all be very proud.

  • Comment number 99.

    As a Leeds fan for more years than I care to remember I am sick of people slagging us off. Leeds are the most passionate fans in the league and believe me I have visited nearly all the 92 clubs and some non league clubs. Barnet last Saturday could have been the Champions League Final the fans were so noisy and passioante, with no nasty chanting. Believe me I have heard Munich chants at Eastlands too. Not that it makes it right. Its the real MCcoy. Roy Keane was right about the prawn sandwich brigade. There isn't even any atmosphere at Old Trafford cos they certainly act like they have a God given right to win, and visiting teams are just there to make up the numbers. League one - like the others is a hard league to get out of and Leeds could have shot themselves in the foot saying they would get promoted. Everyone wnats to beat them and Man U still sing chants about them so were not famous anymore eh! Lets not forget Forest would have been in the play offs this year if they Leeds hadn't lost their points, and might noth have been promoted either, and they still live on past glories. Its not about yesterday no matter who you are its the here and now that matters. All I can say is marching on together!!!!!

  • Comment number 100.

    Right... I admit that I say on bbc that people argue about pety things however this isn't exactly small and irrelevant to the post.
    OT is not exactly a bad atmosphere... I agree the fans think they should win every match but lets be honest it is true.
    The likes of wigan against ManU....
    The only reason they lose is if they are mentally and physically tired.
    Anyway besides the point. If the whole consensus was that we don't remember the past football wouldn't be a violent game.
    I would also like someone to tell me which teams are worse at the Munich chants than Leeds and if there are worse ones I seriously hope that people sort their lives out.

    However, I agree that apart from the Munich air I have no grudges to bear at all with Leeds. I am sure one of the first teams people think of when its not premiership is Leeds.
    Many tourists will go and see Elland Road o know a lot about it.
    Its now or never really for Leeds.
    If they don't go up this season.. the fans who are funding effectively... their money and upkeep will im sorry to say get bored.. or some will and it will have a domino effect.
    no matter what the club is that is the truth..... we all know it.
    Good luck Leeds and stop the rude chanting!!!!


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