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Jamillah Knowles | 10:36 UK time, Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hello webbists!

This week we have a mashup of our digital lives with our physical lives. You can hear all about this on the podcast which is ready when you are.



First up a recap of the collaboration between the Chartered Institute of IT and the Sheffield International Documentary Festival. Film makers were invited to answer the question "How Digital Technology Changed my Life" and one of the winners - Andy Taylor Smith took a moment to tell us about his fim, "This chair is not me".


Following this, and following us out into the physical world is Aram Bartholl whose USB installations have been causing a stir online and off. Dead Drop is a seleciton of USB sticks cemented into walls in public spaces. The contents are a mystery and being in a public place, people could also upload when they download. Would you be tempted to hold your laptop to the wall to find out?



More creative content arrived in the form of an email from Mark Tanner. Mark has been editing the book of his friend and colleague David Malone. Not so odd you might think, but the book is made up of comments that David wrote on a news website over the space of two years. What could be the ravings of an angry commentator are easily transformed into a diary-like narrative charting the changes in our global economics. The Debt Generation is an interesting read and an even more intriguing process.



There's nothing quite like working collaboratively. After taking a look at hackspaces in London and San Francisco, I am proud that you all let me know about even more creative places in Manchester and beyond.

Hacker and artist, Andrew Back wrote to let me know that Halifax and Leeds have a thriving hack scene and that we should hear about it. So I sent him off to prove it - and he did so admirably. Chatting at Scrap Creative Reuse, Leeds Hackspace and Oomlout, Andrew shares the things we can make and do in Yorkshire.


Images from Andrew Back's visits with Leeds hackers.

It's bee a fun week finding out what's happening around the world for Outriders and as usual I should remind you to let me know if there is a site that rocks your socks, or if you are working on something that we should know about then get in touch.

Find us on Twitter or drop me an email to Outriders at BBC dot co dot uk.



Until next week!
~ Jamillah



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