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Blogging with patience

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Jamillah Knowles | 19:56 UK time, Wednesday, 23 September 2009

I am still in Bangalore recording video, photos and audio for the radio show and podcast.
I have learned a lot very quickly about Bangalore's online access. There are many places with Wi-Fi now. It used to be that the local Cyber Palace - or internet cafe, was the place to log on, but now in the hotels and many homes there's a Wi-Fi signal. The only thing is, there is a peak time and a better time to be online and it's not generally when you want it on demand.


The kit that I have with me can be used in various ways. I am using a digital SLR, a netbook, a Flip video camera and a Nokia N95 to get data up online when I can. There appears to be wide ranging 3G in the city, so sending stuff from the 'phone is one of the quicker ways to update. I am staying in a hotel that boasts high speed broadband over Wi-Fi, but don't be thinking this is as it might be in the UK or the US.

The Wi-Fi in this establishment is fairly stable and accessible, but can be very slow, which is not good for trying to post things on YouTube or to Flickr. I hear that there are better domestic connections, but as I am working from the hotel as a base, it pays to be patient.

Early morning and late night uploads are swifter and cutting images down and saving them as smaller files is very useful to get things posted.

podsgirlonpc.gifIt's very possible that this girl is having more joy with her connection. She's at the Children's Lovecastle Trust where kids are given tech to learn with after school.

jk.gifMore to explore in Bangalore soon,


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