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Kutski straight from the Sheffield stage

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Kutski Kutski | 02:00 UK time, Saturday, 29 January 2011

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Okay, so straight off the decks in a rather sweaty mess, but WHAT A GIG!!! Nothing quite compares to the live Radio 1 vibe, and Sheffield really took it to the next level... I could go on all night, but quite frankly I want to just get back in to the thick of it for the RAVE!!! So don't just take my word for it, check out the pics, and listen again for yourself :D
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Rob da Blog at Sheffield

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Rob da Bank Rob da Bank | 00:00 UK time, Saturday, 29 January 2011

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So here we are in the Sheffield University Student Union. Ive been here since 6pm checking out the competition...or lack of.
Seriously though, even though we're only half way through the night it's really going off. Annie Mac kicked started it all with some superb live performances from Breakage, with the effervescent Dynamite MC and star in waiting Jess Mills. Skream and Benga made it by the skin of their dubplates for their half hour rinse up. And now Im covered in glow sticks waiting for my turn on the wheels of steel. I havent done a club show that's going out live on air for a couple of years so Im feeling a tad nervy but very excited... I still havent got a clue what Im going to play but hopefully Im going to make Sheffield and Radio 1 proud.
Keep listening live here and enjoy the sounds!


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Annie Mac Annie Mac | 21:39 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011

Yes yes yes! Sheffield city is not letting us down so far. The show was amazing. I love broadcasting live out of the studio because it always makes for a really hectic exciting show. Breakage played live early with Jess Mills and Dynamite MC and smashed it.. then TEED and his dinosaur costume and his dancers did their thing.

We had an amazing Steel City minimix crafted by Toddla T and DJ Pipes. You'll be able to download this soon so check back here for the link but in the meantime listen back to it here!! Mz Bratt did two tunes live and really impressed me, she's deffo gonna do well in 2011.

We ended the show as Skream and Benga fell into the booth after a really stressful journey up to Sheff... the reaction to them was huge, the crowd were twice as loud and climbing all over each other... the world has definitely gone dubstep crazy!
Skream and Benga

I'm getting ready to launch the second part of the night in the main room with an hour long dj set, my first since NYE so am raring to get back on the decks! Take care people! listen again to the madness! xx
:: ***UPDATED***Pics from my show
:: Listen back to the show now
:: Skream and Benga's set
:: Breakage's set
:: TEED's set

Hi from Heidi

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Heidi Heidi | 19:47 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011



hey there kids...just landed in sheffield from africa.......had 3 weeks with no music and just the sounds of random wild animals creepin around my tent....soooo. i'm ready for some action...see you down the front at 1am......tings be poppin.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here we go!

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Laura May Coope Laura May Coope | 18:55 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011


Dynamite MC and the Sheffield crowd There's some serious beats building in the air here in Sheffield for In New Music We Trust Live. Annie Mac has jumped into the booth and kick started our party with Skream's edit of 'I love You So' and it's sounding banging. Annie's bringing some mega special guests to the stage including Breakage, Mz Bratt and Skream & Benga. It's going to be L-O-U-D. Breakage and Dynamite MC have just taken to the stage and the atmosphere is already crazy! Listen to the noise as it happens right now on Radio 1 and keep track on our Facebook page and with the Twitter hashtag #R1Sheffield. Let's GO!

Laura-May Coope is an Interactive Producer for BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra Interactive

Super excited about Sheffield this Friday night!

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Kissy Sell Out Kissy Sell Out | 10:46 UK time, Friday, 28 January 2011


I'm so pleased this year's first Radio 1 dance extravaganza is taking place in the Steel City as the Sheffield ravers have always been good to me and always throw the biggest parties around. It'll be my fourth DJ set to be broadcast on Radio 1 which has been recorded in front of a live crowd. Presenting a radio show in a studio in London is nothing like my live gigs so it's a good opportunity to show all my fellow Radio 1 DJs the new club weapons I'm packing... ...but also a massive opportunity to make embrassing mistakes on my four deck set up to the ears of hundreds of thousands of people so I'm super nervous too haha! Wish me luck peeps! Kissy


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Toddla T Toddla T | 15:17 UK time, Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Happy new year all ... 2011 is going to be amazing time for UK music, trust me. We're ripe and ready ... living proof was at Maida Vale last month for the 'Festive Festival' where Wretch 32, Katy B & James Blake amoungst others blew my head off. James Blake's super sparse/lots of room for audible error was an amazing and engrossing performance blew a lot of us here @ BBC Radio 1 away. Here was my view from the balcony.
James Blake

My latest food escapades have been heavily focused on Macaroni Cheese. Although its probably mashing up my arteries, I'm willing to deal with it for the foreseeable future as my addiction is proving hard to fight! Here is my latest one I had in East London. I was emotional ..
Macceroni Cheese

Speaking of more unhealthy refreshments, I got a coffee machine for Crimbo off my lovely Ma & Pa. I can now make posh coffee from the yard. This is also a problem

After crimbo it was all about NYE; I did a show in Bristol & one in London. My 12 O'clock moment was a mash up between the Big Ben Bells & Katy B's 'On a Mission'. It was a moment, summing up what an amazing year 2010 was for UK music... Although when Serocee picked up my bottle of champagne and sprayed it over the crowd it was personally a bit of a anti climax as I was left with a warm can of beer instead. I let him off though for having the deepest headphones in the game.

Catch him doin 'Serocee's Sound Snippets' on my show on Wednesday 25th of Jan; 5 minutes of the latest Reggea, Dancehall & Bashment Vibes outta the Caribean. And you may still have time to listen again to my show from last week which was all about new music and artists to look out for in 2011. On that note, I'll leave you with a pic from NYE gig @ motion in Bristol. It was a wicked night.
Bristol NYE

Peaaaaaaaaace. Tx

My Essential Mix

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Gareth Wyn Gareth Wyn | 12:48 UK time, Monday, 17 January 2011

Hi, I'm Gareth Wyn and I'm a DJ Producer based in Brixton, South London. My sound is right across the board, mainly house, progressive, through to elements of trance and techno. I never class myself as a particularly genre, I just play electronic music that has a good groove going on!

I'm lucky enough to be a resident for Cream in Ibiza at the mighty Amnesia. I started DJing when I went to Cardiff University. My first student loan was spent on turntables and vinyl and I never looked back, I was hooked straight away, hanging out in record shops all day. I've also been producing now for over five years and I love it. I was classically trained as a kid, and that's been a massive help for me in the studio, making my own music.

I wanted to create a reflection of my live sets in this Essential Mix, so lots of energy, hands in the air, main room club music. There's loads of different styles, and the pace builds over the two hours, never standing still. I also wanted to showcase my own productions and remixes.

I've used a lot of upfront, brand new music from producers right across the world I'm into at the moment. It was tough making room for everything I wanted to include! I like funky, driving basslines and a good kick drum, so expect plenty of that. There's exclusives from my own label Beat That and new re-edits and tracks that I've made especially for this Essential Mix, so enjoy!

:: Check my mix in miniature form now!

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:: Check out my mix in full (Until the 21st of January)

@youlot from @RobdaBank

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Rob da Bank Rob da Bank | 18:00 UK time, Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hey you lot, or should I say @youlot. Yes today is all about Twitter and the various bods you guys and gals may find amusing or interesting to digest via the power of Twitter. Turn on, tune and tweet out.

@EddyChemical: ranting largely about Eastenders and crap television. Obsessed with I'm a Celebrity. Is this really Ed Chemical?

@svenvaeth: his are largely in German so no idea what's he's generally talking about. And yes his name is spelt like that on Twitter!

@Diplo: Shameless Blackberry plugs galore but hey at least he's upfront about it. It's exhausting following his journeys around the world. 108,000 followers and has sent 16,000 tweets since Nov 2008!

@edbangerrecords: Busy P aka Pedro Winter aka Justice manager aka boss of Ed Banger aka former Daft Punk manager sends very fun partying messages wherever he lands and drops the odd exclusive news about collaborations (37,000 followers)

@tiesto: He has 287,000 followers on Twitter, follows 98 other people himself, and generally talks about getting private jets around North America and watching American sport!

@rhawtin: Catch every single track he plays in a club anywhere in the world via Twitter as it happens. As he plays three tracks at any one time these days that's a lot of tweets

@thelittleidiot: political rantings from none other than Moby

@dubfire_scitec: Food glorious food. Probably the best restaurant critic from within the dj community, experiencing the best food and wide worldwide. Envious, not me? He also takes to telling you how many people he's with at every airport he lands at, which tends to be 15 airports a week

@pauloakenfold: Often gives away secrets about who he is remixing ahead of delivery, rants about Chelsea FC from his LA mansion

@damianlazarus: wins the award for the best drama on twitter to date, check his story just after New Year when he thought he was being kidnapped by a taxi driver from Leeds to Manchester and nearly jumped out of the car

@davidguetta: Wins the award for most followers without really saying much. 675,566 followers and has only ever sent 511 tweets, largely telling us how much he loves us every time he gets to number one

@daft_punk: They don't say much, but surely we hang off their every word? They only follow 30 people which is the most interesting thing to check! Largely CNN, NASA, Pet Shop Boys and, er, Armin Van Burren

@I_Skream: Hilarious. Only word for it. Living the dream that boy. And likes to give away entire studio sessions free via Twitter. Generous. Funny when he's been drinking

@ruskofficial: Pretty powerful ramblings from Rusko and good banter with his peers

@RobdaBank: And, er, me. Get previews of what's on my BBC Radio 1 shows here. Plus the odd direct banter with Eddy Chemical

What are your favourite Twitter folk to follow?


Hi from Kutski

Kutski Kutski | 17:02 UK time, Monday, 10 January 2011

So we've got Christmas and new year out of the way for another year, and they say January is a month for reflection, so i think it's worth looking back at the past 12 months of music, and I think it's been a pretty great year! Within the scene I play there have been some awesome tracks pushing the music forward and some amazing events for people enjoy the music from 30,000 people in Syndey's Defqon 1, to the visually stunning Qlimax in Holland, not to forget the likes of Creamfields, Global Gathering, Escape, and many more UK festivals holding arenas dedicated to the harder styles!

And so on to 2011, as Radio 1 is all about the new music, I'm keeping my show super cutting-edge for the month! Usually in January this would be a difficult month as DJs and producers are still recovering from too much Christmas pudding and their new years eve hangovers, but putting together music has actually been effortless there is so much great stuff around!! Here's looking forward to an even stronger 2011!!

Happy New Year from Fabio

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Fabio Fabio | 13:14 UK time, Friday, 7 January 2011

Hello - big ups it's Fabio!

What have you been up to over Christmas then, what's it been like for you? I love Christmas, especially when it's a very quiet one spent with the family. What a lovely spread! Big up to my fam.

New Year's Eve I was at Random Concept in Northampton, Slammin Vinyl in Bournemouth and Technicality at Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel. It was a great night. I saw in 2011 at Random Concept and then was straight in the car en route to Bournemouth. I actually spent most of the night on the motorway - which sums up the rest of my 2010 really!

So then, here are some of my plans for kickstarting 2011. I'm looking forward to the summer (aren't we all!). It'll mean festival time, lots of travelling, eating nice food, hanging out with my daughter and going on holiday - I'm off to NYC soon to do a bit of shopping.

2011's going to be a big year for DnB. With the rise of dubstep, DnB definitely has a challenge, but expect the boys to come up with the goods. Artists to watch out for: Dave Owen, more good stuff from SPY and Mutated Forms, plus Dub Physics and Genotype are sure to be coming with some old skool jungle flavours.

Big up to all the listeners, stay with us in our new time (2-4am Sunday night/Monday morning)! We've got a whole new team and lots of new ideas - exciting challenges ahead!



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Annie Mac Annie Mac | 16:16 UK time, Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Happy New Year!!! Was it good? Are you recovered? Mine was spent on the M6 with my friend Emma, in a Honda Jazz. Emma was driving so we weren't drinking. She flashed her lights a few times in excitement and then we spent 20 mins watching all the fireworks in the distance and that was the start of my 2011. We were on the road because NYE is the busiest night of the year for us DJs. I did three gigs, Manchester Warehouse Project, Birmingham Gatecrasher and Together at Brixton Academy in London. It was a 16 hour mission but loads of fun and a mad adventure.

Since then I've been in recovery (on my sofa, under a blanket, with Mad Men boxset and a box of biscuits) and this week I started back to work doing the BEST JOB EVER! Yes the In New Music We Trust Takeover this week has been more fun than I could ever imagine. I've been given Fearne's slot for a week to play any music i like! We've been playing Photek, Emalkay, 2 Bears, Boysnoize, Skream, Storm Queen and all sorts or weird and wonderful sounds that aren't familiar to Radio 1 listeners at that time. There's been an awful lot of confused people, thinking they've slept through to Friday night by mistake but no, it's real and it's going on until Friday! Check the tracklistings and the photos and if you missed it listen again! xx


:: Monday's INMWT Takeover show
:: Tuesday's INMWT Takeover show (feat Magnetic Man and Chase & Status)

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