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Mobile night owls unleashed

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Jamillah Knowles | 08:33 UK time, Tuesday, 28 September 2010

This week on Outriders we have a pick and mix of thoughtful interviews. The podcast has the chat of course and you're in the right place for the links and further reading.



To begin with, Jeff Bonforte, CEO of Xobni (that's inbox backwards) came into the studios to visit and talk about where your profiles go online and what they represent. Are we all relaxed enough for our boss to see our Facebook party pictures?




For those of you who stay up late to listen to Outriders go out on BBC Radio at 3am on Tuesdays, you might be after the contact details for NightOwls. Amber Rae Lambke and Sarah Longworth told me about the transatlantic links of the co-workspace where the attendees come out at night.



A panel of experts gathered last week at the London School of Economics as part of Growth week, a series of events put together by the International Growth center. One of the topics was mobile communications for developing countries and the outstanding commentators kindly took time out to chat further with me about the broader issues.



Last but not least, a new voice on Outriders. Mark Ward is one of the technology journalists for the BBC News Website. Naturally to break him in we sent him out after a Haunted Typewriter. Standard fayre for us Outriders. He tracked it down at the Unleashed Devices exhibition at the Watermans Gallery near Kew and the gathered hardware hackers and artists told him more about their show.


That's all I could cram in for this week, but rest assured we will have more for you next week. Thanks also to all of you who wrote in and commented on the blog about the Nerdcore edition - I can see that it may have brought out some division in opinion, but what's a topic if it is not something to talk about?

If you have something we should be talking about, then drop me a line. You can reach me at Outriders at bbc dot co dot uk, come and say hello on Twitter or have a search for the Outriders Facebook group where you can find updates and show notes between editions.



Until next week!

~ Jamillah


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