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Arts and electric friends

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Jamillah Knowles | 09:02 UK time, Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Hello Outriders!

This week on the podcast in our weekly round up of digital intrigue I had an excuse to follow my passion for robots as well as finding out how fine arts and collections can be expressed and shared on the internet.


First up, DJ Sures explained to me how he is making robots easier to work with in the home. Our friends electric may be a little complicated for most of us, so he's been working to create kits that fit together simply, with no coding required. It might not be so long until we have the company of DJ's creations in our daily lives. Providing there isn't a robot uprising of course...



From the art of robotics to the sharing of art, I also had a chat this week with Brian Fulkerson. Brian is one of the founders of ArtFinder, a site that makes it easier for all of us to find the paintings and works that we know and love and share them with friends. Do you know which paintings your friends like best? Maybe you'll be surprised.



Though fine art is always to be valued, it is the stranger collections that people put together that often captivate our imagination. Jim Coudal is the president and CEO of Coudal Partners and his site is home of the Moom, the Museum of Online Museums. Steady yourself and behold the collection of macrame owls, the archive of British road maps, the gallery of repainted bike lane symbols....The web provides ways for collectors to share their work as never before and well, if the Tate modern doesn't have a show of cork-lined soda bottle caps, or a similar theme you would prefer, then the Moom might have something for you.


That's all we could fit into the podcast this week, but we'll be back next week with more people to tell us about their online antics. If you are up to something we should know about, then go for it and get in touch. You can email me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, find us in the Outriders Facebook Group for updates and discussions or tweet at me on Twitter where we are @BBC_Outriders




Until next week!

~ Jamillah



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