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Jamillah Knowles | 10:33 UK time, Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Hi all!

This week I've been running around Richmond in Surrey, talking about games with theorists, writers, designers and more importantly - players. Also, I had a chat with one of the editors who worked on the 48hr Magazine and found out what a real deadline is like. You can hear all about this on the podcast.

If you missed a link or would like to look up details about any of our guests, then you are in the right place. Details of the events and speakers are always stashed right here on our blog.

gc266.jpgGame Camp 2 brought together all sorts of like-minds from within and around the gaming industry. As an un-conference, it lifted off as the day progressed and people added their own topics to talk about. Cheating, strategy, gender politics, design and much more kept us all busy on a packed and fun day.

4866.gifThink you have tight deadlines? Think again. 48hr Magazine does what it says, from conception to print prep in 48 hours with a great selection of ideas, top writers and hard-working editors. They made it within the time limit and one of the editors, Wired staff writer Alexis Madrigal, told me about the sleeplessness and the sense of achievement.

Onwards to next week and as usual it's much more fun to have you lot involved. So, if you see something online that excites, find out about a web-based project or blog that you cannot resist, then drop me a line.

You can email me at podsandblogs at bbc dot co dot uk, or come and say hi on Twitter where you will find us for a chat, as PodsandBlogs.

jkavatar.gifUntil next week!

Geek girls and big LOLs

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Jamillah Knowles | 16:13 UK time, Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hello again.

This week on Pods and blogs Rhod set out to catch the LOLs at ROFLCON and I get to hang out with Geeky ladies that make me proud to be a girl.
You can hear all about this on the podcast which is raring to go.

ROFLC66.jpgSo, Rhod unleashed at ROFLCON - and naturally I am very jealous!
To go back the the beginning, ROFLCON is a conference named after one of the many acronyms on the web - ROFL means "Rolling on the floor laughing". So that should give you an idea about the theme of the conference.

If you are intrigued by the funny people Rhod caught up with at the second ROFLCON - here's a handy list.

joelcrab66.gifJoel Veitch of Rather Good has been making us laugh for years with his animated kittens and other assorted web jokes and songs.

ez66.jpgEthan Zuckerman is the co-founder of Global Voices - among other web changing projects, clearly chatting with Rhod here, he's also prone to LOLs.

iky66.jpgMahir sadly was not willing to give Rhod a kiss, despite having the amusing site I Kiss You. Apparently that sort of thing is just for the ladies.

tiwyf66.jpgJessica Amason runs the site This is why you're fat. Somewhere between gross and utterly compelling, take a look at the meals you maybe won't be trying for dinner tonight.

While Rhod was out giggling with the ROFLCON crowd, I was geeking out girl-style at a talk by women comics and manga creators. The event was a part of the Sci-fi London film festival and arranged by Girl Geek Dinners London co-ordinator, Judith Lewis.

kr66.jpgKaren Rubins is one of the comic artists who gave the talk, so I caught up with her to ask about working on-line and being a geek.

ggd66.jpgJudith Lewis kindly took time out also to describe the Girl Geek Dinners events in London and whether the girl geek label sits within the feminist remit.

ggc66.jpgOf course Girl Geek movements are not just a London phenomena. Our American cousins not only have gatherings, they also have a Girl Geek Camp for ladies who love their tech. Leslie Fishlock and Julie Roads set me straight on the issues facing women in tech and whether we're nerds or geeks...

Well, apart from being spectacularly proud to be a girl this week, I have also had fun listening to Rhod's adventures. We should send him out more often!

As usual though, it's the Pods and Blogs digerati that makes the difference. If you are making something wonderful on-line or if you have seen something you would like to share or hear more about the creators, then do let me know.

You can email me at podsandblogs @ bbc dot co dot uk or come and say hello at on Twitter where we like to hang out as @Podsandblogs

jk.jpgUntil next week!

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