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Jamillah Knowles | 09:15 UK time, Friday, 25 September 2009

Hello again,
I am still in Bangalore, waking to the sound of crazy traffic noises and navigating through areas that are highly contrasted. This city is a bit like an ongoing project. The local people tell me that the change in government means that some projects get left and new ones started to improve the area. Many of the roads have been resurfaced; this work is done as a combination of input from foreign tech business requirement and the local government.

That might seem like a good thing, but as the work is done, the population has grown fast, so the roads, new or old are still very crowded.

Podscomputer.gifAfter around twenty years of development, technology is in the pores of Bangalore. Discussing the social make up of the city at the Centre for Internet and Society, it was pointed out that even those who have never seen a computer believe they are contributing to the internet.

It's an interesting point about how we feel about being an online presence, when we are not necessarily plugged in.
It's a mixed feeling here as to whether or not technology has entirely helped everyone, but certainly it seems from labourers, to cab drivers, school children and entrepreneurs, almost everyone here has the web on their mind.

jk.gifMore soon,


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