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Fabio's world

Fabio Fabio | 14:13 UK time, Thursday, 28 October 2010


Alright! It's your man Fabio in the house.

This is my first of many blogs into my world!

I DJ all over the place but one of the best gigs over the last couple of weeks has to be Metalheadz at Cable in London… I love playing there. Also on the bill that night was Logistics, Commix, Heist and Noisia. Great crowd, good vibes heavy music! Drink of choice is vodka this weekend… although it can make me a little loud at times! What's changed?!

What do people think about the non-smoking in clubs?! Smoking definitely covered up a multitude of sins for some people... Get yourself some deodrant!


Person spraying deodorant


Some of you may not know I'm also a massive hip-hop & r&b fan.. So checked an r&b night in London on Sunday… great vibes! Tune of night 'Blowing Money' Rick Ross. Rick Rozay is killing it right now!


Make sure you keep tuned into BBC Radio 1Xtra where you get tune after tune after tune like this all day. http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/

X Factor is back.. What's going on with that? You might think I'm not into it but you can't get away from it, plus it's always on the TV! I like to watch it when I'm doing the ironing! TreyC she's needs work on the voice but she's got suttin suttin!

Ok this started on the show… we started chatting about boys who wear those boots with their trousers tucked in!

I asked Pixie Lott about who was hanging in the Radio 1 Live Lounge with Greg James what she thought about it… and she thought undecided about it all..

Greg mentioned Dane Bowers is a fan and that clinched it, it’s a definite no-no for me!

man wearing boots
Greg James and PIxie Lott











Best Tune - Yo Girl - David Owen

Best Gig - Hospitality at Brixton - It was rammed in the venue and such a big night got Hospitality crew!.Loved seeing High Contrast and Danny byrd in full effect

Best Food
- Pizza at the moment anything with anchovies and capers is my bag!

PizzaBest Film: watched this again the other great such a great film loving Angelina Jolie of course!

And on a Fabio super tip everyone should check out The Wire it’s the best series ever.


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