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Turing to Telecomix

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Jamillah Knowles | 07:00 UK time, Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Hello Outriders and season's greetings to all of you!

In the last edition of the podcast we looked back a little and a lot and then looked forward into 2012 for another year of interesting electrical and online intrigue.

2011 has been a phenomenal year for news. From global uprisings and protest, to the passing of some of history's finest technological innovators, we've seen online communications change real world situations and we've been moved by the every day ideas that our Outriding guests continually surprise and delight us with.

One organisation that has successfully mixed technologies with activisim and innovation is Telecomix. If you've been following news of the Arab Spring or wondered about the recent internet blocks in Khazakstan, then you'll probably know that this organisation is one that has been working to connect people to the internet in order to provide an opportunity to share their situation online.

Stephan Urbach is an activist and Internet politician in Germany who works with Telecomix. He kindly looked back across a year of setting technology free and crossing borders with alternative connections.

From looking back through connections in 2011, let's now think about times long past and activities in the new year. 2012 has been dubbed Alan Turing Year and all over the world people are celebrating Alan Turing's all too brief life in many different ways.

I chatted with Barry Cooper who is a mathematician in Leeds who works on computability and incomputability. He explained his connection with Turing and how almost everything may be connected with "The Prof".

If you're celebrating the Turing Centenary, helping people to connect online or working on something of your own, then as ever, we'd like to hear about it.

Whatever your project whether it be wired, wireless, electronic or just plain geeky, let us know so we can talk about it and share.

You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, find us on Twitter @BBC_Outriders or search for outriders on Facebook where so you can see our updates in your feed.

I'm looking forward to learning more about your lives online into the new year.


~ Jamillah


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