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Snap, Crackle, Drop #2

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Kutski Kutski | 12:25 UK time, Tuesday, 3 May 2011



So what I hear you ask, could a house hold cleaning device have to do with rave music?

Well...."VVVvvvvvvvv"... Any closer? Let me explain. Way back when, Roland created a synth that was adopted heavily by the rave scene. Think of the riff on Prodigy - Charley, then you may see why this sound had been affectionately dubbed the Hoover!

Which brings us on to this weeks selection for "Snap Crackle Drop". Each killer music movement has to start with one seminal track, and with the Hoover, after many discussions with fellow rave music enthusiasts we agree this was the first track to be written specifically around this sound, which spurned a whole revolution in rave!!

Get your hoovers fired up and prepare for the fasted house cleaning ever, it's time for Second Phase - Mentasm.


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