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Interviewing rebel soldiers on my 40th birthday

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Raphael Rowe | 21:25 UK time, Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Interviewing rebel soldiers, who have been accused of killing men women and children, inside a prison in the capital of the Democratic of Congo is a very dangerous thing to do. But that's just what I did on my fortieth birthday. Yes the very day I turned middle aged. Why? Because I wanted to find the answers to some important questions for my programme.

Was I scared? What were they like? Suppose they held you captive? These are just some of the questions people asked me after the Panorama - Mission Impossible earlier this year. Time allowing, this blog will be my platform to answer those and lots more questions about the job I do as a reporter for Panorama on and off screen.

I also want to share more of the twists and turns I experience investigating and working a story. My next programme, for example, deals with many sensitive issues. I will come back to its content after it's broadcast in the New Year. Watch this space is such a cliché but let's see.

My name is Raphael Rowe and there are other bits on this site that tell you more about me if you're interested. I've never blogged before so I'm ticking away on this laptop with some excitement.

One thing's for sure, this new look Panorama site and the blogs from members of our team is a first so be gentle!

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