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Has dubstep gone commercial?

Annie Nightingale Annie Nightingale | 12:28 UK time, Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Annie Nightingale

Great excitement that the Magnetic Man album went straight in the chart at No 5. But then I had a tweet which said: "Now that dubstep has gone commercial, which way will it all splinter?".

Here's an example of how dubstep has recently caught the imagination of more mainstream artists, in this case, Marina and the Diamonds covering Magnetic Man in our very own Radio 1 Live Lounge:

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One top five album and a Live Lounge cover for Magnetic Man could mean just some well deserved recognition rather than 'dubstep has gone commercial' - love to know what everyone thinks about this? Has it?



  • Comment number 1.

    no way annie. 1 hit lp does not mean the scene is crossing over.

    its just like d&b you might get the odd release with mass appeal - roni, shy for ewg but the music is too niche for it to be able to sell out

    also there wont be that many decent albums i wouldnt have thought

  • Comment number 2.

    Dubstep absolutely has gone commercial, and if it hasn't now then it will soon. I live in the US and now I hear it EVERYWHERE. I remember returning to my home in Philadelphia and showed my friends Nero and Chase & Status. They didn't really like it that much. I go back two months later and they're blasting Rusko & Caspa. I go back again two months later and even more people are listening to dubstep.

    On the note of Rusko, he is taking it to a more mainstream level. Come on now, he's producing the next Britney album. You can't go more commercial than that. On top of that Chase & Status were asked to remix Jay Z and co-produced a Rihanna album. Nero went in the same direction when they remixed Forever by Drake, that was a more commercial remix that was done for the fans and the people. A more mainstream remix to get their name out there. They just finished a remix for N.E.R.D. too.

    Rock's dead, hip hop is next, dance music is here and will be for awhile.

  • Comment number 3.

    yes annie, dubstep has grabbed the dollar, moved it into its dubsteppy house and offered it an engagement ring from h samuels on croydon high street. it's the fate of all underground scenes of any worth - mainstream artists and press sniff something 'cool', show this cool scene how snug their velvet-lined pockets are, buy the scene out, and let extremely frightening acts like marina and the diamonds (i am having constant nightmares about her terrifyingly over sincere magnetic man cover above) posture as 'cutting edge' by embracing it. tbh chase and status are the best example of this - mediocre drum and bass producers get massive hype through some dubstep by numbers productions, get some uber dollars shoved their way, become even more mediocre and ridicule the scene just by carrying on pretending to have any substance or worth.

    right, rant over. nice debate though annie, thanks

  • Comment number 4.

    Somehow I don't think that Coki, Kode9, Pinch, Vex'd et al are worrying too much about being approached by The Saturdays.

    anyone that worries that 'their' scene is going overground is just scared of growing up and finding new things. If you don't like Rusko's new music then just listen to his old stuff and find someone else. We've all been disappointed by artists. music genres are malleable...

    and if anyone is offended by more mature and 'mainstream' dubstep production then feel free to create something dirtier and more real for themselves.

    I love electronic music and am glad that almost every tune in the top 40 these days has a drum machine and synths. give it 3 years and guitars will resurface. I personally cant wait to see how. music cycles are beautiful


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